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Monday, July 25, 2005

What a pimpin time for two doods in our own tactical golf cart :) Posted by Picasa

"The Zeke Open" was a smashing success. Fun was had by all. Between our beer, our grab ass, and our own dress code, I'm suprised we made it all nine holes! We had to play one cart polo this time around, as Grey and I were the only ones to rent a cart. Pabstman, Maddog, and Scotty T. Were just too cheap. After numerous attempts by myself to stick Grey 12 times with an IV I gave up (ran out of needles) and we finished off the day with many rounds of pool elsewhere. See you next year! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005

High noon

Gentlemen, start your engines! Sunday sunday sunday! Thats right, it's time for the second annual, touch your buddy's ball and make him smile golfing day! Someone think of a better name.

I have talked briefly with Grey and a lot with Pabstman. We are set for sunday 24th of July (this sunday you) at 12 noon to go and do some golfing. Last years gang, lets get the move on. Madog, I can't reach you on your cell, call me. Pabstman is finding that perfect green for us. It might even be BYOB. I'm gonna miss Kevy, as I don't think he's up this weekend..........(maybe we can get him here?) Lets do it! Possibly followed up with some boating!?

Friday, July 15, 2005

Numbers really don't mean much

For some odd reason I wandered over to our favorite lib website. He's spewing propaganda with no base as usual. However, this is just a part of this post.

Most of the arguments I've been hearing about Iraq and terrorism is the numbers of "Inocents" killed. Who defines who is and is not "Innocent?" Someone said that 48 innocents are killed a day in Iraq. Us soldier death toll is over 1500. My point to this what. Yep, you heard me, so what. In any war we have had, there is no comparison of numbers. War aside. Pick any major city in the US. Or the world for that matter. NY, Philledalphia, Boston. Death tolls from those cities will out number the deaths in Iraq in a single month. People die. It's part of life. I'm pretty sick of the numbers at this point, they just don't matter. Point not well made, but another little rant for my "Journal" nonetheless.

BBQ in the making

Down to one job, and since it's half way through July already, I think it's high time I had that BBQ I've been talking about forever. Now time allows. I work most evenings, so this will have to be either random, or a lunch time thing. What works better, a random weekday evening, or a Saturday lunch? Input please people.

After me!!!

A week had gone by at work when I finally put two and two together (yes I can do that). I only have one client under my care at this point. Well, this female client stands about 5 ft, is 22 years old, and weighs in at a solid 300+ lbs! Among other things, this girl is Borderline personality, bi-polar, and ADHD
Anhow, after doing my math I figured out that she hitting on me. Oh No! I ignored it at first, keeping my stone face. However it's hard to notice when she starts wearing spandex and tank tops that don't contain the rolls. (That and she kept trying to lean over my desk, ew).

So she has been wanting me to take her "shopping" and just about anything to get us "alone" I always manage to grab an old lady or someone from another apartment to take with, much to her chagrine. The other day she attempted to curcumvent this problem by saying, "You and I should just go on a drive together, just the two of us!" My immediate response was a "No" while thinking "What do I DOOOOOO?"

Report the matter up to higher staff and documented all incidents in order to CMA

Discussing this matter with other staff and "the frenchman" my words slipped and the term "that psycho" came out of my mouth. Somehing like that could get me fired, but for lack of better words...................oh well. Just needed to rant on my blog.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Funding cuts in Minnesota

I'm sure everyone is fairly up to speed on all the overtime in our great state being put in by our "leaders" to figure out what to do about this years bugget. Every time these leaders over spend their pocket books, and we the people don't want a tax increase, they always turn around with, "Well then we will have to cut back on police, medical, and firefighters." Bull. They can afford to gift money to whomever and whatever catches their fancy at the time.

I have a small solution. Instead of having Minnesotan's pay for the board and lodge of state prisoners.......we start our own tent city. Minnesotan's pay $40,000 PER YEAR for the average inmate. Hell, thats way more than I'll be making in a year anytime soon. Notice as well that we pay state workers several million a year to pick up trash.......can anyone say chain gang? No more cable (weather and disney perhaps) no more making the bad man badder, no more health spa prisons. How about we cut THAT funding, work on some real reform, and keep the senate out of my wallet!?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's looking like another Bosnia. We are still waiting for our warning order, one month after we were supposed to have it. We know we are going to Iraq, just like we always have, the question remains......when? (4th plt Ft. Polk during Bosnia train up, may we never see that hell hole again!) Posted by Picasa