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Saturday, May 31, 2008


I fully plan on returning to the evolution topic. However, due to an assault on my laptop by my 2 year old with a glass of apple juice, my main means of blogging is out of comission for a little while. Once I have it back I'll be at it again. I know everyone is on pins and needles, so just hang in there.

Monday, May 12, 2008

...and so it begins

Fear not, we shall return to the crumbling theory of evolution. For now, I interrupt this program to bring those of you that care an update on the event center fiasco.

Do we NEED the event center, or do a few merely WANT it? In a time of recession and financial instability it would be foolish for a family to go out and buy a yacht merely because they want it. What’s the difference with the event center?

My water/sewage bill just jumped from $30 to $53. It used to be $18. Some could say that this is due to the rising cost of everything. I disagree, water price has almost TRIPPLED! While the letter that accompanied my increase stated that this was all Tim Pawlenty’s fault, I place the blame on the irresponsible spending of the city counsel, (*cough) $14 million land purchase for event center (*cough).

Now, Mr. Pawlenty can be blamed with allowing state funding for part of this to happen (with speculative under the table palm greasing). He was very firm day after day that he would not allow millions of dollars of state funding to go towards a glorified hockey rink. He stated this over and over after looking at the proposed plan. Then in [figurative] mid-sentence he embraced the event center as something the community needs.

I have nothing against improving the community, but helping the community could have come in many other forms; a REAL community event center, hospice care, homeless care, assisted living, after school activities for kids. Instead the counsel insists on chasing a fantasy that they can make millions on mythical businesses that will travel hundreds of miles to come to Bemidji in order to….?

It still amazes me that when the original study projected a $700,000 annual deficit, that the guy got canned, and a new studier and a new study miraculously projected a profit. If the community will benefit like they keep ranting IF this thing succeeds…. who will eat the cost if/WHEN it fails? I would have no problem with this if the ones pushing for it would take out a personal loan for it themselves, then they can do what they want with the profits. But when I am forced to support it like it or not….that’s a no go.

I still fail to see how this giant black hole will ever benefit the community. If (and it is a BIG if) this thing ever profits a penny, I doubt very much that I will see any kind of return on my lost money(s) that have been garnished through hiked water prices, increased sales tax, and doubled/triple property taxes.

What is my solution to all this? Well they couldn’t get the majority of Bemidji citizens to vote for this, and instead relied on the questionable validity of non land-tax paying BSU students who will be gone in 1-4 years. I can’t abide the thought that major COMMUNITY decisions are left to a bunch of barely legal adults who have no vested interest in this community. Therefore I must follow my own advice of, “If you don’t like it, get out.” So that is exactly what I will do. I will not sit around waiting for the next hike in local property tax. If I can find a job in a different community in the near future I will be getting out of this town. This saddens me, as I love my community. I cannot blame all for the errors of a few. I grew up here and have been treated well. I will always have a vested interest in her goings on.

The problem won’t go away though; taxes will inevitably follow me as state/county taxes increase to meet the demand of senseless spending. I wish I had been able to help with this in another way, but there is nothing left to do. I can hope the bottom falls out of this thing before the damage is done. Maybe this is all being said in the heat of the moment, maybe I will have a complete change of heart in the future. Maybe I will be proven wrong and will have to recant all that is said here, maybe it will be an astounding success that will stimulate Bemidji and balance the economy. But that has about as much chance of happening as gas going back down to $1.18 per gallon. Maybe after it is built and all fails it will simply stand with doors closed as a hollow permanent reminder of a moment of stupidity.
I sincerely wish there was a pill that fixed stupidity