E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Monday, October 22, 2007

Save us Al Gore!

One of my buddies has a word he bestows on a person when they are being particularly rude, asinine, or unnervingly annoying. You would think it to be something vile. But in fact, it is a simple one syllable word that, when used correctly, sounds especially vile without sounding uneducated or “dirty.” Using this word in a sentence goes something like this. “You know, you’re a real jerk.” A simple word, used to great effect I think.
Now, the reason for this play on words; I need a word that describes hypocrite better.
This thought popped into my head when trying to come up with a word for Al Gore after he received the Nobel Peace Prize. How about, “Are you kidding me!!!?”
Granted, I haven’t seen his movie, and I have read only parts of his book, but I figure if people can make assumptions about Iraq without ever talking to a soldier, or talked to anyone besides a biased news media….well then, I feel I can comment on Al Gore.

I only have a few for now. Again, are you kidding me!!!? No proof, no facts, only assumptions, tentative theories…and they give him the Nobel Peace Prize.
To quote from his book…”…human actions are at the center of solutions as well as the problem…” Well Mr. Gore, how about your actions of flying in a private jet to the summit to get said award? That must have been a few hundred barrels of oil. To say nothing of your house! You could light a small town with the electricity and heat used for your house!
I’m just going to leave it at that for now. Just something I wanted to get off my chest.
Deep breath.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Note to the army buddies. Squeek has been known post Shelby to be quite the tanacious guy in many different ways. Grey said they can't go to lunch at work until Squeek has told him to, go do something physically impossible to himself at least 4 times. A recent story I heard about squeek tells me that he still has found the most profound way of honestly expressing his feelings toward someone in two explicit words. (Laughs loudly). This will confuse some, but a select few are laughing right now.

I went grouse hunting with two buddies early early this morning. No grouse, but we did manage to reduce the red squirrel and "Porky-pig" population. It was great fun...only half way through the hunt did we realize we were rotating rear never know when a man eating rabbit is going to try and sneak up behind you...!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fight or flight?

Why don’t we let our kids fight? I was pondering this on the way back from school. Why is it a taboo in our society for children to fight? Adults do it enough. Are we trying to teach them that it isn’t right, and then we go and do it both at the social level and the world wide level?
Whoever said that nothing is solved by fighting was wrong. I disagree completely. I honestly think it's human nature. Everything is solved by fighting one way or another. It would be nice to believe the fantasy that if we all just sat down together and talked we would see what we have in common and just get along!
I say, Billy hit’s Jonny. Jonny hits Billy. Make them shake hands at the end and call it good. Children have been fighting since time began. I don’t ever expect it to change. Today we have, Billy Hit’s Jonny…hopefully Jonny defends himself. Then (if they are at school) one or both gets suspended. They are then told that fighting solves nothing. I laugh. Funny, its okay if you give one guy a ball and a bunch of guys pummel him while he runs away. Some broken bones might come about as well as torn ligaments. Yet, that’s ok, because it’s a game.
A thought. If puppy’s or polar bears fight, is it bad? Should we try to stop them?
You know the funniest part about all this? I’m not even writing about anything. Nothing set me onto this. I was literally driving down the road and this popped into my head. I guess I’m trying to get some discussion rolling or something. What do you think people? Should we try to control everything and teach our kids “never” to fight? Should we teach them never to start a fight but if he/she is in one, to finish it? Or is it a right of passage to be accepted…maybe even encouraged? Maybe if it was open season on anyone who looked at you funny, and instead of repressing feelings, and they were allowed to let them out, we wouldn’t have school shootings? Now that’s a wild thought, and perhaps way off target. Maybe I should save that one for a post on family values. But it’s there so I’ll leave it.
Conclusion? Beware the sleep deprived Zeke at 11:45pm after a class on Victims Rights. (Maybe “that” is where it came from, but I honestly don’t think so, even in spite of the class title). Good night already!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Silly squirrels

Squirrel nesting. This was the room 12 of us were crammed into during our last days in Iraq. We didn’t mind at all. We were going home! We all had a wide variety of things to do, and a very small space to do it in.
Well, we’ve been back home for over 8 weeks now. Everyone has had their relax time and it was a long time coming. Anyhow, we just had our first reintegration thingy in Fargo. The beginning was a little messed up as is standard military procedure. It just pissed me off that my wife had to get dragged through the military “machine” too. I wish I could have given her a better experience. That aside, the rest of it was enjoyable. After the liquid grain started flowing, my wife and sister in-law did their best to teach me how to dance. I actually learned a “little.”
There were several highlights of the evening. One of the funniest was presented in the form of my buddy Ray. Ray doesn’t drink, but you sure could be fooled. Various brass had been getting announced in their horse and pony show and getting applauded or “booed” accordingly. During a break in the “show” Ray walked by my table to talk to one of the higher ranked NCO’s. The conversation went something like, “…this is all fine and dandy, but there should be cake…!” (voice crescendos to a thunderous roar) “…yellow cake WITH CHOCOLATE FROSTING THAT IS DELICIOUS AND I WAND IT NOW!!!” As soon as Ray finished this loud statement the room of 1,000 + people burst into applause…. It was great. It had nothing to do with Ray’s proclamation of loving cake, but another brass had been announced on stage. The timing was perfect and we were all belly laughing.
Our good friend Tim Pawlenty was there. He gave a wonderful heartfelt speech that received a standing ovation. That says a lot coming from us. He’s a guy that I know has my back. He’s also one to have a beer with the guys, and has on several occasions.

It was good to see everyone together again. People that got on your nerves don’t anymore. Old grudges are forgotten in the joy of being home. That and you don’t have to live each other in close CLOSE quarters anymore. Silly squirrel nesting.