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Friday, October 27, 2006

The POG's are back in town

I had posted an article on POG's a while back, then removed it. I had removed it for my own reasons. However, due to some recent events I have realized that it is a post that must be posted, as well as the posts that will follow it. Enjoy!

This post and the posts that follow are not in disrespect to Men and women who have served in the past, present or future. It is neither a tribute. I wanted to make that clear before a bunch of people got their feelers hurt because they know someone who did a great job and want to tell me how wrong I am. I am aware of this. Now let me say that there is one main job of the military. The fighting force. The Infantry. This is not to brag. It is history. It is fact. Everything else besides infantry is support, supporting infantry.

For too long there has been a misconception of what a POG is. I shall now set the record straight. Perhaps you have watched a movie and you have heard a reference to the word POG (pronounced Poag or Poge). It was referenced in the movie “Full Metal Jacket” the reference was, “… fucking POG, I’ve been in the shit with the grunts man….” That statement in and of itself is a contradiction, because the speaker in that movie was implying that he was not himself a POG. This is the main reason I address this, because numerous people in the army either don’t know what a POG is, or they are in denial because they are one.

POG is an acronym. It stands for, “People Other than Grunts.” (or Personnel/Persons Other than Grunts) That means two categories. Grunts (INFANTRY) and non-grunts (non-infantry) POG’s and non-POG’s. Somewhere along the line, someone got it in his/her head that if you are combat arms (Scouts, tankers etc) you are not a POG. Not true. Combat arms are not REMF’s (Rear Echelon Mother Fuckers) A REMF is a guy who stays in the rear all the time. A paper pusher who never leaves the wire. Most POG’s fall into this category, but not all. For instance, a scout may not be a REMF, but he is still a POG. This is not an insult, it is merely fact.

For the near future posts I will be making, I will however not make separate references to POG and REMF. I will combine them in one by just using POG.
Now that all readers have a solid grasp on what POG means, in my next post I’ll tell you from a grunt’s perspective what they do.
So there, I have thrown down some thoughts, facts etc. Let’s have it. Who’s toes did I step on? Any comments? Questions? Statements or accusations? Or Kudos?


Joyful-Lament said...

Im excited you reposted this.

What made you repost it?

SGT said...

He re-posted it because as hard as we try, there is no way to ignore the ignorance of POGs. We are on a POG base and they are everywhere.
They say that it takes 10 support personnel (POGs) to support every Infantryman, but in reality I think that it takes 10 Infantry men to protect every POG. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

Zeke said...

SGT pretty much said it all. Specifically, it was an additional run in I had with a very snobish, very uninformed POG. I'll get in one of the following posts. I'll give it a couple more days.

Zeke said...

Sorry to all of you who are waiting for my next post. Haven't had a lot of free time lately. I am working on the next one in Microsoft Word. It's coming slowly but surely. Thanks for the patience. It will be several days more AT LEAST.

davidp09 said...

"grunt" is an old acronym for "ground unit" im a pog in the Marines. I'm a combat engineer, i dont know how the army is, but in the Marines, every "grunt" bn that deploys has a platoon of engineers with them. what i used to say when i was a boot was "engineers are the only true pogs, everyone else is a super pog"

I'm out of this gun club in 69 day (sweet number huh) so now i could care less what people call me, but i thought i would let you know that "grunt" doesnt mean infantryman.

have fun, stay safe and all that.

Zeke said...

Well thanks for your input, there will always be a play on words with words changing in meaning over time. Like Ass (donkey) and ass (you know).

We are all back home now and could also care less what people call me. However, I went and re-enlisted last year to avoid going on IRR. It didn't used to be a big deal, but they are getting called up at random from 50 states and that's a lottery I didn't feel like playing. Three cheers for all that are getting out devil dog!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! You know I am a 31E (correctional specialist) one of my good friends who is a 19D (cav scout) calls me a fucking POG all of the time and told me to figure out what it meant...this CLEARED EVERYTHING up hehe! Thanks!

Zeke said...

Not a problem, glad I could help

Sad11B said...

Zeke, maybe you can help me. I'm an Infantryman in the army. I am currently stationed in afghanistan. I did a year in Iraq in 05-06 doing combat patrols, raids, the works. Really high tempo. I come to Afghanistan, and *sigh* we are split into training teams. Well, I am on a brigade team. (basically i'm a Toc bitch) who gets thrown a couple air assaults a month simply to stop me and my buddies in the same boat from shooting ourselves. My question is, is it possible to be an Infantry POG?

Zeke said...

Sad11b, first of all, glad you found and are reading my old posts.

Second...that is a tough question that I could really get in-depth on. However I will shorten it all and say that the answer is yes and no. Yes it is possible to hold the MOS of 11b and still be a POG. We had one of those in our unit. He had the MOS from basic, but never really did the job, he stayed in the rear all the time...he was a POG.

You, on the other hand have done the job of the infantry soldier and never have to prove that again. The simple mishap that you are stuck behind a desk does not brand you as one of "them." If you were, you always will be Infantry.

Sorry you're unhappy with your desk job. It can be a blessing and a curse. Good luck over there brother!

Sad11b said...

Hey no prob. It's a good post considering normally this would breed alot of angry nonsense from people. People seem to understand the msg, not of bragging, but of truth. Thx for the reply, i can live with that haha.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say up front I agree that there are paper pushers and there are grunts. There is a fine line between someone who does not leave the fire base and the guys who go out and get it done. I personally have taken this acronym out of my vocabulary because of people like you(no offense). I am a 13b artilleryman and I have been called a pog, I always let it just roll off my shoulder. The fact is just because one is not a pmos infantryman doesent mean we haven't done the same thing you have done. I had a csm tell me once you are a rifleman before your job, and that meant nothing until my last deployment when I was stacking on compounds, clearing ieds, and calling in jdams right next to my infantry brothers. Point is you never know what someone has done based on their mos, except that supply bastard who sits on a fob drinking green been all day.

Zeke said...

Anonymous, no offense taken. You are spot-on about not knowing what a person does based on their MOS. I know many non-11b's that have done more and seen more than many who carry an 11b designator. Suffice to say I wrote this post while based on a fork-lift driving, PX running, paper-pushing POG base. I remember being insanely enraged by some guy in a pressed uniform trying to turn us away from the chow hall because of our "dirty" uniforms. This after we had just been ambushed. This was written out of frustration. Your points are noted and taken. Fare well brother.

Anonymous said...

hey Zeke... im in the us army and have served for the past 5 years 2in iraq and the past 3 in afghanistan. im a 68w. medic.
im been sent out with platoons to clear building. offer aid to civies... bandaged up fellow infantryman while under fire.. yet i go back to chow and get called a pog.. and the occasional remf.. even tockroach.
ive received 2 purple.hearts for takin it in my leg and another for and ied.. i spend more time out of the base than even some 11b guys cuz sometimes they run.short on.medics...
any ideas why this crap goes on?

Zeke said...

1st-shout out to my medic bretheren. Also to all the service members that have toed the line and answered the call, despite the media and despite the negativity.

2nd crazy that I am posting on something I wrote 6 years ago!

Lastly-many reasons aononymous, it could be, jock-syndrom...or the human nature of putting someone else down to elevate yourself.

I think the main reason I wrote this post was to corret a misunderstanding, and out of frustration from some of the Marines that kept telling people they were "Infantry"...then "Basically Infantry" then..."Well, all Marine's are riflemen first." So we were dealing with lots and LOTS of people that always tried to pass themselves off as 11b's for one reason or another.

Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Rifleman first, everything else second.