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Sunday, February 27, 2005

This is dedicated to Al

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So, there I was......

There I was, getting ready to get out of my house, as the girls were hosting a bacheloret party Saturday night. I called Grey and invited myself over to his place. I got there and we decided that we really weren't in the mood for a bar night. We thought perhaps we would go to a movie instead. This quickly changed to playing pool in his basement. Three games later we decided to go rent a movie.
We stopped at the cash machine and Grey says, "maybe we should just stop down at keg and take a look." I'm like, all right, just a "look."

We got to Keg and noticed our regular table was occupied, so we yelled to our favorite bar-maid "pre-law" to get us a pitcher at a different table. A few regulars cruized by, but not many of the crew. At least not any from the unit. I gave Grockin Robin a call and told him to bring his dancin shoes. Robbin is this really quiet guy who completely takes you by suprise when he starts yelling and dancing. (white men can't dance, I'll testify)

About 1030 or so I started to get bored. Then Robin, Grey and I discovered a Foozball table. We started playing, then a certain girl decided to come over and proceded to try and rape Grey. So now it was just me and Robin. Soon some random dood came over and asked if he could play. One game later Robin was gone. A game after that and two girls wanted to "play."
Three games and many beers (I wasn't drinking that night) later, the girls made it quite obviouse that they wanted to take us somewhere and play more than foozball. I was flattered, however I politely made my ring visible. They didn't care. So I ended the conversation with a classic line of Grey's. I pointed my thumb towards the door and said, "" I said it like a statement/question. Like I was making it up. LOL then I cruized off and left the other dood alone. Noticing it was 1am or so I decided to call it a night and grabbed a ride home with Robin.

Nothing too exciting or controversial, but a night out nonetheless.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Quantity or Quality?

Anyone else notice the dimineshed quality of service in America? T-bone brought up an interesting thought that I'm sure everyone else has noticed. But no one has the solution. Any takers?
Mechanics specifically. Besides the fact that you need a computer tech and a mechanic to fix cars/trucks these days, you also need a fat wallet, and sometimes multiple trips.
It seems auto mechanics, especially the bigger ones, are more concerned about getting you in and out in a hurry. Which is great (at first) because you want your vehical back ASAP. Then you notice on the drive home (or starting it in the lot) that it wasn't fixed quite right, or not at all. Perhaps you don't even notice for days.
This has happened to me on more than one occasion. They get you in, "fix" it, charge you an arm and a leg, and you are on your way. On your way back again that is.
My short term solution to this is the fact that I now use old school mechanics still working in their garage. They fix it, they fix it right, they do little extras for free, no hidden fees with big words. Thats a solid American. Sometimes the set-back is that they can't fix the really new cars. But at least they are honest enough to tell you that.

Anyone else?

Monday, February 21, 2005

REALY strange cops following me........?

This was really weird. I was coming home from paying my insurance. I was coming down Norton Ave. After I crossed 15th St, I passed a Sheriffs car coming from the other way. As soon as I passed him, he slammed on his brakes, whipped a U-turn and started following me! He didn’t turn on his lights. He just followed me. As I approached 12 St to turn left, I met another sheriff’s car, that car also whipped a U-turn and started following me!!! Instead of going strait down 12th and turning into my house, I decided to try going around the block to see if they were really following me. Sure enough, they both followed me, never turning on their lights. I turned left on 11th; one car kept going strait on rice Ave, while the other kept following me. I came to the stop sign and made a left turn. As I turned the second car which had apparently circled the block came down the street from the right. Now they were both following me down Maurice! I figured there was no doubt that they were following me, as I had gone around a complete block and they were both following me. I turned into my driveway and decided since they were right behind me, I had better figure out what was going on. When I started to open the door I looked in the mirror, both cars were doing U-turns in the road! As I got out, they drove back down Maurice. I was very weirded out at this time, and very nervous. I went into the house and called my buddy to tell him, as I was on my cell phone with him and had to hang up when this whole thing started. As I was talking to him, one of the sheriff’s cars drove by my house again!!! I toyed around with the idea of calling the cops and finding out what was going on, but didn’t end of story. This was SOOOOO Bizarre.
Very hastily written and in one run-on sentence, but I thought I would just do a quick narrative and get this off my chest.
Monday, February 21, 2005 17:31

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

canook blitz

So, for the past couple months myself and some other doods have been posting on a liberal canooks blog as of today, he couldn't take our valid points anymore. We were perfectly civil, and obviously we made way too much sense. Pointing out his loaded statistics. Calling a lie for what it was. Explaining the truth about the military from a soldiers stand-point. I guess all these posts of ours were just as fraudulent as the electon......AY!!!?

This is why I will never trust the left. When in doubt, lie and cover it up. Or just cover it up, this cuts down on the lying. Or cover it up, then lie about it, that works too.

Being close minded pisses me off, but this guy is in a whole diffent area all by himself. Don't trust the liberals.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

a dog...

It was 20 degrees out today, so I decided to go on a walk with my wife and her dog. We were walking around the neighborhood having a good time enjoying each others company, and the fresh morning air. Then it all went sour.

We passed a house on a corner. The people there own an average size dog.(45 lbs maybe). Everytime we have walked by in the past it always runs around in a circle, (its chained up all the time, and I have never seen it off, or seen the owners for that matter) wags its tail and barks at us. We hadn't been out in a while, but I was still suprised that we weren't greeted in the usual manner. I looked around for the dog and noticed it curled up in a small ball on a chunk of cement next to the garage. This was the only spot that wasn't covered in snow, and as far as I could tell, the dog didn't have any real shelter. At all hours this dog is outside. This isn't what truely bothered me. The dog stood up, or rather, unfolded. I could count every rib on that dogs side. This pissed me off. Everyone who knows me knows it takes a lot to get the zeke mad, and I was downright livid. I stood around and tried to find anyone on the property to give them a piece of my mind, and maybe the back of my hand. No avail.

I went home and called the cops and reported the dog to community policing. We'll see if anything has happened by tomorrow.

The strange thing is, I have more remorce for an animal than a human. Not strange at all when you concider an animal won't do anything other than its instinct tells it (not including sick animals). Dogs have the characteristics I admire, and that most people don't have. Loyalty, respect, devotion, selflessness......the list goes on and on. That is why I can't understand, and have no respect whatsoever for someone that treats a dog like that. You just don't tie a dog up and starve it. Humans can actually deserve that, a dog never could.
This isn't an animal rights activist ranting, far from it. This is me wondering what kind of a person treats an animal like that.

Something will be done by tomorrow, plain and simple.

Cabin Fever

That balmy 48 degrees the other day killed my winter tollerance. I am going nuts. Besides, its B town. Besides hitting the bars, there is really nothing to do in the winter for me. That or I am just too lazy to search something out.

The unofficial word is that our unit will be going to Iraq next year. That will take care of winter fever next year, but not now. Speaking of which, Iraq will be a nice way to cap off and finish my army career. But who knows, my enlistment isn't up for two years. The guards is like family to me. There is a bond with the guys there that just can't be had anywhere else. We have all shared something together. I don't know if I can ever let that go. I won't.

It's time to bust out the phantom, shake off the winter chill, get a tattoo, go for a walk, paint a picture, build a house, beat a dog, pet a dog, read a book, write a book, love my wife, fight for right, know my God, climb a mountain, swim a river, explore the world, run a race, walk my my life.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Clear and concise....?

What do you think of this? Ahem......"Whereas, party of the first part, hereinafter "Mary," heretofore had an allegedly little party of the second part, accordingly "lamb," its fleece thereunto appertaining as white as snow; wherein, pursuant to everywhere thereof that said party of the first part would endeavor to exit, the aforementioned lamb, arguendo, was virtually sure forthwith to, at this point in time, go."

Did that sound inteligent? If it wasn't so obviouse would you even know what it was?
This is an exerpt on how not to write from one of my report writing classes. This is just me venting. If someone wants to say something, why don't they just say it? Isn't it easier to say "thats messed up," than to beat around the bush?
These feelings arose when reading a certain liberals blog
I can respect intelligence and education, but why try and be/sound like something you're not? No one talks like that. Why type that way?
Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Any takers?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Obesity is a real problem in America

Americans have a huge problem. Welfare, depression, and obesity. I was just going to focuse on obesity, but I noticed and interesting trend.

According to the US board of census and archives, 3,700,000 recieve welfare benefits every month ( ). Of those, there is a majority that uses welfare as a permanent income, instead of a temporary supplement.

Here I pose the nasty circle of three. People using welfare as a crutch get bored, leading to depression. Depression can and does lead to over eating. Overeating leads to obesity. Obesity leads to depression and so-on and so-forth. This is just one of many "causes". Another cause is we don't have any self control. We would rather junk out at McDonalds than get out and go for a walk.
Children are given unhealthy food and then sit in front of a video game all day. So the result is a very over weight 10 year old. We as Americans don't like to state the obviouse, we would rather suger coat everything, be politically correct, and take little or no responsibility for our actions. Obesity is a drain on our occonomy, health care, and welfare systems.

I could go on and on. However, I shall stop and pose a solution.

The US government will come up with an average weight. Much like the military. Hight, waist and neck size are added together to come up with an average weight. For every pound overweight, each person will be will be additionally taxed. Persons not paying taxes will have to cough up some cash, or start hitting a stair master.

So let me hear it people, what do you think?