E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A walk in the park, er...Iraq

Grey, "Hey zeke where you headed?" Self "Shower, you?" Grey, "Me too!" Self darling self, "Then where?" Grey, "Chow" Self, "Me too! See you in a few."
Shower done, chow walk begins. We pick up a few fellows with similar lunch-time urges. One of the opportunities to eat in the chow hall, a grunt is lucky to eat there occasionally......wait a minute...lucky? Marine chow hall? Er, maybe I'll go vomit and see how that tastes....actually you'd be suprised at the similarity in texture.......oh ya, sorry.

So, several of us Army types are headed for the chow hall, with Marines flocking about. Then we hear a couple "Booms" nothing big, "Outgoing someone mutters" (That's our outgoing artillary battery for those of you not in the know). "Um...I don't think so..." someone mutters back. Then something big....two somethings BOOM BOOM! Not so far ahead two major explosions on base. Suprise, we just got mortared...again.
Marines running everywhere...we're still walking and chit chatting. New Marines are spazzing out, Grey yells "Touch down!!!" They don't get it. Silly Marines are running out of the chow hall...the only fortified place on base! Silly Marines, they're new though, what can you expect. 11 months in country and mulitple attacks have showed us that once there is an explosion, the danger is over. The attack is done and the threat long gone. They have to be, or they won't escape the counter battery about to drop 155's on their sorry heads.

We continue into the chow hall while Marines continue to run out. Some marine tries to stop us from going in saying, "I have to get everyone out." Someone says, "Get everyone out? This is the safest place around!?" (Besides, grunts gotta eat!). We move past the flustered Marine and start to feed our faces and watch the entertaining show of Marines running too and fro'....but it's ok. Now the Marines have decided that everyone should stay in the chow hall and won't let anyone leave. They have saved us all...from...ya, I'm lost too.
We finish a relaxing meal while high profile officers gather around a single radio and decide "what to do" if there is anything to do. I'm reminded of the Seagulls on "Finding Nemo" all saying, "Mine mine mine mine!"
The new Marines have survived their very first attack, now they have been to War! But for us, it's just another walk in the Iraq

Monday, February 12, 2007

Iraq scramble

Local kids in our sector flock to a squad truck to take part in the bounty being thrown to them.
We get more candy and toys sent to us than we can give out.
Unfortunately at times I feel we are supporting a welfare mentality. Why work when you can get stuff for free? That seems to be the predominating thought process in this country.
The solution is to get these people to take responsibility for themselves, for their own sanitation and well-being. While they might not have the resources for such things as medecine. They do have time of their hands. Time that could be used for sanitation. This country is filthy. Open sewage and garbage litter the streets. If basic principles can be instilled in the children, there might be a chance. It's too late for the current generation, they are too set in their ways.