E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Watching the news

This may not make much sense when I'm done writing, but I'm just getting some inner thoughts off my chest, what else can one do?

I've been doing something I haven't done on a regular basis in a very long time; watching the news. There are many degrading things happening in our country, especially in California, that make me think this country is losing it's spine, at least publicly. Our presidential candidates this fall are limited to Evil and lesser Evil. But this is beside the point. The latest thorn in my side is the way the UN and America are handling Iran.

Iran has violated mandates over and over in uranium enrichment and nuclear research; this is supposed to be one of those smack down things= they develop anything nuclear, they get a smack down. However, no one has so much as given them a hand slap. Iran has now in it's possession a ballistic missile capable of hitting the U.K. not to mention Israel; the fear has never been so much focused on the payload as the delivery system. With the delivery system in place it is not that difficult for a nation of terrorists to get their hands on a payload.

I can only hope the Israelies will do what we have failed to do so far, lay the smack down on Iran like they have in the past. America has become so preoccupied with appearances that we have succumbed to sitting back and doing nothing. Putting out fires in Iraq means nothing if we don't remove the gas can sitting next to the flame. I fear that the only thing America has going for itself right now is supplying Israel with cool shiny "stuff" and living vicariously through them.

I can only hope that we are only doing this badly on the public front and are really poised for a strike behind the scenes. Though, with the upcoming elections I fear the only future preventative/proactive actions we will see, are strongly written reproaches and a firm backing of France.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A day in the life

Today marks the one year date of our big town welcome home from Iraq. It hardly seems possible that a whole year has gone by already. Not a day goes by that I don't think about Iraq, and I haven't yet decided if that is good or bad. Don't get me wrong, I don't like Iraq one bit, but it sure helps keep things in perspective. I'm rarely in a rush anymore, I don't get upset by the small things I used to, no one is trying to actively kill me, and I have all the water I want. Life is good.

Despite my gripes of taxes, event centers, lack of pills that fix stupid and the like, I am truely blessed to live in a free country. In an era when our freedoms begin to be questioned on a regular basis, I realize how many freedoms we still enjoy. I always find it mind boggling when people explain to me in all seriousness that they know what is going on in Iraq. Then I find it funny when I realize their sources of information are limited to the Communist News Network (CNN) and a limited perspective that doesn't allow for logic or reason.

Well, there are no more deep thoughts tonight, I just thought I should write something at the one year mark. Here's to our fallen brothers who gave the ultimate sacrafice, we think of you and your families always.

Monday, July 14, 2008


We got tased the other day. This can only be described as searing pain. This doesn't do it justice, but think of when your leg has fallen asleep and is tingling awake, then multiply that times infinity, and add the worst charlie-horse you've ever had to every muscle in your body, make it last for an eternity (a couple seconds) and you might have a minuscule amount of an idea of how much pain is involved.

Thankfully it's over fairly soon, (though when it's happening it's not soon enough!) and there really isn't any lasting effect, though I think my foot was tingling a couple hours after the fact.

As Alex and I have both stated, I think I'd take a taser every hour on the hour over getting sprayed again.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Back in action...sort of

Well folks, I haven't posted in a while, and now that I have the means to do you go.

I will again commence with the many topics that drive me currently; evolution, event center, God, America, paper bags, and whatever else comes to mind. However, I am currently in a whirlwind that is Law Enforcement training. I have completed 5 of the 7 weeks of skills right now. We've done the cuffing, the defensive tactics, the driving fast, the classroom stuff and most of the shooting.

Last week we all got pepper sprayed. I was prepared to compare it to the military gas chamber with CS gas. However, I must say that it is 10x worse at least...Freeze +P does everything it is supposed to, 98% propellant and carrier, 1% CS (Tear gas) and 1% OC (Burning). It is a spray in the face can hardly be described...if I were to try it would be something like, "Choke choke, eyes clamp shut, gag, entire face on fire, can't breathe, snot draining everywhere, ouch, eyes won't work, TASTES LIKE BURNING!!!"
After getting maced we were then required to subdue and handcuff the "bad guy." Face and eyes kept burning for half hour or so.
Next week we get tased...I can't wait :( Oh well, it's all good, I mean, I'm paying for this right?