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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Easy night on the town

So, a few nights ago I went out for a quiet evening with grey at Keg. Hardly a soul around, there were only like two doods in the bar. So we hit our 7th or so game of pool (I was having a craaaazy lucky streak) and this hefty blond walks in and plants her 230 lbs or so on a stool right next to the pool table. Needless to say conversation died. She stared at us for a game or so and then started talking, I wasn't really listening, her mouth was moving and noise was coming out. I had another beer. Grey, being the friendly sort, decided to talk to her. I, telling myself that I'm friendly too, decided to go talk to the only other patron in the place. I struck up a thrilling conversation with the guy whos name was Borgis. The conversation lasted for a few seconds until he started talking about ice fishing, and I decided it was time to go see how grey was doing with the blimp.
On the other side of the bar, grey had a very short conversation with the fashion queen, it went something like this. Girl makes a little small talk with Grey, he comments on how she is out alone. She says she has some friends at the pub accross the way, then says, "We should go back there!" At this point Grey busts out a little class on proper english. He explained that it was impossible for him to go "back" with her, because he had never "been" there with her to start with. He then told her it would also be difficult because there was no "we" only "her." This promptly ended the conversation.
No real point to this post other than to point out how witty grey is and that all in all it was a fun night, just hanging out with a buddy shooting pool.

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Joyful-Lament said...

u all sure do attract large wemen...

is "She sang no encores." a sentence?