E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Thursday, September 27, 2007

nothing special

Life continues on in a Frenzy of activity. School full time keeps me busy enough. Then there is the “honey do” list that, strangely, I made for myself.
I find that I cannot sit still for very long at all. I feel like I have to be “doing.” It was hard enough to sit down and write this post. However, I have felt the need to write lately, just to write.
The way the VA, friends and family have been helping us returning soldiers has been great. There is no end to the support we have felt and seen. I only feel bad that our country hasn’t always been like that, and not all soldiers have had the welcome and help we have had. But it is because of soldiers that weren’t helped before that we have help now.
Despite how much studying I have backed up or assignments looming, I have found that I have to force myself to take a break.
Oh the never ending list of “things” to do. One little job at a time.

Closing random thought, “I’m glad I’m not a dentist.”

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Brain melting

No specific reason I posted this picture, just one of the guys on the deployment showing his torn finger-nail.
My schedule has been very busy of late. I haven't even had time to "bleed the valve" lately. The main reason for my busy self, is of course, the start of school.
I thought 12 credits would be a very light load this year. Yet, I wanted to keep the transition easy and smooth. Thankfully I listened to my wife and didn’t add “just one more class.” This is by far the most painful 12 credits I have undertaken. 3 classes in Law enforcement, no more were available. I am also taking Writing English II for fun. (I like to write what can I say?).
The three Law enforcement classes are killing me. Well, not really, they are just mind numbing at times. Criminal code and statutes, traffic law, victims rights. Wow. My teachers are excellent at trying to keep classes as energized as possible, but what can I say, code after code numbs the brain. I am going over code right now and my brain is melting. 609.106 Heinous crimes. 609.185 murder in the first degree. Or was it the other way around? 609.1095 subdivision 4- Increased sentence for offender who commits sixth felony…um… 6th FELONY!? Gee, I would hope they wouldn’t be able to get out to commit a 6th felony! Ok, I’ll stop now before I melt YOUR brains.

I LOVE the fall weather. It has that sharp bite of frost in the air. The smell of leaves on the ground. I love it! Opening grouse and bow hunting today, and here I sit, inside trying desperately to get caught up in school. I doubt I’ll make it out today…sigh.
We are going to try to do a hayride somewhere this fall. I didn’t get to go on any when I was younger and I want to get out and try one!

Reintegration has it’s bumps, but I’d say I’m getting along just fine. Well, back to the grind!