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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Different Standards

I may border on being accused of being a pessimist or cynical. However, in my own defense, I have 29 awesome and positive days per month, I just choose to expel my negativity here once per month in order to have quality days for the rest of the time. As I've been quoted in the Star Tribune as saying, "I'm bleeding the valve, letting the pressure out." Now, with my disclaimer firmly in place, onward!

Spencer Stone, the hero that prevented the attempted terrorist attack by tackling the would be Muslim terrorist, has been stabbed four times in the chest stateside. Sad.

I wanted to take a moment to point out some different standards. The victim was white. The attackers were Asian. Don't care, doesn't matter. However, why isn't the president preaching about racial motivations in this attack? Also, why isn't Hillary Clinton or the wide variety of others in the cool club calling out for the registration of knives? Why aren't we having involved discussions about "common sense knife ownership? I know I've asked these questions in the past. The answer is simple, because the object is incapable of doing anything. It is people, and people will always find a way to harm others. There is no utopia on this earth that a law on paper will create.

That's it, just wanted to get that off my chest.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Very Own Holocaust

Today, a 91 year old German women, a former SS Nazi in the infamous Auschwitz concentration death camp, was charged with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder by German high courts.

I read that in the news and thought about how that women was acting under the law of the land, it was allowed at the time and deemed "right." In fact, the regime felt that the Jews were "less than human" or "inferior" and could be murdered.

During the Nuremburg trials, when SS Nazi's were facing their death they tried to argue, "It was legal, we were following the law." The response before the rope? "You had an obligation to a higher law..."

SO, I ask you the reader to ponder that statement and the meaning behind it as we see arguments about whether an unborn baby is human or less than human  or inferior or not. When pro-choice advocates tell us how murder is "legal" and they are just following the law...will future courts begin charging doctors and nurses with thousands of counts of murder and accessory to murder? When they are on trial will they try to say that they didn't know what they were doing was wrong? That they were following the law? I don't think that day will come on this earth, though I hope it, I think we are going to relive history for a while with our own Holocaust.

Just because something is legal does not make it right. Slavery was once legal...does that make it right? no, NO, NO NO!!!

As we act like zombies that wander in a we ask ourselves if black lives matter, if police lives matter, can we just ask ourselves and tell ourselves that ALL lives matter?

I would encourage each of us to, at a minimum, look at some pictures online, look at some videos, and allow ourselves to be horrified for what we are allowing to happen simply because the screams are silent. What our country is doing should give us nightmares for the rest of our lives. Maybe we'll be so disgusted by our inaction that it will motivate us to DO something.

As I look at the pictures below, numbers of bodies aside, do you know what the difference between the pictures are? Not a damn thing.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fall Approaches

I just finished reading a fiction book called, “The Harbinger.” A harbinger is a warning. The book takes a look at biblical prophecy and makes correlations to modern day America. Biblical or not, this book is a mind freak of a read. In a nutshell, disaster is predicted for America, and one of the last warnings to turn from our moral decline will come September of 2015. There is simply no way to summarize it in a web-post, so I won’t bother to try. I also skimmed through a book called, “Four Blood Moons,” which goes back through history to catalog major world events that transpire every time there is a series of four blood moons in a row. If memory serves, the last set of blood moons marked the times of the holocaust, Israel being established, the 6 days war…and I forget the other. In any case, this book also says something is supposed to happen. The final blood moon will be September 28th. There is simply too much information on the World Wide Web to make a cohesive summary. Suffice to day, a lot of the coincidences are interesting, and I’ll be watching world events next month to see what happens.

I didn’t really have much interesting to post this month, but I wanted something up on the last day of August. Back to school full time while still in my career job. No plans of job changing at this point just thought the time was right. My summer was WAY busier than I wanted it to be, I only got out fishing twice. Oh well, grouse hunting is almost here. Fall approaches.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


I have done a good job cutting myself off from mainstream media. I found I was anxious, angry and stressed when I spent too much time in the news. So it was with great sadness and deep mourning that I heard of the four Marines murdered by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez in Tennessee.

I was further grieved that CNN's opening and ending paragraph were about the type and detail of the firearm used. In an essay, this is how you drive your main point home; opening and concluding point.

The 'innocent' and loaded question of '"Who was the gunman and why did he open fire?"' is just another example of liberal media pandering to the PC gods.

Why are we so afraid to conclude that a Muslim Terrorist is exactly and simply that...a Muslim Terrorist? We certainly have no problem throwing around "Christian hate mongering" or "White conservative" as soon as the label seems to fit, but they can't seem to bring themselves to ask the question, "Why do Muslim Terrorists hate the west so much that they will murder, torture and destroy with impunity?" That is the issue that needs to be addressed, not the side-stepping "Islam is a religion of peace" pandering nonsense that is so popular right now.

Obama did a decent job of a press release, but he used words like "killed" instead of "murdered" and "attacked" instead of hate-crime. The transposition of which was used when describing recent race-filled incidents in our country.

Why do our leaders and policies reflect an apologetic attitude to the rest of the world and a PC campaign of 'just trying to be nice' in hopes that nations will like us, when we should be taking an iron stance on those that attack, use, rape and assault our country?

Some bullies don't want to be paid off, they don't want to play nice, and they don't want to be friends. They just want to take something nice and destroy it.

We as a country and we as individuals need to be far less concerned with what others think, and far less concerned with being well-liked and start practical application for defending our citizens. I realize that no matter what we do good people will die, but we can at least try to stem the tide.
No matter how much PC guru's would preach that Islam is a religion of peace, I can testify that statement is a lie. I know there are millions of peaceful Muslims, but the large strain of violence that permeates every Islamic country was seen when Muslims around the world abruptly cheered when the Twin Towers were attacked.

I found this quote from a website that is pretty spot-on for my worldview:
"We have seen the roots of Islamic violence in the life and teachings of Mohammed. We have seen that world events have conspired to place Islam and Christianity in a conflict of civilizations that has stretched from the sixth to the twenty-first century.
What the future holds is unknown. What is known is that Islamic civilization has a strong tendency to violence that stretches back to the days of Mohammed and that has begun to flare up in resurgent terrorist and revolutionary movements."

 One of my old sergeants used to say you never present a problem without also presenting a possible solution. I still agree with that.

So I tried to actually come up with a partial solution that is viable for my readers. Something that my readers have within their ability to do. I tell you what, it was not easy! But I did come up with a two-part strategy I believe everyone can participate in. #1 Pray for our country, since I do believe there is hope. #2. Stop watching and reading CNN, since they insist on reporting opinion instead of facts. NBC goes so far as to edit and produce outright lies. I personally do not watch either anymore.

There, I am empty on higher thinking for today. Sad, because this didn't feel very high ;)

After all of that, my opening and ending are the same. It is with deep sadness that I salute the servicemen that were murdered by a Muslim Terrorist.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

We're from the government and we're here to help...

It's perfectly fine, this is a medical procedure, it's for your own good. Now sit still Jonny and let it happen or we'll fine your parents, maybe charge THEM with a crime. Now, take your lobotomy.

Now, on to the topic: Mandated vaccines

More and more of our freedoms begin to erode, soon they will be all gone, because big brother knows what’s best for you, whether you like it or not.

Recently in the news, California is on the cusp of passing a vaccination mandate for children, not giving parents the right to opt out of vaccines. If you have read my previous post on vaccines, then you know how I feel about them, and how there are neurotoxins in them; Formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury to name a couple.

Big brother does NOT know best. For YEARS big brother (FDA) has told us that an aspirin a day is good for you, and encouraged you to take one every day regardless if you need it or not. This has been common thought and practice for years. Now it appears that aspirin is bad for you, and can cause bleeding to the brain and stomach. But if you had challenged the status quo prior to this, you would have been labeled as a nut, a fringe-thinker, even a conspiracy theorist.

As I discussed in my last post…do we really have freedom… if it begins to be more and more regulated? How long before we are told what opinions we are allowed to have? Will we be “allowed” to grow our own food? How about having a say in how we raise our children? Where does the madness end?

It ends when the average citizen gets pissed off enough to stand up, draw a line in the sand and say, “That’s enough.”

I have already drawn my line.  I’ve seen what happens in other countries when the elected people that are supposed to represent, get too big for their britches, and it isn’t pretty. You can murder an unborn child, but heaven forbid you have a say in what is injected into the one you chose to keep alive. Little by little, we are losing before the fight has even begun.  Pray, think, act.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Silent Thunder

Are you free to say whatever you want as long as you follow a lengthy set of rules and stay away from taboo topics? Or is this subjective freedom? Is it freedom at all?

A recent online debate recently caught my eye. Now my disclaimer, as a blogger I often wonder if you can engage in true debate in an online forum. I know there is a distinct advantage in some cases, as I can often research my response before I make them. Emotional retorts are often times just that, emotional instead of factual, and I am just as guilty as anyone. I believe you can debate, it is just hard to hold anyone accountable for what they say. End of disclaimer.

The debate in question was a discourse on freedom of speech. One opponent was arguing that Canada does in fact have freedom of speech, while the other postulated that limited freedom is not freedom at all. The debate turned into a tantrum with overreaching statements that if we try to stop terrorism then we are quenching freedom of speech. I am not going to stoop to that level. However, it did bring up an interesting question for most of our freedoms for me personally. Does a country truly have freedom of the press if the government can regulate what is published? Does a country have freedom of speech if government can arrest you for an opinion they have not sanctioned? Does a country have freedom to keep and bear arms if those rights are systematically stripped? Does a country have freedom of peaceable assembly if the government limits that right to specific groups? Does a country have freedom of religion if the government sanctions what can and what cannot be said in church? These are questions to ponder, and they are not philosophical. They are coming to a state near you.

For the sake of space and attention span, let’s stick with freedom of speech for this post. Recently, near the town I live, a person was found hauling their garbage to the dump. He was holding his garbage in his trailer with an American flag. This is such a personal issue to me, because of how much that flag means to me, because of the friends I have who fought and died for what that flag means, and were then buried beneath those stars and stripes. To see someone so callously use and abuse Old Glory sets my blood to boiling, to say nothing of those that burn or urinate upon it. HOWEVER, that is the true sign of a free country, the right to protest or act peaceable in whatever manner inspires you. I could do an entire post on the stars and stripes, but I will not. Suffice to say, there are many countries where you could be arrested and even executed for disrespecting the nation’s flag or say, even a book. What would happen if Lil Wayne walked on the Islamic Flag? I suppose it would depend on what country he was in when he did it...

So, if flag burning is one of the signs of a free country, what are the beginning signs of a repressed country? The original question was, “Does Canada have true freedom of speech if that freedom is limited by the government?” Point of fact, in Canada, you can and will be put in jail if you preach from the pulpit that the bible says homosexuality is a sin. There are good pastors with good hearts and no ill will or intent in jail in Canada right now simply for reading the bible out loud on this topic, as Canada has labeled it hate speech. I would conclude this is not freedom of speech, this is not freedom of religion, and this is not freedom. What a precedent. Regardless what anyone’s opinion on homosexuality is, if people are not free to discuss it or talk about it, where does the encroachment of government end? If we do nothing are we just zombies in a game? What about the extreme bias in America towards Christianity that we should wake up and take a look at. Hillary Clinton's retaliatory statements when questioned about the security clearance of certain high level security staffers that have family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood should at least raise an eyebrow.

May I suggest a VERY good book written by a friend of mine? It just came out, specifically covering freedom of speech. Ironically it is endorsed by liberal and conservative alike, Christian and atheist, straight and homosexual. It is called, “Shhhh! Quiet Christian.” By Gus Booth. A provocative, educational interesting read to say the least. It will make you think if nothing else.
It can be found easily, but here is a link to Amazon if that is easier still.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Contribution vs Entitlement

I don’t think I’ve ever gone two calendar months in-between posts before! Well, there is a first time for everything.

I was thinking today that America should consider doing what so many other countries have done; implement a service plan in order to become full citizens.

I suppose I could do a google search, but how about not? Off the top of my head, England, Germany Israel and maybe Argentina…Mexico? All of these require every citizen to put in a certain amount of military service.

I think American’s have gotten used to entitlement…like something is owed to them for the very act of drawing breath. What we consider poor, 80% of the world consider rich.

I propose a hybrid system in which you must give two years of your life to your country. Don’t like the military? Red Cross, Third World Country Disaster Relief, anything that would help with the perspective of how great a country to live in America really is.

This plan could be implemented immediately after high-school. Drop-outs are immediately sent to Africa to dig wells. What a great education incentive.

It may not be the answer, but it's a start. I've seen far too many career stay-at-home children of late.