E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Friday, October 27, 2006

The POG's are back in town

I had posted an article on POG's a while back, then removed it. I had removed it for my own reasons. However, due to some recent events I have realized that it is a post that must be posted, as well as the posts that will follow it. Enjoy!

This post and the posts that follow are not in disrespect to Men and women who have served in the past, present or future. It is neither a tribute. I wanted to make that clear before a bunch of people got their feelers hurt because they know someone who did a great job and want to tell me how wrong I am. I am aware of this. Now let me say that there is one main job of the military. The fighting force. The Infantry. This is not to brag. It is history. It is fact. Everything else besides infantry is support, supporting infantry.

For too long there has been a misconception of what a POG is. I shall now set the record straight. Perhaps you have watched a movie and you have heard a reference to the word POG (pronounced Poag or Poge). It was referenced in the movie “Full Metal Jacket” the reference was, “… fucking POG, I’ve been in the shit with the grunts man….” That statement in and of itself is a contradiction, because the speaker in that movie was implying that he was not himself a POG. This is the main reason I address this, because numerous people in the army either don’t know what a POG is, or they are in denial because they are one.

POG is an acronym. It stands for, “People Other than Grunts.” (or Personnel/Persons Other than Grunts) That means two categories. Grunts (INFANTRY) and non-grunts (non-infantry) POG’s and non-POG’s. Somewhere along the line, someone got it in his/her head that if you are combat arms (Scouts, tankers etc) you are not a POG. Not true. Combat arms are not REMF’s (Rear Echelon Mother Fuckers) A REMF is a guy who stays in the rear all the time. A paper pusher who never leaves the wire. Most POG’s fall into this category, but not all. For instance, a scout may not be a REMF, but he is still a POG. This is not an insult, it is merely fact.

For the near future posts I will be making, I will however not make separate references to POG and REMF. I will combine them in one by just using POG.
Now that all readers have a solid grasp on what POG means, in my next post I’ll tell you from a grunt’s perspective what they do.
So there, I have thrown down some thoughts, facts etc. Let’s have it. Who’s toes did I step on? Any comments? Questions? Statements or accusations? Or Kudos?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My current duties.....

Me on machine gun, big Abram tank approaching, Tank has arrived.

I was unable to access the internet for over a week……..yes, that is my excuse.
There are many MANY things that I want to post about, but I can’t. Either for security, political, retribution or just plain stupid reasons, I can’t post everything I want to. Maybe some day…….
I always did think it ironic that the people that fight and die for freedoms, most of the time, aren’t entitled to them……

I was down on my gate guard today, and I was asking the questions I always ask, at the front window of every vehicle that comes through…..I finished my question with…..”…..and would you like fries with that?” The poor Marine I was talking to had no idea what to do or say. His lips started moving, but nothing came out. He got a panicked look on his face that screamed “Someone tell me what to do!!!” I waved him through with a well concealed smile and a small shake of the head. You have to keep your humor over here. If you don’t, you’ll go insane. But that’s world wide.
Shall we go into definitions of “sanity” and “normality?” No, not tonight. Brain is fried.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Old Glory, still flying high

Flying high, flying proud.
There is a lot of cynicism that builds up over here in the sand. It isn’t intentional. Far from it. That’s the last thing you want. But you can’t help it. Time away from home. Time out in the desert. Mind numbing time, passing so slowly.
I was going through my pictures and came across this one that I took a month or so ago. I felt a small stirring of something inside. I’m not sure what it was. Adoration, pride, and a sense of history all mixed together. I look at this flag and I remember why I’m here, (the reasons are unimportant). I am here to do what I do. To be a soldier. To follow in the footsteps that thousands of others before me have made over centuries untold. That is what I have limited myself to for now. It’s easier to deal with everything when it’s in a small package. I love of my family, my friends, my home land and countrymen. That is the reason I feel moved when I look at Old Glory. For now, it’s enough.