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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Drink water and watch those urban legends.

This is a duel post.
Anyone who knows me, knows the importance I place on water consumption. Sometimes my opinion on this borders on the point of annoying. However, it has come to my attention, that very few people are educated on the importance of drinking water.

My wife used to have frequent headaches. Upon meeting me, she became well aquainted with my water intake regime. She was even desperate enough to actually try drinking a glass of water. Presto chango, 80% of her headache problems have ultimately vanished.

Typically by the time you are thirsty, you are already at least 10% dehydrated. Unfortunately, when most people get a headache, they pop a pill. Doctors say that the water you swallow taking that pill, actually helps more than the pill itself. Even if the pill works, you are only treating the symptom of your body screaming, "Hey you! Drink some water will you?" When people do drink something nowadays, it's usually pop/soda. Not helpfull. Not that these beverages won't help in intense heat environments (I should know), but they need to be well ballanced.

From my experience, the whole 8-10 glasses of water is excessive during cooler months. But the average adult should be drinking AT LEAST a liter of water a day. That's four 8 ounce glasses. That is not a lot of water people, but if you are honest with yourself, how many of you drink even one glass of WATER a day. Not juice, not pop, but water...?

Just a thought, try drinking some delicious H2O and see how much better you feel.

That was lengthy, but let me tack this on the end about Urban Legends. Check those gossip ridden emails. They get peoples blood boiling over nothing (sometimes). Especially concerning troop related issues. If you get an email, no matter how probable it sounds...check it on at the very least. It is a respected and fairly well reputed website for checking different rumors out.

Just one for instance is that Starbucks doesn't support the troops (email from a Marine). Untrue. You can read about that one at Starbucks

However, it is true that Caribou Coffee is majority owned (87%) by an Islamic organization who's philosophy is, "Above all, ensuring that all activities conform to Islamic Shari'ah."

So, in review, #1 Drink Water #2 Watch those rumor emails #3 Hillary cries when under pressure...hmm

Monday, January 07, 2008

Thoughts, and the event center

My blog has turned into something I do just for the sake of writing. From time to time I may feel the urge to dredge up an old war story or two, but mostly I need an excuse and a reason to write. I hope to one day to do some sort of professional writing. I do not yet know what that will be exactly. But a good writer is both well read and well written. This is one of several ways I simply practice writing.

I will be entering a writing competition shortly. I’m thinking about doing a piece on a fictional story in Iraq from the eyes of a terrorist. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, if anyone has any requests, topics, discussion or ideas they would like to hear me write about, feel free to comment and I shall determine if I have the time or desire to write about/on it.

Right now the only thing on my mind is the local event center that has plagued our city leaders in the form of an ugly monolith disguised as sunshine and roses. Maybe this event center is indeed a good thing, but right now all I can see is a $50 million project that certain people want without regards to the average taxpayer or the potential consequences.

As I have voiced/typed my opinion in online forums in the past, I have been called “Unpatriotic” (they were apparently safely in their homes with hands over ears and eyes when I got off the bus July 22nd after being gone somewhere for two years…) and a “hindrance to progress.” I take these as compliments, further attesting to my superhuman powers to point out the obvious to people that would rather live in a fantasy world where healthcare is free, taxes are something only rich people pay, and everyone is a victim who can blame someone else for all their problems and poor choices in life (failing that you can always call names and make character attacks).

The main argument is that this center will bring in a lot of revenue for the city. That’s all well and good. How does this help me? I know I’ll be paying taxes for it. The first assessor said it wouldn’t ever pay for itself. That assessment was quickly thrown aside in favor of one that agreed with the plan the infamous “they” had in mind. My question is this; if somehow this does make money through rentals to out of town businesses, will my taxes go down? Will I get reimbursed for the moneys I have been forced to shell out? Of course not! The argument is that I personally won’t have to pay for this, that the state will pay for a chunk of it. I counter with the question, “Where does the state get its money?” Answer, land taxes (in part) and who pays land taxes? I do! Along with a lot of people who voted NO to this thing…oops, I didn’t get to vote, I was busy in some giant sand box. How much did it pass by? 41 votes. How many of us were gone….? Interesting thought.
Oh, and who made the majority vote pass on this? Temporary students that were bussed in from the college to vote. Students who don’t pay land taxes, and who won’t even be here in a couple years to bear the burden of new taxes needed to support this “thing.”

Now the city council during a workers meeting suddenly changed the meeting into a final push to solidify the decision to make this $50 mil event center a reality (it was on the radio all day yesterday). When one person raised the motion that they wait 10 days so they could talk about it without being so hasty, that person was shot down with the response “We aren’t going to wait any longer.” These kinds of sentiments don’t seem prudent, and certainly don’t signify good leadership or stewardship of the people’s money.

Speaking of money, an extension has been requested on the local tax increase. I'm noticing a trend...

I wish there was more I could do than rant on my blog about this issue that is so close to home for me. Get a petition going, a court injunction…anything. (Any thoughts or ideas out there anyone?) I have so much to say on this subject, but I’m sure I lost peoples interest with lengthy text long ago. But that’s ok; this is helping me get it off my chest.

Conclusion: this is indeed a big issue for me. However, if this is the worst thing I have to think about compared to the last two years, things are all right.