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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

....but it's just dry heat....right?

I've heard this a couple times from people back home. YES, it's just dry that makes it any better. It got up to 138 here once. Someone told me it doesn't get that aching ass if it doesn't!!! So, turn your oven up to 138, stick your head in it for 12 hours, and I'll just remind you that it's "only dry heat."

Another day passes in the endless sands of time. We are fast approaching the 1 year mark since we left home. Isn’t that crazy? A whole year already! I’m trying not to look too far into the future, but I can’t help keeping a mental tally on the months until I am home for good.

Right now I am trying to focus on the job at hand, taking each day in turn. Two months until I go on my leave back home. With any luck, after I get back to Iraq after leave, it will only be an additional two months until we pack up and leave. I’ll expect a longer stay, and hope for an early return. One thing I have learned is that having expectations leads to disappointments. Having an expectation is setting yourself up for failure.

The days are passing ever so slowly. Even so, the weeks are flying bye. After this is all over and I am home once again, I know that this time will seem but a distant memory. I will however, look back on these days as the golden years of my life. I did my duty, I served my country, and I made my family proud. No matter what else I do in life, I can have done this, and no one can take that away.


Joyful-Lament said...

what happend to the pog posts

Zeke said...

Sorry, I took it down. Something wasn't right about it, that or the timing. If and when I figure it out, I shall put it back (or not) along with the you miss it or what?

Pabstman said...

So Zeke, Grey and I have been talking a little here and there when he has time, and we have come to the conclusion that when you guys get home and the families are visited and the kids are played with, we are going to party like rock stars. I figure that you and BJ and the others need to spend time with there kids and the wives, but a little party and making bad decisions i think is also in order. so how about it, i haven't had a great party yet this year, pretty damn good ones but not great.

Zeke said...

Just let me know. If I can I will. Boating? Golfing? Or are you thinking even earlier? A little early to be making a solid date me thinks. But anything involving beer sounds good right now.
Dude, we should see if you can come to WI when we are there. That would be SO awesome!

Pabstman said...

What is in WI, and if it is on a weekend, i would prolly be there.