E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Friday, April 25, 2008


The idea of creation by an intelligent designer is important. It tells us that we have a purpose, that we are not a highly evolved animal. That there is a right and wrong, that there are consequences for actions. Without a creator, we are mere animals, and as such, we are just products of mere chance and survival of the fittest. Thus, we have no need for concepts such as self-sacrafice or love. We tell children they are nothing more than evolved animals, then wonder why we have school shootings and so many problems in the world.

Evolution is supported by speculation and even outright lies. The evidence that supposedly supports evolution is flawed and in many cases mere fantasy.

The single most misconceived concept among many I have talked with is the difference between macro evolution and micro evolution. The thought is that since micro evolution is observable, that it “proves” macro evolution. Not so. Micro evolution involves 3 important traits. #1 an outside stimulus causes change in certain traits of an animal (thicker beaks in Darwin’s finches). #2 once the outside stimulus has been removed, the change in trait will revert to its original state. #3 most importantly, NO CHANGE IN GENES HAS TAKEN PLACE. This is not macro evolution (change of one kind of animal to another, i.e. reptile to bird).

If I pound my fist against the floor, I may develop calluses due to the outside stimulus, but future generations will remain human, just as future generations of finches will remain birds. There are variations within kinds. A poodle and a Great Dane may be very different, but neither has produced a non-dog, only variations. Variations are pre-programmed for adaptability. This is evidence of a good design, not random chance.

This is enough of a mouthful to tackle for the time being, and we will progress in small chunks through this willful or learned ignorance that is evolution.

“Beer is associated with football, but it is not part of the actual sport of football. Evolution is associated with science, but it is not part of the actual sciences.”

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Question one

For some time now I have been attempting to organize a line of thoughts in my head, and ready or not here they come.

Is there one true God? I know the answer to this and I can answer some questions, however, I cannot judge others for their current conclusions, for this would contradict what I believe. Each person must figure it out for themselves. However, there is only one answer. The funniest thing I ever heard was someone who said that there could be more than one explanation for where we come from! That’s silly. Think about that statement.

Now, as its 6am, I’ll pose the first question that will inevitably lead to a debate on my favorite topic; evolution, which I’ll save for a later post. I will now pose a question and would like reader’s honest, WELL THOUGHT opinion on this.

Question- Who decides what is right and wrong (the question of morality)?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

An inconvenient truth

Quick note. I KNOW that war protesters are a very SMALL minority in this country and the media eats protests up because they are not unbiased in any way shape or form. I do know that the people of B-town and DL and countless other towns showed their true colors, by turning out in every town along our return route home last year, to wish her returning sons welcome in the best way they knew how, and we love every one of you for it. Now, for the true terrorists that would see their own country in ruin:

A few days back, I heard about an anti-war protest that went down in B-town. This definitely irritates me, not so much because of the protest itself, but because it is born out of ignorance. As long as the human race exists there will be those that believe that the world is full of sunshine and roses, that sheep and wolves can play nicely together if they could just sit down and talk and see how much they have in common, and damn anyone who dares disagree with their theology. The kind of people that think this world is a safe place where nothing bad will ever happen need to go visit a third world country once and see how nice Americans have it in their consumer driven bubble where a few good men and women keep them all safe.

Oh how quickly the tables can turn. When 9/11 happened, most everyone in America unified, even the house and senate. It was with one voice that we invaded Iraq, never has a vote been more unanimous. We forget all too soon that we are NOT in Iraq for Bush’s oil conspiracy. We did NOT go to Iraq for WMD’s alone. We DID go to eradicate a country of one of the vilest dictators the world has ever known, and save people from a regime that uses chemical weapons on its own people. We DID find WMD's contrary to popular belief (ask me later). I personally helped rescue a group of men from a torture house that had had things done to them that movie makers can only imagine. Horrors that make “Saw” look like Elmo’s world were done to them for no better reason than their beliefs (Sunni v Shiah). So, to you that “believe” we shouldn’t be in Iraq, know that if it weren’t for the soldier that you protest, you very might have your tongue removed for such a “blasphemous and heretical belief.”

I also say to the protester, if you think you “know” what is going on around the world, try getting your information from somewhere besides a liberal professor and the Communist News Network, like, say... GO THERE! For all you know Iraq is really a tropical lagoon and the Iraqi people are really squid-like beings from a different planet sent here to (insert conspiracy here). But how would you know?

I love it when someone says they strongly “believe” in something. Not that I don't have my own beliefs, just never mind that very few have had an education. By this I do NOT mean academia. I know people who have masters and PhD’s who might have knowledge, but severely lack wisdom. Not to downgrade education, but in a system based on freedom (expression, press, religion etc.) we are actually told indirectly what to think and believe. The public and private school system is quickly turning into indoctrination units much like those of Russia and North Korea. You are encouraged when you spew forth the rhetoric “they” have taught you, and scorned and ridiculed when you deviate by expressing such “out-dated values” like Responsibility (why be responsible when you can be the victim?) Hard work (why do that when you can leech off of others through the system) and Country (love it or leave it, you flag burning “other” language speaking yellow bellied commies!)

It is my opinion that man is inherently evil, that without a “belief” in God and a judgment in the hereafter there is no alternative than to believe we are nothing more than highly “evolved” matter= animals, and we will act as such. I am not being a pessimist, nor do I live a life looking for the bad in everything, I am just a person and sometimes realist who believes that sometimes “it is what it is.” I don’t have all the solutions, even with my beliefs based on observation and experience, I know that plain and simple, shit happens, and people in other countries have the right to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness just like you and me.

So if you ever see someone in an alley getting gang raped by a bunch of thugs, you can turn your head the other way and say to yourself that no one is getting raped, that you really aren’t the police, so why get involved? Then, when a different citizen does something
about what is happening right before your eyes, you can protest the entire scenario, because you are safe and sound, and after all, you “know” what is going on. That citizen who “looks” like he is helping is merely after the victim’s wallet, never mind the fact that he caved in the skulls of two thugs and sent the other one running down an alley soaked in his own urine, afterwhich he helped the victim to the hospital.

This is why I raise an eyebrow when someone tells me that they support the troops but not the war. How can you like the loaf of bread but dislike flour?