E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

One of "those" days

119 degrees...SO hot. Body soaked in sweat, eyes burning, breath ragged. Drag body armor from truck to can (room). Sit down, let the sweat flow....thank God for AC. Boom boom boom! "Might have 'that' mission tomorrow" "Ya?" "Ya" "Anything else?" Nope, standing by.
Doing paperwork, minding own business. Hear gaggle outside, peek out to see. Mistake, more paperwork... (grunts hate paperwork). Doing paperwork, told to "find vehicle." Where? Who knows. Vehicle found, needs work, must fix it, stock it, fix it, fix it. Oops, out of time, close to done. Meeting. 11pm....oops, mission 4 hours earlier than expected, doh! Get to bed! 4 hours of sleep, get up, finish vehicle. Not fast enough. Mass confusion. Stress building.
Mission starts. Hit IED....BOOOM! What was that? Vehicle behind me. Slight damage. No one hurt. Drive on with mission. Mission is on. Unpredictably shorter than expected. Got some bad guys. Finally.
Get back, vehicles and equipment to turn in. More paperwork! 8pm, finally, things have slowed down. I have taken a shower and washed 2days dirt and stress from my body. Deep breath....typing....relax......

What will tomorrow bring?


Dathan said...

Hey Bud,

Hang in there man!! If I am counting right, it's in the mid 60s. Not too much longer.

Love you Bro,

Jennifer said...

I love you and don't even know you. All I do know is that you give me a little glimpse into what my loved ones lives are like over there right now. They are there with you and I am sure you know them very well. Even better then I do by now. Hold on. You are almost there. Only 78 days left. Oh, how sweet that sounds!

Anonymous said...

is it just me zeke, or is it hotter this year?


Joyful-Lament said...

sleep, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Dathan!! What a joyous day!

ngwife said...

60 days still seems like forever.

Anonymous said...

ngwife.... 60 days in nothing to compare to 591 days. Look back at what we have been through. We are looking downhill at the finish line. It has been hard.. and there are days that it feels we will never reach the end, but then I look back to where I was 19 1/2 months ago... Look know how far each of us have came.... We will get there. And our Soldiers will be coming home to us! Hang in there Soldiers, just remember what you are coming home to! We have all missed you more than you can imagine!!! And are more than ready to show you just how much!

GazelkaFish said...

Thats fucking terrific. But what can you expect? Its the Army...If it made sense and worked better, it wouldnt be what it is.

Hang in there bro, I will clean up over there after you come home.