E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Monday, January 29, 2007


The guys and I are at the chow hall, shoveling in our slop. Of all the dead animal flesh that I eat, I think I prefer dead swine the best.
Our slop consumed we are almost ready to roll out. The mood is chow-hall like. Playing jokes on POG's, without them knowing each other "extention" get the picture.
Almost ready to stand up and my buddy Grey has a "bright" idea....."Hey zeke, wouldn't it be funny if someone went to the salad bar and proclaimed his love for jello? I'm serious, if you go to the salad bar and say that you love jello, I'll give you a whole dollar!" Now, I smirked and started to leave, but then I thought, that would be pretty funny, and you know what I could buy with a WHOLE dollar? Balloons, toothpicks, water...the options are practically limitless.....I'LL DO IT!

I silently stand up and approach the salad bar all the way accross the chow hall. The quest for my dollar stipulated that Grey had to hear it on the other side. I approach my target. Damn, there's a Marine by the jello, he must move, cannot abort mission. Flanking manuver, jello in site. I grab a plate. I plant my feet and yell in the most piercing zeke-like voice I can muster, "JELLO! I LOOOOOOVE JELLO!!!" The Marine next to me stares straight ahead like he didn't hear anything, but with the look on his face that screams, "I'm not with him, really!" I scoop up my treasure and scurry back for my money....I am one dollar richer. But the best thing is, I got jello (and had 10 minutes of belly laughing on the way back to my can)

Saturday, January 27, 2007


The extention has set in now, and we are plowing through to the objective.

We just got back from a mission in Fallujia. I cought it on the news when I got back, which was pretty cool. It was a resounding success. No losses from our unit. We rescued three men from a torture house. One had to be carried out he was so messed up. We found blow torches, knives, chains etc. Not fun stuff at all. The guys were pretty messed up, but happy to see us arrive.
We found several caches and one car with a big bomb rigged to it. Hit an IED and found several more. Many more details that I am not going to post. Light enemy engagement here and there.
We are all back and safe and that's the important thing.

Patrols continue in our sector. Moral is waning, but still there. I know I am still trying to deal with this reality that is an extention.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

No End in Sight

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude for all the support of Americans back home. I have seen more and more appreciation. It certainly outweighs all the negative things the media holds so dear.
Thank you all for calling the Gov. and Sent. and for your prayers.
As of a couple days ago, we are officially getting extended. Our unit has been away from home since 4 October 05. We were roughly 2 months away from getting out of here. But we had a suprise that no one wanted the other day. We got our official notice of an extention here in Iraq. No exact amount of time, but those in the know estimate 100-125 days, or 3-4 months extra. So if that is accurate, we won't see home until late July or early August 07. Which means another long summer in the sand. Extention possibilities range from 2-6 months extra.

Our address is still the same for those that have been sending us little pieces of home via care packages and letters. I'll update you all if there are any changes.

We will finish out our original time frame here, and then who knows. We may stay, or we may move to another part of Iraq. I personally hope we stay here vs moving. Don't want to move!
The mood is what is to be expected. Dissbelief, depression, anger, betrayal.....yet we still manage to joke about it all. There is nothing that can really be done, so we might as well grin and bear it. Keep the prayers coming. Thanks again for all your support. This is toughest on our families. Soldiers have loved ones who are extremely dissapointed that their loved ones won't be coming home for a while yet. I am blessed with a wife who understands the ways of the military. She is taking this quite well, and is my support when I don't have any left for myself.