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Monday, April 04, 2005

........"You'll rue the day you met me TRABECK!!"

Yet another guard weekend under the belt. Not enough sleep and feeling dumber-er after some of the lanes.

A highlight of the weekend was watching Clancy's video clips of Comedy centeral double jeapordy, with Sean Connary (imitation guy of course) Sean "I'll take the rapist for $200" Trabeck-"thats Therapist!".

Sean- "I'll take anal bum covers for $400" Trabeck "thats An Album Cover!!!"

Trabeck to Sean "you guessed 'Below' and wagered....'me' below me.....I don't get it" Sean I'll bet you do Trabeck you ninny.

I'll just stop now, because unless you see it it's not all that funny. More for my personal refference.


Travis said...

Ohh, but it is funny!

The best skit is when Connery is posed the question "Where are we" in final jeopardy. And he writes InDooRs...

When they show his wager, it his screen reads.


Gotta watch it to understand, but it's a riot.

Another good character in that skit is Burt Reynolds...

"Look, I have a big hat, it's funny"

Zeke said...

glad you explained the boobs one travis, I was gonna try but decided against it.

Trabeck-"Tell me the sound a dog makes" ........silence......... Trabeck-"No one knows? Ok, acceptable answers would have been woof woof or ruff....." Sean-"Ha ha Rough, just like your mother likes it Trabeck!!!"

Maddog said...

I love those skits, other then that I guess I didn’t miss much this month?

Cowboy said...

You missed my last drill. I almost forgot who my team leader was Maddog..havnt seen you in a while.

End of April gonna have a goin away party..(excuse to get drunk basically) at one of the local places here. No slapping the shit out of me if your gonna show up Maddog. :)

Maddog said...

No promises… Got to get you ready for active duty you know.

Mort said...

Travis. I thought he changed his name to Turd Ferguson.

Pabstman said...

I have movie of Will Ferrell best of. It is one of the funniest things that I have ever seen. If you want to see it Zeke give me a call or something and I will barrow it to you. I have hte Chris Farley one as well.

grey said...

Connery: "I'll take the rapist for 400, Trabeck!"

Trabeck: "That's 'therapist" for 400"

Oh how I laughed my ass off!