E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ever work one of these?

I have noticed a trait in people at their respective work places. This trait is seen in military and civilian jobs alike. As I have had the fortune, or misfortune of observing both, I shall convey my opinion.
This trait I speak of is displayed in a work place where there is little or no work involved. The worker bees of this class don’t really work at all. But try to justify themselves instead. Indeed, they must put on a display that would put Shakespeare to shame
First, you each need to imagine a job, whether yours, or another’s. This job must have very little work to do, and copious amounts of time to do it in. This job must then be executed with vigor.
I shall share an example from my experience. I used to work a non-job. It involved sitting at a desk, and administering medication once a day to 1-3 people. With an occasional trip to town a couple times a week. This job could be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. Each day involved perhaps ½ hour of paper work…TOPS! Our job was simply to be there. That’s it.
The thing that was difficult about this, is that the vast majority of the 90% female work force were intent on saving the world. This means that they could not simply sit at a desk without any advanced purpose. So, they would make up work. When even this failed, they would then begin a series of stories that they would add to each time said story was told. The story could be about a person under our care, or about a fellow employee. Each story was then passed from mouth to mouth, with a little tid-bit added here and there to “spice it up.” I believe this is called gossip, and made sure everyone knew what I thought. This way, I could bow out of story time.
For the most part, people seem content to complicate their simple job, or attempt to make it seem far more important or strenuous than it could ever be. All for the purpose of justifying their lack of responsibility and purpose in life.
I prefer to just do the job I have, and if I can’t justify my existence, I read Tony Kramer’s best seller, “Doing shit the hard way.”

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fragments of home

My vehicle recently found a pressure plate connected to an IED on one of the routes, it was close, and we are all thankful that it was spotted before damage was done. Scanning the roads for these small signs of danger is continuous for everyone. Sometimes we get blown up, sometimes we miss them, and sometimes, we find them. It is an ongoing search…find them before they find us.
I was driving out on a night mission last night. We were driving on and on down the road. For a minute I was driving down Hwy 2 back home…it was wonderful. Then I snapped back to reality and franticly scanned the road for pressure plates…nothing, open road.
I got back to my rack in the wee morning hours and fell into a deep sleep. Again, I was home. My wife and son greeted me as I got off a bus. We all went home together. I rocked my boy to sleep and stayed up with my wife. Then someone pounded on my door. Once again I was snapped back to a reality I’d rather not face. A new day in Iraq
I live for those moments in time….I thought I was home.