E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Monday, March 12, 2007


We are part of the "troop surge" ordered by President Bush. Here I thought that meant more troops in, more...aditional...troops. Well, there are some, but our unit is part of that "surge." Yes, hence the extention. So when asked by a fellow soldier what I'm doing, the proper response of course is, "SURGING!"
Not much going on here right now. I'm on gate guard for the time being until it's time for patrols again. I just feel obligated to write something because I haven't posted in weeks.
The rocket and mortar attacks have increased along with spring. We've had 4 attacks in the past two weeks. I don't even step out to look anymore. A year of attacks becomes the norm after a while. It is fun to watch the new guys running around though!
This picture is a pose of the norm for watching an attack.


JPP said...

Thank you for everything your doing over there...I hope you get home soon without any injuries...Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Surge on man…

Zeke – Words fall short when trying to express my gratitude for what you all, and your families, are willing to sacrifice. Simply put: Thank You!

“Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.”

I know from experience sometimes that flavor tastes like mind numbing boredom heaped high on FTA military BS. God bless those of your ilk who are willing to put it on the line and just deal with it. Regardless of the mission, freedom only exist because the free have been protected by those willing to fight for it. No Soldiers – No Freedom.

I have a nephew from GR MN over there. He’s probably in your unit.

A few weeks back I took his Mom fishing on Winnie and enjoyed the freedom of fishing where we dang well pleased. Later that day we enjoyed pan-fried jumbo perch back at home with our Mom, in the house we grew up in.

Why? Because our freedom to do so has been protected by those willing to fight for it!

Don’t sell yourself short man – surge on!


Kharma said...

Kudos to the troops. Come home soon!

Kharma said...
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I pray the liberators do not miss Dick on the next try for all our sakes ; Once the Bushs are gone, the rest can leave ;

Bruce said...

Zeke - I am too from Minnesota, southern-where Jesse James could NOT rob the bank... presently in Salt Lake City.

Man, even though I am not a soldier I watch what's going on and all I can say is that you guys have LOT of folks stateside who pray for your safety and that you can come home soon.

Thank-you and to all your fellow soldiers for your professionalism.

Your brother's ex-roomie said...

Hey, bud... I was just reading the Strib online when I saw a big article about you and this blog. Some of it was pretty unnerving, but I'm glad to hear you and D are hanging in there. Stay safe, say hi to the rest of the squad for me and let me know if you need anything.

Molly Jean said...

Hey man - I feel like an ass for not knowing you're over there! I've lost all contact info on you except for your blog. Please email me at if you can. I'd love to be in contact with you again! I'm headed to Baghdad in August/September time n maybe you can give me pointers for dealing with that miserable heat.... :-)
~Molly from VCC

poetbob said...

Hey man, I think of you guys everyday. I know that my blessed life is thanks to your efforts. I raise my glass to you.
My usual blog is at msn,
and excuse my prosaic-ness.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

" You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man's freedom. You can only be free if I am free." Clarence Darrow

Thank you for protecting our freedoms!

Robosquirrel said...

Zeke, fellow Minnesotan here, been on a few different surges myself - just got off one in December (in South America/northern Europe, though). Hang in there, I hope the bit in the Strib (I saw it on MSNBC) isn't causing you any headaches. My blog's been flying under the radar for a while, I'm not sure how I'd handle any big linkage.

Anonymous said...

I read about your blog on the Minneapolis with interest. In addition to tending to your duties as a soldier, you are helping so many of us back home better understand what it's like for you and your fellow soldiers. THANK YOU-- words cannot express my appreciation and support. Stay safe.

Jon Marshall said...

Hi Zeke, I just read Chuck Haga's story about you in Star-Tribune and was impressed. I'm going to feature your blog and his story on the Society of Professional Journalists' "News Gems," which is at
Keep up the great work. There are a lot of people back here rooting for you.
Jon Marshall

Anonymous said...

your blog helps me better understand what you're facing over there, thanks for writing it and sharing your world with us. thank you for the sacrifices you're making, too.

do you know a soldier named Hickory? if so, please tell him Chris from MPLS says hello, and i wish him the best. i met him briefly in 2005, when we both had an Australian.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zeke, Many people read about you today in the Sunday paper. Thank you for your willingness to go and protect this country. Know, that now I will be praying for you by name. My the Lord bless you and bring you home safely to your family. Diana in Minneapolis

Zeke said...

Thank you all for your support! I appriate it more than you can know. I'll see you all at home some day, whether it's in person or in dream or thought...