E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Oil and Dakota Pipeline

I think it ironic and hypercritical that the majority of the pipeline protesters traveled great distances in order to protest. They:
1. Drove cars that were created in factories, powered by fossil fuel plants, all the parts of which are nearly all complete derivatives of the products of fossil fuel.
2. Each car driven uses fossil fuel
3. The roads driven on by the protesters in their cars that burn gas are made from oil
4. Everything from the signs they use to the toilet paper they wipe with could not be made without oil

Yet...they are protesting...oil. Yes, I know it is much more complex than that and arguments will be made that it is for the water...or the land...or the ...whatever. Maybe if people could come together in unity like this for productive purposes like, say, developing clean energy that is practical, instead of burning cars, taking police away from other investigations and duties as well as creating general mayhem...perhaps they could be part of the solution instead of the problem?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Righteous Anger

In the news, the Federal Government decided that some veterans were overpaid on their enlistment bonuses (through no fault of the veteran) and are now taking back the overpayment through wage garnishment. Reading it is sickening and semi-fraudulent sounding. As in, "woops, we know we ordered you on deployment, but since you left your main job that you got the bonus for, we're taking it back from you 10 years later." Like soldiers have a choice if they get deployed? Pretty sure you go to prison or get charged if you refuse? Even the Feds said that these soldiers mostly acted in good faith, but they need their money.

The question then the Federal Government going to go after all the single male recipients of welfare fraud? Are they also going to go after all the illegal aliens that are drawing social security?
Not just a double standard, an outrageous knife in the back and an insult.

The sad part is, this was only in the news for a day or two and is now old news, done and gone.
I could go on...and on...but I won't

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Return of the Zeke

Hello any of my faithful readers that may still be out there. I seriously considered deleting this blog. I even backed it up in a word document. But I couldn't do it. Too much of me is here for the world to see.

Coming up on a year since my last post, certainly a first for me. I just got tired of writing in a world where facebook is king and every stupid story about what someone ate that day gets an immediate response. It just made me want to quit writing. Instead, I deleted facebook a couple years ago. LIBERATING!!! I tell you what, I think I was border-line addicted to facebook. When you tell people you deleted your account, you would think you just insulted their dead grandmother. The excuses come in loads, "I keep up with my's about the pictures...staying connected!" It wasn't like I was expecting anyone to justify their facebook existence, just tying to let people know that I hadn't blocked them, I had just deleted the digital "me."

So, now...I am not sure my site will continue down the deployment or post-deployment road. We have been back for 9 years now. The writing I needed to do has been done. Moving onward.

I thought, even though life is busy, that I might challenge myself for the sake of writing. This blog may turn into something that isn't about an audience so much as an accountability thing for myself. A place to write and have a record of what is written. We'll see how that goes!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas Somalia

I try to look at mainstream media as little as possible for a variety of reasons; mostly to reduce my stress level. With that said, today online I caught the title, "Somalia bans Christmas." I read the article, and it appears that the government has put a ban on celebrating Christmas because it is 'contrary to Islamic culture' and could theoretically 'damage the faith of the Muslim community.'

I was going to look at three points, but realized they each would need a separate post. Lets just look at one in summary, the point noted last that the celebration of Christmas could "damage the faith of the Muslim community."

How I ask, could someone else celebrating another Holliday be damaging to your faith? If it is possible to fall away from your faith because someone else is celebrating a separate holiday, I would question the validity of that faith. Could it possibly be a concern that someone is a free thinker and they want to control those thoughts? After all, there is nothing more dangerous to a totalitarian government than a free-thinking people.

 Did you know that Muslims celebrate Rabi'-ul-Awwal (AKA Mawlid al-Nabi), that is, the birth of Muhammad? I did. Guess what? We don't outlaw Mawlid in America because it might damage the faith of Christians! Could you imagine the uproar in the global community if we did?

That my friends is the difference between a free Republic, and an Oligarchy. It is also an example of a society under Sharia Law (Somalia 2009). We would do well to keep that in mind as we as a nation ignorantly try to embrace everything and everyone in an effort to have a happy society based on good feelings instead of history, reality and fact.

On another note, there is something to be said for the Kardashian's under Sharia...I mean, look at the possibilities in the picture below...

The average American likes to think they understand Islam and Sharia Law, they really? I have found that talking to the average person on the street (present reader excluded of COURSE!) about Islam is much like sitting down to a traditional Asian dinner. They think to themselves, "I like Chinese food!" Until they are presented with a nice serving of Balut (second picture); suddenly, what you thought you understood takes on a whole new meaning, and its too late to send it back to where it came from...

Friday, December 11, 2015

PC and hypocracy

Oops, skipped a month; I have tried not to let that happen. Although, I often wonder if I continue to blog once per month for my sporadic readers, or for myself. I know the answer lies somewhere in-between because I can’t help but write, it’s in my blood so to speak and forcing me to write keeps me writing and paying attention.
Remember in English 101 when people say they don’t have anything to write about when in reality there is so much to write about they are overwhelmed trying to narrow it down? That is how I feel today; there is so much to choose from in the news along: Mass shootings in America, Putin and Russia, gun control, Obama, politicians and their web of lies, presidential candidates, Islam and radical ideology, the world my children will grow up in…how about Political Correctness? Yes!
Topic for today: Political Correctness and Chicago-type bullying tactics. Prepare for generalized statements to follow…
What I am seeing are liberal Marxist educators who tell individuals that they are unique, that they are special, and then systematically mold them into “normal” cookie cutter drones. The result is a majority of uneducated college graduates with the inability to think for themselves who strive to show the world how they are un-racist, universally acceptant of everyone and everything and don’t want to offend anyone or hurt their feelings and that everyone’s opinion is important and should be tolerated. Unless of course you are a free-thinker that goes against the status-quo, well then, we can’t have any of those bigoted-racist-intolerant-gun-toting-nut-jobs around…they don’t care about people’s feelings.
This has led to a generation of people that are so fearful about hurting someone’s feelings, angering a group and being seen as intolerant themselves that they will ostracize, oppress and target anyone who does not conform to their “unique” status.
 I also blame mainstream media for fanning the flames of PC into an inferno. Ultimately, this results in people being unwilling or too fearful to express their opinions for very real reasons: IRS audits, attacks on businesses, attacks on persons, law-suites, name-calling and retribution (Joe the Plummer anyone?). Here are some examples mixed with sarcasm.
Example 1: If you express an opinion that you believe based on specific facts and circumstantial evidence that our illustrious commander in chief here in America has Muslim roots…well, try it and see what happens, “You’re just a racist…you’re a right wing nut…anyone who believes that is crazy…” those are the nice things that are said.
 Example 2: Blacks are more likely to commit murder than whites….OH NO YOU DIDN’T!!!! You racist arrogant neo-Nazi bafoon!
Example 3: Whites are more likely to be serial killers than blacks…cricket, cricket…what, no hate and name calling?
Example 4: I think abortion is wrong. “You hate women, you don’t believe in women’s rights, you want them to have abortions in back-alleys…how dare you try to impose your values on others…you need some re-education training.”
Example 5: I am a private small business owner who has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason and do not want to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because it violates my religious freedoms. “You can’t do that, not only will you be sued but the government can order you to do it.” However… if you refuse to make a cake with a swastika on it you are a hero. But inversely we in our Islamic lawyer firm deny the Holocaust happened thus voiding the swastika argument, but we still want to control what you do in your private business place…”
Rabbit trail…why is it that if the lawyer who is trying to sue you for not baking a cake, him/herself refuses to accept a client who wants to sue a gay couple for assaulting him/her…can do so without retribution?
Example 6: I want to get trained and have a permit to carry on college property, “No, someone might get hurt, now go have an abortion.”
I tell you what; political correctness has gotten so bad I even had a moment where I considered not publishing this post on the internet. Then again, I spent so many prime years of my life supporting and defending the constitution so others can express their opinions that I’ll be damned if mine are going to be stifled.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Different Standards

I may border on being accused of being a pessimist or cynical. However, in my own defense, I have 29 awesome and positive days per month, I just choose to expel my negativity here once per month in order to have quality days for the rest of the time. As I've been quoted in the Star Tribune as saying, "I'm bleeding the valve, letting the pressure out." Now, with my disclaimer firmly in place, onward!

Spencer Stone, the hero that prevented the attempted terrorist attack by tackling the would be Muslim terrorist, has been stabbed four times in the chest stateside. Sad.

I wanted to take a moment to point out some different standards. The victim was white. The attackers were Asian. Don't care, doesn't matter. However, why isn't the president preaching about racial motivations in this attack? Also, why isn't Hillary Clinton or the wide variety of others in the cool club calling out for the registration of knives? Why aren't we having involved discussions about "common sense knife ownership? I know I've asked these questions in the past. The answer is simple, because the object is incapable of doing anything. It is people, and people will always find a way to harm others. There is no utopia on this earth that a law on paper will create.

That's it, just wanted to get that off my chest.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Very Own Holocaust

Today, a 91 year old German women, a former SS Nazi in the infamous Auschwitz concentration death camp, was charged with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder by German high courts.

I read that in the news and thought about how that women was acting under the law of the land, it was allowed at the time and deemed "right." In fact, the regime felt that the Jews were "less than human" or "inferior" and could be murdered.

During the Nuremburg trials, when SS Nazi's were facing their death they tried to argue, "It was legal, we were following the law." The response before the rope? "You had an obligation to a higher law..."

SO, I ask you the reader to ponder that statement and the meaning behind it as we see arguments about whether an unborn baby is human or less than human  or inferior or not. When pro-choice advocates tell us how murder is "legal" and they are just following the law...will future courts begin charging doctors and nurses with thousands of counts of murder and accessory to murder? When they are on trial will they try to say that they didn't know what they were doing was wrong? That they were following the law? I don't think that day will come on this earth, though I hope it, I think we are going to relive history for a while with our own Holocaust.

Just because something is legal does not make it right. Slavery was once legal...does that make it right? no, NO, NO NO!!!

As we act like zombies that wander in a we ask ourselves if black lives matter, if police lives matter, can we just ask ourselves and tell ourselves that ALL lives matter?

I would encourage each of us to, at a minimum, look at some pictures online, look at some videos, and allow ourselves to be horrified for what we are allowing to happen simply because the screams are silent. What our country is doing should give us nightmares for the rest of our lives. Maybe we'll be so disgusted by our inaction that it will motivate us to DO something.

As I look at the pictures below, numbers of bodies aside, do you know what the difference between the pictures are? Not a damn thing.