E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I decided it didn't matter to me if I didn't finish my massive tattoo before we deploy. I went through boz without it finished, and it's so small a part it doesn't much matter. I may finish it yet, we'll see. First things first though. I am getting my second tattoo. So much smaller than the first, but much more significant in my eyes. For the Iraq deployment, I am getting my meat tags. It will run around $125 I still need to pick an artist and time. But it will be soon. Who's with me? Not an original tattoo, but something I will get nonetheless.

I'm back

After a long 2 1/2 weeks of the big giant stupid (guard drill) I am back. It wasn't all that bad. Even though some stupidness showed it's ugly face in the form of wearing LBV's to the chow hall etc. We still had a good time. Our new CO is the shizzy. Drinking ban is off, so we were allowed off post for some much needed relaxation. Finally got the confirmation on our deployment to Iraq. Bonus. It's nice to know the time/date so we can get prepared.

Between Jonny Chimpo and our new CO, we should have good times. Now we just need to use our Jedi mind tricks on the Sergeant Major.

Speaking of Jedi, I highly recommend seeing "Revenge of the Sith" We all agree it's an awesome movie. A couple things could have been done better, but awesome nonetheless. Obi-wan is a bad ass.

I also highly recommend "Batman Begins" If you have been dissapointed by any bat man movie of the past, prepare to be shocked and amazed. You won't find any cartoon/comic crap in this movie. It's set up to portray a real person doing real things. Let me end that with saying, "Ninja's I HATE ninja's, they're all sharp and pokey!!!" Ever wonder why bat-man is sharp and pokey? Watch the movie you!

Good to be back

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Words to live by..............."You're gonna DIE!!!"

I'm looking at my belly and thinking, "Self, darling self" (So I don't get another complex) you are looking kinda pudgy belly of mine, where did that 6 pack go? (Not the beer, the man muscle). Anywho, I decided it was high time to lose it.

Since I work the 3pm-11pm I decided to go running with Clancy (also off at 11pm) every night after work. Clancy said we should "ease" into it and go biking the first night. I was down with that, so off we went.

-Skips part of story here, else it will be a long post, this way I get straight to the good stuff-

We go past the high school, up Adams avenue. About this time Clancy starts having trouble with his pedel. No problem, we'll work with it. Down 15th st a mile or so his pedal falls off and he runs over his leg. No problem, we'll walk. A little while later Clancy says. "My leg feels funny." No problem, we'll check it out under the next street light.

I'm thinking a little scratch, maybe some blood..............Problem. It's a huge gaping GASH! He cut a 6 inch gash accross his the bone. His sock soaked in blood, meat and fat to be seen in the wide wound. Clancy shrugs and says, "Eh, we'll walk home." I being much calmer and confident in my certification as a combat lifesaver and recent graduate of civilian first aid, yell, "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!!!" then I told him to sit down, put something on it.

Attempted to waive down some cars, to no avail. Finally biked to some old dudes house and banged on the door for a while. I explained what happened and said I needed to use the phone or get a ride to the E.R.

About this time Clancy says from the door, "It's not that bad." I'm like, Sit down!!!

Long story short, we were at the E.R. for a couple hours. I couldn't get a hold of my wife or his for a ride, so I called our go to friend Rabid. I told him to come to the E.R. He asked stearnly what happened. I told him Clancy cut himself and we needed a ride home.

Apparently what Rabid heard in his sleepy state was "Come to the E.R. Clancy's been stabbed!"
So he showed up packing heat, and I had to explain the situation.

It all ended with 20 or so stitches (matress stitches for those who know what those are). and we all arrived home at about 4am Oh ya, the gash was 6 inches long, 1 inche wide and about 1 inch deep (to the bone) It looks wicked awesome.

The end