E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The easy job just got hard

So, my easy job at the mental place just took a nose dive. The easy part that is. I am now working full time in the crisis unit. Oh the living hell. (They put me on the FEMALE side ....big question mark on that whole situation). Anyhow, I don't expect anyone to get anything out of this, it is just my way of relieving myself of some.............pressure.

A recipe for a high-stress day. Take a bunch of women (a chore to manage in and of itself) and a large bowl. Add 1 to 4 cups of the fact that they are all manic depressive and or bi-polar. Add a cup of emmotions.......X 1 million.
Stir in 1 packet of pain medication seeking personalities.
Pour in a generous helping of, "If I don't get what I want I'm going to scream and yell at you!!! Attitude (I'm supposed to be the sane one, much longer and I'll be a resident).
Put in the oven to bake for an 8 hour shift. Take out when slightly red in the face. Sprinkle lightly with the reminder that you work another shift at a different job in 1 hour for 8 hours (Midnight-8am).
Leave out to cool while running arrends and getting 5 hours of sleep.
Butter slightly with that teaspoon of love. Serve over and over whenever those 5 hours of sleep are completed.
What a tasty treat!

I love you all.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Here we go again, same old what again?

Thats right, the big giant question mark...........Guard drill. The highlight of my month really. It's the chance to put one life on hold and do my "other" job. For one weekend I don't have to worry about work. I put on the green and asume the mantle of Zeke. The Pog (prounounced poag, poge=persons other than grunts) circle of trust schemes up ways to give us the big image of............??????.............. what the......? Why are we......? Wouldn't it make more sense if we..................? These are the questions we ask ourselves when the brass make "important" decisions that no self respecting Joe would even concider wasting time over.
But I'll give credit where credit is do, just because a certain people pissed us all off, it doesn't mean we don't have some good leadership now.
But I've gotten off track. It's time to bust out the candy, the seeds, the cigars and shoot some ammo, hang out with some really good friends that I only get to see once a month. See you guys in the bush!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Guards v Reserves

This is a term of confusion sometimes. When I was at PLDC the SGL's could not comprehend what the national guard was. They kept thinking we were "reserves." We couldn't explain the difference to them, finally we just let them think we were part of active duty (hey, 5 of us tried to explain the one weekend a month concept for like a week and to no avail. This particular active duty fork lift driving girl just couldn't grasp the concept).

Anyhow, the same night we were with the vet, someone down the bar yelled to us and asked, "Whats the difference between the Guards and Reserves? Rabid squared them away, yelling back, "The guards have combat arms, the reserves don't. Reserves swear loyalty to the federal government, the guards swear loyalty to town, state, and federal government." So there you have it folks, there's the difference.

One of the few left, an old school vet at the bar

On Tuesday the 12th, Grey, Rabid and I eventually made it to Keg. When we arrived, Jonny Rooke was already there. He was talking to an older gent. We all introduced ourselves. We found out he was a retired E-6 from the Navy gunnery. There is just a bond between servicemen that can't be explained. As soon as you meet one, they are "in." You have gone through similar things, the older ones have gone through things we can only imagine. There is just a bond that exists.
Anyhow, this guy finds out we are in the guards and starts buying drinks all around.
I had already had my standard two drinks for the night so I began to decline, then Grey gave me a mental slap and said you NEVER refuse a drink from a vet. Like a slap I was like "yes, thats good information" 3 rounds later I made it over to the bar tender and said, "for the love of God, if the old guy buys us more rounds make it N/A!!!"
Somewhere in here two local recruiters showed up from our armory, and we invited them over. Also some time in here Rabid's sister showed up, just in time to hear our "special" stories. LMAO
It was a great privilage and plessure to share a drink (my first Irish car bomb) with an old school vet.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

There I was..........again

So, there I was. Taking the kids at Juvy out to play some Frizbee gulf. Stress free right? Wrong. Ok, skipping ahead.
One of the kids asked if I was in the service. I said yes. He asked what branch. I proudly proclaimed "The Army National Guard." He thought that was cool and said he was trying to decide if he wanted to join the Guards or not. About this time one of the female staff decided to put in her two cents. "Oh the guards suck" she says, "a bunch of weekend warrior." "I'm going to join regular army one day, they're real soldiers."
Now, skrew my thoughts about killing little dogs. I straight up wanted to choke this girl out. I had to take a couple of deep breaths. I was about to tell her what I thought of her and people like her who do nothing but talk about what they are "going to do one day" and bash the people that do. Instead I told her the the guards aren't weekend warriors anymore. We have more guardsmen in the field than any other branch. With that said, and so much more unsaid, I walked away.

Should I have said more? Probably. Did I? No. I really didn't feel like it. Even though her careless/thoughtless comment wasn't very fuzzy warm feeling to me, I know there are plenty of people out there who appreciate what we do, the sacrafices we have made, and continue to make.

I'll do a short commentary on the Guards. There isn't a group of guys in the whole world that I would rather be in a combat situation with, or anywhere else, then the Bemidji boys in Charlie company (this also extends to my friends in the cities and Ryan in KY). Time and time again we have proved our worth. We beat the active duty guys hands down every time we are in competition with them. I have nothing against any branch. We all do our part. But I am sick and tired of the shit talk against the Guards. Unlike active duty, we have to leave our life behind when we deploy. (and we deploy on a regular basis now) This means that when we come home, we aren't doing the army thing. We have to try and pick up our civilian lives where we left off. Hope our employers won't try and squirm out of giving us our jobs back etc.
I won't say anymore on this subject tonight. I'm too tired and pissed. I'll get over it. Some people need to.................I don't know. Bu bye