E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Friday, July 22, 2005

High noon

Gentlemen, start your engines! Sunday sunday sunday! Thats right, it's time for the second annual, touch your buddy's ball and make him smile golfing day! Someone think of a better name.

I have talked briefly with Grey and a lot with Pabstman. We are set for sunday 24th of July (this sunday you) at 12 noon to go and do some golfing. Last years gang, lets get the move on. Madog, I can't reach you on your cell, call me. Pabstman is finding that perfect green for us. It might even be BYOB. I'm gonna miss Kevy, as I don't think he's up this weekend..........(maybe we can get him here?) Lets do it! Possibly followed up with some boating!?


TRES CEE said...

time for the fabled nooner, a nooner is a morner, only later, heh heh,

Christopher Trottier said...

No way. That's the perfect name.