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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sneak peak

My next couple posts will include recent pictures of a day in the life of us. Right now from top to bottom: #1 The "HESCO" lawns everyone keeps talking about.
#2 A scorpion we have raised for months
#3 One of the guys and some chem lights

I have noticed my picture taking has tapered off to almost nothing in the past few months, so I thought I would limber up my camera once again and see what I can do about giving all of you a glimps of what we do when we have down time. (days of which are too few and far between).


one of your mom's friends said...

How do you "raise a scorpion"? What do you feed it? Do you keep it contained? This will very much interest the children. Was it smaller when you first encountered it?
Jeremiah's group had a lizard they raised.
Have a blessed day.

One of your mom's friends said...

Another question:
I can't see the picture above your lawn- what is that of?

Anonymous said...

I am sure you are not the only one that has slacked in your picture taking. Looking forward to more of them though! Tell us more about the scorpion. Why a scorpion? Where is it kept?


Zeke said...

The scorpion was much smaller when we first got it. Probably a third of it's present size. We feed it a variety of things, mostly whatever bugs we find crawling around. We keep it in an old fish aquarium.
We had several of them, but they have all since died off. Or killed each other etc. Spider and scorpion fights are interesting to watch and helps pass the time. We have since grown tired of this activity and moved on to other things. Like chem lights!

The "picture" above the lawn is actually a poem one of the guys wrote about tower duty.

MS- because like all men, we are boys at heart. They say the only difference between men and boys are the price of their toys. In this case, kids usually like bugs, and in our infinate spare time, so do we. Scorpions are just plain cool. When was the last time a Minnesota boy got to see a scorpion? So we found him when he was small, put him in his sweet home and he's been there ever since, keeping us company.