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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fight or flight?

Why don’t we let our kids fight? I was pondering this on the way back from school. Why is it a taboo in our society for children to fight? Adults do it enough. Are we trying to teach them that it isn’t right, and then we go and do it both at the social level and the world wide level?
Whoever said that nothing is solved by fighting was wrong. I disagree completely. I honestly think it's human nature. Everything is solved by fighting one way or another. It would be nice to believe the fantasy that if we all just sat down together and talked we would see what we have in common and just get along!
I say, Billy hit’s Jonny. Jonny hits Billy. Make them shake hands at the end and call it good. Children have been fighting since time began. I don’t ever expect it to change. Today we have, Billy Hit’s Jonny…hopefully Jonny defends himself. Then (if they are at school) one or both gets suspended. They are then told that fighting solves nothing. I laugh. Funny, its okay if you give one guy a ball and a bunch of guys pummel him while he runs away. Some broken bones might come about as well as torn ligaments. Yet, that’s ok, because it’s a game.
A thought. If puppy’s or polar bears fight, is it bad? Should we try to stop them?
You know the funniest part about all this? I’m not even writing about anything. Nothing set me onto this. I was literally driving down the road and this popped into my head. I guess I’m trying to get some discussion rolling or something. What do you think people? Should we try to control everything and teach our kids “never” to fight? Should we teach them never to start a fight but if he/she is in one, to finish it? Or is it a right of passage to be accepted…maybe even encouraged? Maybe if it was open season on anyone who looked at you funny, and instead of repressing feelings, and they were allowed to let them out, we wouldn’t have school shootings? Now that’s a wild thought, and perhaps way off target. Maybe I should save that one for a post on family values. But it’s there so I’ll leave it.
Conclusion? Beware the sleep deprived Zeke at 11:45pm after a class on Victims Rights. (Maybe “that” is where it came from, but I honestly don’t think so, even in spite of the class title). Good night already!


Chet said...

I suppose this gets into questions of civilization. In the wild, might makes right. In human society... eh, not so much. For the most part, we'd like to tell ourselves that we've evolved beyond the point of settling everything through the use of force. In practice, the threat of force always exists, but it's usually the last resort rather than the first. Personally, I think kids should know how to fight and I don't have a problem with kids voluntarily fighting with each other. I DO have a problem with schoolyard bullies who gang up on kids or only pick on smaller kids. Of course, my solution was just to recruit still-bigger kids to bully the bullies.

Chet said...

I forgot to mention it, Zeke, but my sister has a kid if you ever want to race 'em or make 'em fight or somethin'.

Peter said...

I agree with you zeke. We as a society, look down on fighting and then we send kids to war. There used to be something called "Natural Selection" or "Survival of the Fittest". These days if you are the weak one (In Mind or Body) You get all the breaks. Not a good thing in my opinion

Zeke said...

Chet, I agree, kids should know how to fight. In fact, maybe we as parents should teach them the "how" as well as when enough is enough. My old drill sergeant used to take us down to "the pit" when we had a problem with someone. Every Saturday if someone had a problem with someone else (and there were many). You got a helmet and a stick and you beat the tar out of each other for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes it was over, you shook hands and that was the end of it. You didn't always like the guy anymore than when you started, but there was a release that got some of that hatered out of the way...make any sense?

Peter, I hear you on being weak (mind or body) getting breaks. You especially see this in the court system. Instead of being declared guilty of being stupid you get something else. For those of you that deny, what do we do with a person in court who is "mentally disabled or insane?" They get a HUGE break. A "normal" person that might go away for life, instead goes to an institution where, I kid you not, could literally be released in a matter of months. But that is a topic for another post.