E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I was attempting to put into words what I am feeling this moment and the post below is what came out. Now I’ll try again,
I was thinking about being over here, returning home, existing day to day. The things we have done, the things that have happened. The things we should have done, the things that shouldn’t have happened.
Why is it that all these things have happened to me? What am I supposed to learn from all this? What will I be when I have passed through the fire? Am I going to be someone else? I don’t think so. I will always be me. Will I have a different outlook on life? Yes. Will it affect me? It’s unavoidable. Is it a good thing? Yes, is it a bad thing? No. Do bad things happen over here? Yes. Do good men die? Yes. Do innocent suffer? Always. Just over here? Everywhere, always. Do I care? No. Why? Why should I? Am I some depressed person living in gloom writing to sound like a sappy poet? No. Just trying to get some thoughts out. I am still jovial good natured Zeke.
I wasn’t going to write this, but I can't keep it to myself, I’ll let a little of it out. I’ll bleed the valve as it were.
While over here I have seen (to quote some soldier who served in Nam by word of mouth) “more than some, less than others…” I’ve been shot at, mortared and recently blown up. Not a scratch on me or my fellows. I’ve seen a lot of smiles, and a lot of hate. I just don’t know what to think. As a soldier I have the luxury of not having an opinion on politics, and it’s refreshing.
As a person, I always try to conduct myself in my own way. By doing this, I can always sleep soundly, knowing I have made choices born of my own conscience and my beliefs.
Some say that no one should ever have to experience the horrors of war. I say more people need a reality check.
Most of these thoughts are born from a lack of desire to ever have to explain myself to anyone…ever. When I see someone arguing about something that seems important at the time…I think of the soldier who’s just bled out from a neck wound, and won’t be going home. When I hear myself arguing, because there is something I don’t like….I think of the kid going home who won’t ever walk again…
These things may sober me…I don’t believe they will haunt me. But I’ll think about them from time to time. It’s ok to vent, complain, and ridicule. It is this that is to be human. But instead of standing in line back home, pretending not to notice as some jerk screams at some scared sales rep about his receipt, maybe I’ll go over and ask him what he ever did that he should be treated any better than yesterdays bath water.


We are born

We laugh, we cry

We joke, we insult

We embrace, we shun

We dream, we cringe

We love, we hate

We accept, we reject.

We hope, we despair

We wake, we sleep

We talk, we are silent

We are wronged, we forgive

We live, we die.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Thoughts from the sand

So, up to date I haven't really thought much about what we are doing over here. That's how it always goes. You get in the zone, you do your job, and the days pass.
So far our Division has built a new water purification system with reverse osmosis for the locals. Built and furnished 12 schools, and helped 14 more get well on their way. We have also helped the locals with our medical personal. This in addition to helping their struggling government get it's wings in the air. (This includes rooting out and attempting to stop terrorism at every level).

So, you would think we would get a nice big thank you from the local leaders and government right? Ya.....Right.

I read today in the Army Stars and Stripes that the new government is offering amnesty to terrorists. Yes, thats right, amnesty to the terrorists. Oh, it's ok, they have to meet a certain criteria. They can only get cleared of all their wrong-doings if they swear that they only ever killed Americans, and no other nationality.

I could go on about this for a while, but I'm sure you can all about guess my feelings on this. Now I can say I'm ready to go home. They don't want us here and I no longer wish to be here. Thanks alot Ali Bin whatever your name is president.