E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

We'll be home for Christmas

Yes!!! At long last we all get a much needed break from training.Even though D and I are in the same platoon, we hardly see each other. Since he came down a little after me, he was playing catch up, and our schedules weren't matching up until recently. Then I had my accident and was doing desk work for a while. Now, after 3 months, I actually tracked him down (3 bunks down from me) and we got our first picture together!See lots of you in a couple days! Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Break a leg? Not quite, already did that, close though

Doesn’t this picture just say it all? Good.
Yes, there I was, humping along(walking/marching) through the woods sharpening our squad’s tactical maneuvering techniques. To make a long story short, I got caught up in some razor wire, tripped and split my knee open on my rifle.
I laid on the ground growling for a while, not knowing I was actually hurt. One of my buddies carried my rifle, and another one helped me walk. I thought it was bruised. After a few minutes, I didn’t feel any swelling, so I took my rifle back and continued on. About 15 minutes later, as we neared the edge of the woods, I noticed blood soaking through my pants. I sat down and rolled up the pant leg. What greeted me was unexpected. I had a meaty gash right below my knee cap. I started to put my field dressing on. At this time my team leader noticed I was down. He came over and helped me out. Then I was combat carried across a field to the medics. After a long night at the army aid station and the civilian E.R. I had 13 exterior stitches and a few interior [muscle] stitches. Now I have a week wait to get them out.
So there it is, my story of the month.
I have some pictures of the “wound” but none were very flattering.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's a BOY!!!

Hey everyone. I got an emergancy leave to come back home for the birth of our baby. It's a boy! 9 lbs 8 oz and 23 1/5 inch He's huge. We named him Landon.It's back to the swamp tomorrow. It was a nice long leave, but not nearly long enough. Wow what a new perspective on life.I had a "to do" list when I came up here, but I have spent my time in better ways. Taking care of my wife while she recovers, and spending lots of time with my son.I'm sad that I will miss his first moments of life, but proud that I am helping to build a better world for him to grow up in.To all of you from all of us, happy thanksgiving!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Time is ticking away....

So here we are, just a few days away from heading out. Tomorrow is the start. We show up at the armor for the next couple days, and then depart B-town at "zero dark stupid" (Thats like 4am on Tuesday morning).
I sure have enjoyed my time off of work. I am so ready to go now. Mississippi is going to be the suck, but we can handle that. As long as our tents don't blow over too often (only the best for our troops :) we'll be good. Here's to 6 months in a swamp!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Send Off

OK, I have it from Billy the Badger, that Friday the 16th from 1700-2100 is military appreciation time, our send off from keg as it were. There will be free appitizers and random free pitchers of beer.
So, all you grunt types that read my blog, you better be there after guard drill men.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Choose your weapons....for melee weapons in the up coming deployment, I chose; #1 a new and improved vietnam replica tomohawk (by american tomohawk) #2 an srk survival knife (by cold steel) #3 an fgx push blade (also cold steel) just had to show them off........ Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Easy night on the town

So, a few nights ago I went out for a quiet evening with grey at Keg. Hardly a soul around, there were only like two doods in the bar. So we hit our 7th or so game of pool (I was having a craaaazy lucky streak) and this hefty blond walks in and plants her 230 lbs or so on a stool right next to the pool table. Needless to say conversation died. She stared at us for a game or so and then started talking, I wasn't really listening, her mouth was moving and noise was coming out. I had another beer. Grey, being the friendly sort, decided to talk to her. I, telling myself that I'm friendly too, decided to go talk to the only other patron in the place. I struck up a thrilling conversation with the guy whos name was Borgis. The conversation lasted for a few seconds until he started talking about ice fishing, and I decided it was time to go see how grey was doing with the blimp.
On the other side of the bar, grey had a very short conversation with the fashion queen, it went something like this. Girl makes a little small talk with Grey, he comments on how she is out alone. She says she has some friends at the pub accross the way, then says, "We should go back there!" At this point Grey busts out a little class on proper english. He explained that it was impossible for him to go "back" with her, because he had never "been" there with her to start with. He then told her it would also be difficult because there was no "we" only "her." This promptly ended the conversation.
No real point to this post other than to point out how witty grey is and that all in all it was a fun night, just hanging out with a buddy shooting pool.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Here we go

So, we had our little pow-wow at the armory this evening. Time to decide if I am going to sign my waiver and go to Iraq. I came home to mull the idea over for a while. As soon as I got home, I talked with my better half, told her what was going down, and asked what she thought. She said, "You decide what to do, and I'll back you up 100%" Now that's a wife with true love folks. I love her all the more for it. I said, "I'm going."
I'm glad the decision is made. All things are a go, and the preperation begins in earnest. October 1st.........Iraq here we come!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Defending or pretending?

So everyone knows about the Mom that is camped out on Bush's "lawn" right? Her son was KIA over in Iraq. I'm thinking, ok, a little extreme, but her son died and she's grieving.....right? Wrong.
Just how much of a loss was it for her? Was it really a loss? Or is she a "user" using her own son to further her propaganda? I just found out that she was astranged from her son. Took off at early childhood and left her husband to raise him. She had nothing to do with his upbringing. His dad and step mom did. She had almost nothing to do with him his whole life. Now he dies and suddenly it's all about him? I don't buy what she is selling, but I honestly can't believe she would use a memory of her son that she can't even claim to further her agenda!

Points to ponder in this political world we live in.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Well, I went out and played some paintball for the first time this summer. Got to go head to head with grey and our phantoms. Good times good times. It feels like I haven't played in forever. It was fun, I just didn't feel like playing a whole lot today. I ended it on a high note. The third and last game played, I managed to hold the right tape in the snake and popped out 5 of the opposing team with my trusty phantom pump. Fun, hot, sweaty evening.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The look

The look that says, "You're kidding right?" That is the reaction I have to the most recent news. We are now supposed to get ready to saddle up and leave home shortly...(those that need to know the date know, or will know shortly, the rest of you will know soon enough, I'm sure the local news will know the exact date before we do........again) Higher says they are 99% sure that we will leave that day. Anyone know what happens with that little 1% percentage in any equation? They give it to the military. So, I'm preparing to go, but not be shocked if they change the date.......AGAIN! Very odd, they haven't done a family care plan or anything this time command I goes nothing. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 25, 2005

What a pimpin time for two doods in our own tactical golf cart :) Posted by Picasa

"The Zeke Open" was a smashing success. Fun was had by all. Between our beer, our grab ass, and our own dress code, I'm suprised we made it all nine holes! We had to play one cart polo this time around, as Grey and I were the only ones to rent a cart. Pabstman, Maddog, and Scotty T. Were just too cheap. After numerous attempts by myself to stick Grey 12 times with an IV I gave up (ran out of needles) and we finished off the day with many rounds of pool elsewhere. See you next year! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005

High noon

Gentlemen, start your engines! Sunday sunday sunday! Thats right, it's time for the second annual, touch your buddy's ball and make him smile golfing day! Someone think of a better name.

I have talked briefly with Grey and a lot with Pabstman. We are set for sunday 24th of July (this sunday you) at 12 noon to go and do some golfing. Last years gang, lets get the move on. Madog, I can't reach you on your cell, call me. Pabstman is finding that perfect green for us. It might even be BYOB. I'm gonna miss Kevy, as I don't think he's up this weekend..........(maybe we can get him here?) Lets do it! Possibly followed up with some boating!?

Friday, July 15, 2005

Numbers really don't mean much

For some odd reason I wandered over to our favorite lib website. He's spewing propaganda with no base as usual. However, this is just a part of this post.

Most of the arguments I've been hearing about Iraq and terrorism is the numbers of "Inocents" killed. Who defines who is and is not "Innocent?" Someone said that 48 innocents are killed a day in Iraq. Us soldier death toll is over 1500. My point to this what. Yep, you heard me, so what. In any war we have had, there is no comparison of numbers. War aside. Pick any major city in the US. Or the world for that matter. NY, Philledalphia, Boston. Death tolls from those cities will out number the deaths in Iraq in a single month. People die. It's part of life. I'm pretty sick of the numbers at this point, they just don't matter. Point not well made, but another little rant for my "Journal" nonetheless.

BBQ in the making

Down to one job, and since it's half way through July already, I think it's high time I had that BBQ I've been talking about forever. Now time allows. I work most evenings, so this will have to be either random, or a lunch time thing. What works better, a random weekday evening, or a Saturday lunch? Input please people.

After me!!!

A week had gone by at work when I finally put two and two together (yes I can do that). I only have one client under my care at this point. Well, this female client stands about 5 ft, is 22 years old, and weighs in at a solid 300+ lbs! Among other things, this girl is Borderline personality, bi-polar, and ADHD
Anhow, after doing my math I figured out that she hitting on me. Oh No! I ignored it at first, keeping my stone face. However it's hard to notice when she starts wearing spandex and tank tops that don't contain the rolls. (That and she kept trying to lean over my desk, ew).

So she has been wanting me to take her "shopping" and just about anything to get us "alone" I always manage to grab an old lady or someone from another apartment to take with, much to her chagrine. The other day she attempted to curcumvent this problem by saying, "You and I should just go on a drive together, just the two of us!" My immediate response was a "No" while thinking "What do I DOOOOOO?"

Report the matter up to higher staff and documented all incidents in order to CMA

Discussing this matter with other staff and "the frenchman" my words slipped and the term "that psycho" came out of my mouth. Somehing like that could get me fired, but for lack of better words...................oh well. Just needed to rant on my blog.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Funding cuts in Minnesota

I'm sure everyone is fairly up to speed on all the overtime in our great state being put in by our "leaders" to figure out what to do about this years bugget. Every time these leaders over spend their pocket books, and we the people don't want a tax increase, they always turn around with, "Well then we will have to cut back on police, medical, and firefighters." Bull. They can afford to gift money to whomever and whatever catches their fancy at the time.

I have a small solution. Instead of having Minnesotan's pay for the board and lodge of state prisoners.......we start our own tent city. Minnesotan's pay $40,000 PER YEAR for the average inmate. Hell, thats way more than I'll be making in a year anytime soon. Notice as well that we pay state workers several million a year to pick up trash.......can anyone say chain gang? No more cable (weather and disney perhaps) no more making the bad man badder, no more health spa prisons. How about we cut THAT funding, work on some real reform, and keep the senate out of my wallet!?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's looking like another Bosnia. We are still waiting for our warning order, one month after we were supposed to have it. We know we are going to Iraq, just like we always have, the question remains......when? (4th plt Ft. Polk during Bosnia train up, may we never see that hell hole again!) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I decided it didn't matter to me if I didn't finish my massive tattoo before we deploy. I went through boz without it finished, and it's so small a part it doesn't much matter. I may finish it yet, we'll see. First things first though. I am getting my second tattoo. So much smaller than the first, but much more significant in my eyes. For the Iraq deployment, I am getting my meat tags. It will run around $125 I still need to pick an artist and time. But it will be soon. Who's with me? Not an original tattoo, but something I will get nonetheless.

I'm back

After a long 2 1/2 weeks of the big giant stupid (guard drill) I am back. It wasn't all that bad. Even though some stupidness showed it's ugly face in the form of wearing LBV's to the chow hall etc. We still had a good time. Our new CO is the shizzy. Drinking ban is off, so we were allowed off post for some much needed relaxation. Finally got the confirmation on our deployment to Iraq. Bonus. It's nice to know the time/date so we can get prepared.

Between Jonny Chimpo and our new CO, we should have good times. Now we just need to use our Jedi mind tricks on the Sergeant Major.

Speaking of Jedi, I highly recommend seeing "Revenge of the Sith" We all agree it's an awesome movie. A couple things could have been done better, but awesome nonetheless. Obi-wan is a bad ass.

I also highly recommend "Batman Begins" If you have been dissapointed by any bat man movie of the past, prepare to be shocked and amazed. You won't find any cartoon/comic crap in this movie. It's set up to portray a real person doing real things. Let me end that with saying, "Ninja's I HATE ninja's, they're all sharp and pokey!!!" Ever wonder why bat-man is sharp and pokey? Watch the movie you!

Good to be back

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Words to live by..............."You're gonna DIE!!!"

I'm looking at my belly and thinking, "Self, darling self" (So I don't get another complex) you are looking kinda pudgy belly of mine, where did that 6 pack go? (Not the beer, the man muscle). Anywho, I decided it was high time to lose it.

Since I work the 3pm-11pm I decided to go running with Clancy (also off at 11pm) every night after work. Clancy said we should "ease" into it and go biking the first night. I was down with that, so off we went.

-Skips part of story here, else it will be a long post, this way I get straight to the good stuff-

We go past the high school, up Adams avenue. About this time Clancy starts having trouble with his pedel. No problem, we'll work with it. Down 15th st a mile or so his pedal falls off and he runs over his leg. No problem, we'll walk. A little while later Clancy says. "My leg feels funny." No problem, we'll check it out under the next street light.

I'm thinking a little scratch, maybe some blood..............Problem. It's a huge gaping GASH! He cut a 6 inch gash accross his the bone. His sock soaked in blood, meat and fat to be seen in the wide wound. Clancy shrugs and says, "Eh, we'll walk home." I being much calmer and confident in my certification as a combat lifesaver and recent graduate of civilian first aid, yell, "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!!!" then I told him to sit down, put something on it.

Attempted to waive down some cars, to no avail. Finally biked to some old dudes house and banged on the door for a while. I explained what happened and said I needed to use the phone or get a ride to the E.R.

About this time Clancy says from the door, "It's not that bad." I'm like, Sit down!!!

Long story short, we were at the E.R. for a couple hours. I couldn't get a hold of my wife or his for a ride, so I called our go to friend Rabid. I told him to come to the E.R. He asked stearnly what happened. I told him Clancy cut himself and we needed a ride home.

Apparently what Rabid heard in his sleepy state was "Come to the E.R. Clancy's been stabbed!"
So he showed up packing heat, and I had to explain the situation.

It all ended with 20 or so stitches (matress stitches for those who know what those are). and we all arrived home at about 4am Oh ya, the gash was 6 inches long, 1 inche wide and about 1 inch deep (to the bone) It looks wicked awesome.

The end

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The easy job just got hard

So, my easy job at the mental place just took a nose dive. The easy part that is. I am now working full time in the crisis unit. Oh the living hell. (They put me on the FEMALE side ....big question mark on that whole situation). Anyhow, I don't expect anyone to get anything out of this, it is just my way of relieving myself of some.............pressure.

A recipe for a high-stress day. Take a bunch of women (a chore to manage in and of itself) and a large bowl. Add 1 to 4 cups of the fact that they are all manic depressive and or bi-polar. Add a cup of emmotions.......X 1 million.
Stir in 1 packet of pain medication seeking personalities.
Pour in a generous helping of, "If I don't get what I want I'm going to scream and yell at you!!! Attitude (I'm supposed to be the sane one, much longer and I'll be a resident).
Put in the oven to bake for an 8 hour shift. Take out when slightly red in the face. Sprinkle lightly with the reminder that you work another shift at a different job in 1 hour for 8 hours (Midnight-8am).
Leave out to cool while running arrends and getting 5 hours of sleep.
Butter slightly with that teaspoon of love. Serve over and over whenever those 5 hours of sleep are completed.
What a tasty treat!

I love you all.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Here we go again, same old what again?

Thats right, the big giant question mark...........Guard drill. The highlight of my month really. It's the chance to put one life on hold and do my "other" job. For one weekend I don't have to worry about work. I put on the green and asume the mantle of Zeke. The Pog (prounounced poag, poge=persons other than grunts) circle of trust schemes up ways to give us the big image of............??????.............. what the......? Why are we......? Wouldn't it make more sense if we..................? These are the questions we ask ourselves when the brass make "important" decisions that no self respecting Joe would even concider wasting time over.
But I'll give credit where credit is do, just because a certain people pissed us all off, it doesn't mean we don't have some good leadership now.
But I've gotten off track. It's time to bust out the candy, the seeds, the cigars and shoot some ammo, hang out with some really good friends that I only get to see once a month. See you guys in the bush!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Guards v Reserves

This is a term of confusion sometimes. When I was at PLDC the SGL's could not comprehend what the national guard was. They kept thinking we were "reserves." We couldn't explain the difference to them, finally we just let them think we were part of active duty (hey, 5 of us tried to explain the one weekend a month concept for like a week and to no avail. This particular active duty fork lift driving girl just couldn't grasp the concept).

Anyhow, the same night we were with the vet, someone down the bar yelled to us and asked, "Whats the difference between the Guards and Reserves? Rabid squared them away, yelling back, "The guards have combat arms, the reserves don't. Reserves swear loyalty to the federal government, the guards swear loyalty to town, state, and federal government." So there you have it folks, there's the difference.

One of the few left, an old school vet at the bar

On Tuesday the 12th, Grey, Rabid and I eventually made it to Keg. When we arrived, Jonny Rooke was already there. He was talking to an older gent. We all introduced ourselves. We found out he was a retired E-6 from the Navy gunnery. There is just a bond between servicemen that can't be explained. As soon as you meet one, they are "in." You have gone through similar things, the older ones have gone through things we can only imagine. There is just a bond that exists.
Anyhow, this guy finds out we are in the guards and starts buying drinks all around.
I had already had my standard two drinks for the night so I began to decline, then Grey gave me a mental slap and said you NEVER refuse a drink from a vet. Like a slap I was like "yes, thats good information" 3 rounds later I made it over to the bar tender and said, "for the love of God, if the old guy buys us more rounds make it N/A!!!"
Somewhere in here two local recruiters showed up from our armory, and we invited them over. Also some time in here Rabid's sister showed up, just in time to hear our "special" stories. LMAO
It was a great privilage and plessure to share a drink (my first Irish car bomb) with an old school vet.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

There I was..........again

So, there I was. Taking the kids at Juvy out to play some Frizbee gulf. Stress free right? Wrong. Ok, skipping ahead.
One of the kids asked if I was in the service. I said yes. He asked what branch. I proudly proclaimed "The Army National Guard." He thought that was cool and said he was trying to decide if he wanted to join the Guards or not. About this time one of the female staff decided to put in her two cents. "Oh the guards suck" she says, "a bunch of weekend warrior." "I'm going to join regular army one day, they're real soldiers."
Now, skrew my thoughts about killing little dogs. I straight up wanted to choke this girl out. I had to take a couple of deep breaths. I was about to tell her what I thought of her and people like her who do nothing but talk about what they are "going to do one day" and bash the people that do. Instead I told her the the guards aren't weekend warriors anymore. We have more guardsmen in the field than any other branch. With that said, and so much more unsaid, I walked away.

Should I have said more? Probably. Did I? No. I really didn't feel like it. Even though her careless/thoughtless comment wasn't very fuzzy warm feeling to me, I know there are plenty of people out there who appreciate what we do, the sacrafices we have made, and continue to make.

I'll do a short commentary on the Guards. There isn't a group of guys in the whole world that I would rather be in a combat situation with, or anywhere else, then the Bemidji boys in Charlie company (this also extends to my friends in the cities and Ryan in KY). Time and time again we have proved our worth. We beat the active duty guys hands down every time we are in competition with them. I have nothing against any branch. We all do our part. But I am sick and tired of the shit talk against the Guards. Unlike active duty, we have to leave our life behind when we deploy. (and we deploy on a regular basis now) This means that when we come home, we aren't doing the army thing. We have to try and pick up our civilian lives where we left off. Hope our employers won't try and squirm out of giving us our jobs back etc.
I won't say anymore on this subject tonight. I'm too tired and pissed. I'll get over it. Some people need to.................I don't know. Bu bye

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

an ode to "not job"

Reading over at Greys site reminded me. After all the stress lately, things are finally winding down. Tomorrow is my last day at the GODAWEFULL grocery store (where hicks thrive and live their dream of becoming manager 10 years down the road............)
Two weeks and the semester is over.
That will leave me with two non-jobs. One full time job at the mental apartments. Doing nothing as I found out on my first shift today. Then my part time job at the Juvenile Center, again doing nothing besides keeping myself entertained and some kids in line. Ta da no more back breaking labor for now. Well, time to go to bed.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Whats wrong with me?

Besides the fact that at this point in time I am working 3 jobs, going to school full time, and doing the guard thing one weekend a month.

What is wrong with me?

Lately I have been mister negative about people. People in generall, and people in specific. Very un-zeke-like. In general I have been looking at the negative in everyone, celebs, leadership, even friends and super heros!!! Specifically, people that rub me wrong or I just plain don't like, have been receiving the wrath of zeke. Usually I just blow those kind of people off, but lately I have been taking stuff personal. I'm being rude, negative, and sometimes downright insulting. While this may seem like normal for some, I concider it conduct unbecoming thezeke.

I am dropping one job, and school is over pretty quick.

I hope I snap out of it soon.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Does it make noise?

I haven't posted in a while, not much to say. There still isn't. However I'm feeling like typing.

The question is this; "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make noise?"

First of all, what kind of question is that? Of course it makes noise. Now, its not so much the whole thinking game that is scary. What is scary is that "intelligent" minds actually took time to study this question. For all I know money went into it.

I suppose many of the things I talk about here are pointless, but at least I don't claim any higher intelligence. (notice spelling for instance)

If I put a phone book to someones head and punch it, does it leave a bruise? Not only is this an interesting question, its a must for all you people who want to inflict some pain without leaving evidence. I also recommend soap in a sock to the sturnum. Or a bag of oranges. Moreover, joints are quite vulnerable to pain without visible damage. Have fun all. Feel free to add and comment.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Battered womens shelter???

OUCH!!! I feel like I just got put into a battered womens shelter after being severely beaten. But no, I'm not a women, I'm not in a shelter, and I haven't been beaten.
I went to one of my jobs thursday morning at 5am and worked until 1pm then at 4pm the same day I started a shift at my second job and worked until midnight. I came home, crashed for about 3 hours, then got up to go to my first job again at 5am. I got off at 12 today.....had to run and sign some tax papers. I got home and for the first time in what seems like forever I got some rest. I meant to take a little nap, but ended up sleeping from 1pm -9:30 pm. Now somewhat awake I feel like someone ran me over with a truck............a bunch of times.
Speaking of truck. The other day I read a question somewhere that asked if I would rather gain 300lbs or be run over by a truck. I picked the truck. Could you imagine gaining 300lbs? I'd rather shoot myself.
Bu bye.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Society problems rant

So the media that I love SO much is asking "Why?" The question being violence in our schools/youth.
After talking this issue over several times with various friends, here's my take on this.
Womens rights movement. Bear with me. The womens rights movement was a "wake up call" to women. Women started moving out of the "traditional" role of housewife, and into education and workplace. We are seeing less and less women dedicated to staying at home.
Those women that choose to have a family and "raise" kids, still tend to have a job. This means one or both parents out of the house. Children are left to be raised by the system/government (scary) and the Television.
Kids of today have a lack of guidence. Not only that, they have no mentors. Their friends are their mentors. Oh what great solutions they come up with.
So, instead of having parents to cry to (literally), or learning how to deal with harrassment from peers or other variouse problems, we have an outbreak...........this could be many things, but what I am looking at is school shootings. These all started in America in the 90's. I pose the theory that, lack of parenting in the home, and school shootings are linked. Any takers? Gripes, complaints, ideas, suggestions? Lets hear it.

Monday, April 04, 2005

........"You'll rue the day you met me TRABECK!!"

Yet another guard weekend under the belt. Not enough sleep and feeling dumber-er after some of the lanes.

A highlight of the weekend was watching Clancy's video clips of Comedy centeral double jeapordy, with Sean Connary (imitation guy of course) Sean "I'll take the rapist for $200" Trabeck-"thats Therapist!".

Sean- "I'll take anal bum covers for $400" Trabeck "thats An Album Cover!!!"

Trabeck to Sean "you guessed 'Below' and wagered....'me' below me.....I don't get it" Sean I'll bet you do Trabeck you ninny.

I'll just stop now, because unless you see it it's not all that funny. More for my personal refference.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Still looking for that great quote of Kerry's about him crawling through the woods on his belly using the wind to "Decoy" the deer. Hmmmm and he says he's a hunter......? Right. Sure glad this guy didn't get into office. Posted by Hello

Guards and J-O-B

Ahh, its time for a guard drill. Haven't been to one in a couple months. First ones I've ever split subbed. Wasn't much to miss anyway. Yet, with a deployment coming up I'm sure we need to start training *rolls eyes. As if a 6 month train up isn't enough.

First I don't have enough job options, and now perhaps too many. Two juvenile places I applied at have called me to interview. I interviewed at one this afternoon, and they want me pending a backround check. The other wants me to interview tomorrow. I am also looking at applying at a mental facility. It pays more and would hopefully be full-time. Choices choices choices.

What a beautifull day out today. The sun is shining and it feels like a great day to be alive. We had the first BBQ of the year.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

RPG's Paintball, and the like

Last Friday I had my first experience with an RPG (Role playing Game). I got together with therick, and Wiggs. Grey was supposed to come, but he had to bow out for good reason. Anyhow, this particular RPG was RIFTS. Set sometime in the future, we don't know when exactly, or what happened to the earth, except Rifts or tears have appeared in the worlds very fabric, allowing everything from alians, monsters and demi-gods, to creatures of old, elves, dwarves etc. Basically, if you can think of a character, you can be it. There are out-posts of civilization here and there, but not much inbetween. Your weapon arsonal could be a plasma gun, or a long bow, or magic etc.
To shorten the story up, we spent 3 hours rolling up our characters. I picked a human merc. We got 4 hours of gaming in. What great fun!!! I tried to explain it to my wife, but when she found out all it was, was dice and paper, she thought it was boring. It does sound boring, but wow did I have fun.
Perhaps I have found an outlet to my occasional aggression :) nothing like smoking someone with a rail-gun.

I had the faintest inkling in my head that I wanted to get out and play some paintball. It didn't last long however. I think it shall be a very light year of playing. I probably won't get out until things dry up, and even then, I think I will be limiting myself to playing out at the south field, and my folks place. No more speedball or tourneys for me for a while.

Thank God spring is uppon us!!!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Clear as a bell now

Mort said,

""Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion"It is not as though Bush is saying everyone should be a certain religion. That would be unconsitutional. This clause is in the first amendment because one of the biggest reasons we left England was because the King forced his people to be in the Anglican Church. Basically the government cannot decide that catholicism or luthernism will be the "national religion." And notice that the words "separation of church and state" do not appear in this amendment at all."

There, now I have it recorded so I can copy and paste when I need too. So many people get those mixed up. Never does the phrase "seperation of church and state" appear in the constitution.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Simple life

Why is it that the poet writes about war as a glorious thing? What is it in human nature that thrills us so much about battle? I think its human nature. Why is that? Being perfectly honest, I get an adreneline rush just thinking about combat. I have never been in combat. Why does it intrigue me so?

On a different note. Sometimes I find myself wishing for a simple life. I say wishing, but at the same time I don't know how much I really want it. I LOVE technology. I'm on my laptop all the time. However, it might just be the tool that fits the times.
I was thinking today how I would love to be running through the primitive forest wearing buck-skins and brandishing bow and spear. No polotics, no taxes, no govornment.
I guess that is why I am so intrigued by movies like "The Postman" "The Village" etc. It's the thought that it might just be that way once again. Maybe I'll take a trip to Alaska, to see places still untouched.......

Friday, March 11, 2005

I'm having a baby!!! Not really, that would hurt. But I'm going to be a daddy anyway. My wife just found out officially yesterday. Cigars will be in order shortly......... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This is dedicated to Wicked Cracka. State your worst day ever, in multiples of three things. The third thing MUST be a tube of KY jelly. Don't worry about it if you are confused, its an inside thing anyway. But here, I'll give an example. "My worst day ever, a bowling pin, a five pound sledge hammer, and a tube of KY jelly. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Today is a special day

Today is the day of days. The day that changed the world as we know it. This is a day that will live in infamy. The day the world will never forget.

Thats right, this is the day The Zeke graced the world. Its my birthday. Happy birthday to me!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

This is dedicated to Al

one uninformed liberal. Posted by Hello

So, there I was......

There I was, getting ready to get out of my house, as the girls were hosting a bacheloret party Saturday night. I called Grey and invited myself over to his place. I got there and we decided that we really weren't in the mood for a bar night. We thought perhaps we would go to a movie instead. This quickly changed to playing pool in his basement. Three games later we decided to go rent a movie.
We stopped at the cash machine and Grey says, "maybe we should just stop down at keg and take a look." I'm like, all right, just a "look."

We got to Keg and noticed our regular table was occupied, so we yelled to our favorite bar-maid "pre-law" to get us a pitcher at a different table. A few regulars cruized by, but not many of the crew. At least not any from the unit. I gave Grockin Robin a call and told him to bring his dancin shoes. Robbin is this really quiet guy who completely takes you by suprise when he starts yelling and dancing. (white men can't dance, I'll testify)

About 1030 or so I started to get bored. Then Robin, Grey and I discovered a Foozball table. We started playing, then a certain girl decided to come over and proceded to try and rape Grey. So now it was just me and Robin. Soon some random dood came over and asked if he could play. One game later Robin was gone. A game after that and two girls wanted to "play."
Three games and many beers (I wasn't drinking that night) later, the girls made it quite obviouse that they wanted to take us somewhere and play more than foozball. I was flattered, however I politely made my ring visible. They didn't care. So I ended the conversation with a classic line of Grey's. I pointed my thumb towards the door and said, "" I said it like a statement/question. Like I was making it up. LOL then I cruized off and left the other dood alone. Noticing it was 1am or so I decided to call it a night and grabbed a ride home with Robin.

Nothing too exciting or controversial, but a night out nonetheless.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Quantity or Quality?

Anyone else notice the dimineshed quality of service in America? T-bone brought up an interesting thought that I'm sure everyone else has noticed. But no one has the solution. Any takers?
Mechanics specifically. Besides the fact that you need a computer tech and a mechanic to fix cars/trucks these days, you also need a fat wallet, and sometimes multiple trips.
It seems auto mechanics, especially the bigger ones, are more concerned about getting you in and out in a hurry. Which is great (at first) because you want your vehical back ASAP. Then you notice on the drive home (or starting it in the lot) that it wasn't fixed quite right, or not at all. Perhaps you don't even notice for days.
This has happened to me on more than one occasion. They get you in, "fix" it, charge you an arm and a leg, and you are on your way. On your way back again that is.
My short term solution to this is the fact that I now use old school mechanics still working in their garage. They fix it, they fix it right, they do little extras for free, no hidden fees with big words. Thats a solid American. Sometimes the set-back is that they can't fix the really new cars. But at least they are honest enough to tell you that.

Anyone else?

Monday, February 21, 2005

REALY strange cops following me........?

This was really weird. I was coming home from paying my insurance. I was coming down Norton Ave. After I crossed 15th St, I passed a Sheriffs car coming from the other way. As soon as I passed him, he slammed on his brakes, whipped a U-turn and started following me! He didn’t turn on his lights. He just followed me. As I approached 12 St to turn left, I met another sheriff’s car, that car also whipped a U-turn and started following me!!! Instead of going strait down 12th and turning into my house, I decided to try going around the block to see if they were really following me. Sure enough, they both followed me, never turning on their lights. I turned left on 11th; one car kept going strait on rice Ave, while the other kept following me. I came to the stop sign and made a left turn. As I turned the second car which had apparently circled the block came down the street from the right. Now they were both following me down Maurice! I figured there was no doubt that they were following me, as I had gone around a complete block and they were both following me. I turned into my driveway and decided since they were right behind me, I had better figure out what was going on. When I started to open the door I looked in the mirror, both cars were doing U-turns in the road! As I got out, they drove back down Maurice. I was very weirded out at this time, and very nervous. I went into the house and called my buddy to tell him, as I was on my cell phone with him and had to hang up when this whole thing started. As I was talking to him, one of the sheriff’s cars drove by my house again!!! I toyed around with the idea of calling the cops and finding out what was going on, but didn’t end of story. This was SOOOOO Bizarre.
Very hastily written and in one run-on sentence, but I thought I would just do a quick narrative and get this off my chest.
Monday, February 21, 2005 17:31

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

canook blitz

So, for the past couple months myself and some other doods have been posting on a liberal canooks blog as of today, he couldn't take our valid points anymore. We were perfectly civil, and obviously we made way too much sense. Pointing out his loaded statistics. Calling a lie for what it was. Explaining the truth about the military from a soldiers stand-point. I guess all these posts of ours were just as fraudulent as the electon......AY!!!?

This is why I will never trust the left. When in doubt, lie and cover it up. Or just cover it up, this cuts down on the lying. Or cover it up, then lie about it, that works too.

Being close minded pisses me off, but this guy is in a whole diffent area all by himself. Don't trust the liberals.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

a dog...

It was 20 degrees out today, so I decided to go on a walk with my wife and her dog. We were walking around the neighborhood having a good time enjoying each others company, and the fresh morning air. Then it all went sour.

We passed a house on a corner. The people there own an average size dog.(45 lbs maybe). Everytime we have walked by in the past it always runs around in a circle, (its chained up all the time, and I have never seen it off, or seen the owners for that matter) wags its tail and barks at us. We hadn't been out in a while, but I was still suprised that we weren't greeted in the usual manner. I looked around for the dog and noticed it curled up in a small ball on a chunk of cement next to the garage. This was the only spot that wasn't covered in snow, and as far as I could tell, the dog didn't have any real shelter. At all hours this dog is outside. This isn't what truely bothered me. The dog stood up, or rather, unfolded. I could count every rib on that dogs side. This pissed me off. Everyone who knows me knows it takes a lot to get the zeke mad, and I was downright livid. I stood around and tried to find anyone on the property to give them a piece of my mind, and maybe the back of my hand. No avail.

I went home and called the cops and reported the dog to community policing. We'll see if anything has happened by tomorrow.

The strange thing is, I have more remorce for an animal than a human. Not strange at all when you concider an animal won't do anything other than its instinct tells it (not including sick animals). Dogs have the characteristics I admire, and that most people don't have. Loyalty, respect, devotion, selflessness......the list goes on and on. That is why I can't understand, and have no respect whatsoever for someone that treats a dog like that. You just don't tie a dog up and starve it. Humans can actually deserve that, a dog never could.
This isn't an animal rights activist ranting, far from it. This is me wondering what kind of a person treats an animal like that.

Something will be done by tomorrow, plain and simple.

Cabin Fever

That balmy 48 degrees the other day killed my winter tollerance. I am going nuts. Besides, its B town. Besides hitting the bars, there is really nothing to do in the winter for me. That or I am just too lazy to search something out.

The unofficial word is that our unit will be going to Iraq next year. That will take care of winter fever next year, but not now. Speaking of which, Iraq will be a nice way to cap off and finish my army career. But who knows, my enlistment isn't up for two years. The guards is like family to me. There is a bond with the guys there that just can't be had anywhere else. We have all shared something together. I don't know if I can ever let that go. I won't.

It's time to bust out the phantom, shake off the winter chill, get a tattoo, go for a walk, paint a picture, build a house, beat a dog, pet a dog, read a book, write a book, love my wife, fight for right, know my God, climb a mountain, swim a river, explore the world, run a race, walk my my life.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Clear and concise....?

What do you think of this? Ahem......"Whereas, party of the first part, hereinafter "Mary," heretofore had an allegedly little party of the second part, accordingly "lamb," its fleece thereunto appertaining as white as snow; wherein, pursuant to everywhere thereof that said party of the first part would endeavor to exit, the aforementioned lamb, arguendo, was virtually sure forthwith to, at this point in time, go."

Did that sound inteligent? If it wasn't so obviouse would you even know what it was?
This is an exerpt on how not to write from one of my report writing classes. This is just me venting. If someone wants to say something, why don't they just say it? Isn't it easier to say "thats messed up," than to beat around the bush?
These feelings arose when reading a certain liberals blog
I can respect intelligence and education, but why try and be/sound like something you're not? No one talks like that. Why type that way?
Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Any takers?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Obesity is a real problem in America

Americans have a huge problem. Welfare, depression, and obesity. I was just going to focuse on obesity, but I noticed and interesting trend.

According to the US board of census and archives, 3,700,000 recieve welfare benefits every month ( ). Of those, there is a majority that uses welfare as a permanent income, instead of a temporary supplement.

Here I pose the nasty circle of three. People using welfare as a crutch get bored, leading to depression. Depression can and does lead to over eating. Overeating leads to obesity. Obesity leads to depression and so-on and so-forth. This is just one of many "causes". Another cause is we don't have any self control. We would rather junk out at McDonalds than get out and go for a walk.
Children are given unhealthy food and then sit in front of a video game all day. So the result is a very over weight 10 year old. We as Americans don't like to state the obviouse, we would rather suger coat everything, be politically correct, and take little or no responsibility for our actions. Obesity is a drain on our occonomy, health care, and welfare systems.

I could go on and on. However, I shall stop and pose a solution.

The US government will come up with an average weight. Much like the military. Hight, waist and neck size are added together to come up with an average weight. For every pound overweight, each person will be will be additionally taxed. Persons not paying taxes will have to cough up some cash, or start hitting a stair master.

So let me hear it people, what do you think?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dubya is doing a great job in 2 of 2

In the two years since terrorists attacked us Pressident Bush has liberated two countries, crushed the Taliban, crippled al-Qaida, put nuclear inspectors in Libya, Iran and North Korea without firing a shot, and captured a terrorist who slaughtered 300,000 of his own people.
Some are complaining about how long the war is taking, but...It took less time to take Iraq than it took Janet Reno to take the Branch Davidian compound. That was a 51-day operation. We've been looking for evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq for less time than it took Hillary Clinton to find the Rose Law Firm billing records.
It took less time for the 3rd Infantry Division and the Marines to destroy the Medina Republican Guard than it took Ted Kennedy to call the police after his Oldsmobile sank in Chappaquiddick.
It took less time to take Iraq than it took to count the votes in Florida!!! Our Commander-In-Chief is doing a great job! The Military morale is high!

Now, that is the conclusion of the exerpt from the paper, realize that this is an old post and I only use it for factual purposes. Although I don't agree with everything the Bush campaign has done.....I think he's doing a damn fine job in comparison.

Please, if you are going to post, keep it clean and level headed. If you have a point to make, do it. Don't resort to name calling and finger pointing. Especially try and avoid smoke screens and cop-outs such as "your english and spelling suck". I hope I never have to address this again. Thanks all. Have fun.

Random picture of zeke playing paintball. To keep this blog from drowning in text. Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Dubya is doing a great job in 1 of 2

These quotes taken from a Minnesota paper.

When some claim President Bush shouldn't have started this war, state the following.

FDR...led us into WWII. Germany never attacked us, Japan did. From 1941 to 1945, 450,000 lives were lost.

Truman...finished that war and started one in Korea, North Korea never attacked us. From 1950 to 1953, 55,000 lives were lost.

John F. Kennedy...started the Vietnam conflict in 1962. Vietnam never attacked us.

Johnson...turned Vietnam into a quagmire. From 1965 to 1975, 58,000 lives were lost.

Clinton...went to war in Bosnia without UN or French consent, Bosnia never attacked us. He was offered Osama bin Laden's head on a platter three times by Sudan and did nothing. Osama has attacked us on multiple occasions.

This concludes post 1 of 2. I will finish with post two after this post has had time to be digested. I am sick of people making random statements with absolutely nothing to back those statements up. So far these are all cold hard facts, people can whine and give their moans, but these are actual real life FACTS. I am sure you can all see where I am going with this.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Rosie O'Donnel, Bosnia, and poop

So what's up with Rosie O'Donnel and guns? One of her blips I heard about, she was saying how horrible it was that people actually owned guns. She was asked why her body guards carried them. I can't remember her exact response, but basically she said because she is more important than the average Joe........? Bla bla bla, and she says guns kill people? Guns kill people like spoons make her fat. LMAO

I find myself missing the easy life in Bosnia. I was trying to shake this feeling by reminding myself how boared and angry and frusterated and annoyed I was.
I had a flash-back today. I was on the toilet taking care of business. Then, "Ka-BOOM......SPLOOSH!!!" No, it wasn't gun fire. It was a FOB Connor explosion!!! For those of you that don't know, a FOB Connor explosion is basically a semi-liquid/solid glob of poo encased in grease. It's rather funky and smells quite interesting. Perhaps I'll post a picture when next one comes around. Its rare though, as I'm not in Bosnia anymore.
On that note, its hard to believe we don't have troops there anymore, and FOB Connor is no more. Sniff sniff
Have fun with this post.

And for controversy. Bush rules, guns are a must, we did land on the moon, grey, mikey, and others rock, I'm glad Kerry was just a senetor at the recent inauguration(yes he made up his own mind to be there and even dressed himself), deployments must die, and...........the French are... Ya, have fun

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Who's taking over the world?

They all thought Bush was trying to take over the wold. Now, this is all on the hush shush.
While talking with Mort, I came to realize that it is I who will take over the world. Mort will be my first Lieutenant in charge. He will organize the take over of The country of Nebraska, in addition to Sweden. This country of Nebraska is vital because it is in the center of the USA and therefore, in the center of the world. One Tactical nuke will get us our 51st state, and from domination. The all seeing eye is now watching you.......!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Update on the new power in town

Thats right, 5, FIVE! We now have five doods all from the unit signing up for the accademy! how do you like them apples? Five doods, same classes, same time, all car pooling. We might just end up teaching some of these classes, because in some classes, the majority rules. For all you who don't know, our number five man is none other than the RUSSIAN SNIPER!!! Woot woot!!! And since I know he doesn't like it, I might just have to find a picture of him and put it on here. Cuz he's a picture phobe.
Together we will rule the word.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Moving on

Ok, all done blaming Canada now....
On to better things.
One more has joined the ranks in persuit of higher education. The tally is up to four of us that will be going to police accademy together. What great fun we will have car-pooling. Maybe we can even conserve some water and take a shower together!

Final note. I got my cast off yesterday. Re-building leg muscle is a painfull lesson to stay off roofs.

my deleted posts from a liberal canook

If we want to talk about fraudulent presidential stuff, lets take a look at Clinton lying under oath. That can be backed up with fact instead of random statements with no evidence to support them.

You know, I actually agree with most of this post, especially number 7. The government needs to mind their own business most of the time. Especially with stuff like the right to keep and bear arms etc. However, these laws going into affect that hinder our freedoms aren't because of the Bush era. 8 years of Clinton killed our military. Now everyone is whining because the Iraq campaign is taking so long. Most of the laws that are being past to impede our freedoms aren't Bush's fault. Its the liberal law makers in congress. Do you blame a waiter when you spill hot coffee on yourself? Or do you realize its your own fault? The truth is, most people would rather point a finger than admit any personal flaw. The same is true in Government.

" No finding out the facts of the case. Just bullying one's way through life, without any regard for facts or logic" Wow, from the horses own mouth comes wisdom(and hypocracy). Yet, you fail miserably to follow your own advice. As far as downing anyone trying to make a point, what do you call deleting all of our posts?

You know, I actually agree with most of this post, especially number 7. The government needs to mind their own business most of the time. Especially with stuff like the right to keep and bear arms etc. However, these laws going into affect that hinder our freedoms aren't because of the Bush era. 8 years of Clinton killed our military. Now everyone is whining because the Iraq campaign is taking so long. Most of the laws that are being past to impede our freedoms aren't Bush's fault. Its the liberal law makers in congress. Do you blame a waiter when you spill hot coffee on yourself? Or do you realize its your own fault? The truth is, most people would rather point a finger than admit any personal flaw. The same is true in Government.

Wow, as I first started reading your posts I was shaking my head in sorrow. In sorrow for you. Yet another case of an arm-chair quarterback. Your ignorance is only overshadowed by your short-sight. This is not meant as an insult. This is a wake-up call buddy. For starters. I'm not great with words, but hopefully I can convey part of what I know. What are you basing all your opinions off of? The media. Please. The liberal media being your main source of information and references. The same media that is as biased as our school systems. Use some common sense and think outside of the box. Everyone is looking at Bush and the US as these big wold domination bad guys. Put that aside. The only difference between now and WW I and WWII is that there aren't people trying to twist things around for a better news rating. A tsunami wipes out 100,000 people. Few people notice because Americans didn't kill anyone. A marine double taps one "inoccent" Iraq and I'm still hearing about it(whole different issue) N... lover is what you were talking about in a previouse post ".......persecuted, tortured, and lynched...." Ever take a look at old Sadam? Rape rooms, torture chambers, acid showers....if you call lynching an atrocity, then what do you call what happened in Iraq.....BEFORE the US got there? We can go back and forth forever on this political bull. I'll just finish this and hope that someone somewhere got something out of all this ramble. I don't think you have the "right" to say what you are saying. Obviously you can....but that still doesn't give you a "right". I'm a soldier, and damn proud of it. I've been over-sea. When you see a sodier sleeping in a mosc you call it desecration, I call it keeping out of the weather. I can't even hope to explain anything to you from my point of view. A man once said "...when that first bullet goes past your head, all politics goes right past with it..." With that in mind, I can't even begin to say anymore. You do a tour man. Join up and see some of your buddies get blown away, then let a joker like you or the media spit in your face, when you cap the guy who threw the grenade, cuz his hands are empty and he's "innocent". Or when they take a picture of an "innocent" women and baby....except the media forgets the part where the women throws her baby down and starts railing with an AK-47, and just shows the picture after......This may have turned into just another soldier bitching. But what happens when you wake up one morning, now or when you are old and you don't have the freedom to walk down a street without a "pass". Or a gun is in your back with your teeth on a curb because pukes like yourself can't talk your way out of everything. It might be a little hard to imagine, but I'm sure certain Germans alive today and millions throughout history, can agree that you and people like you are the ones pulling the trigger in your ignorance.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Back to school

After a long deployment, a so so summer, and a broken ankle in the fall.....I am back to school. About 8 of the guys I keep in touch with are doing the same...not much of a post, but there it is.