E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Memory of the Fallen

Many different emotions still rise up within me any time I think or talk about my experiences in Iraq, good and bad. Nothing stirs those emotions more than when someone asks about one of the two black memorial bracelets I have had on my wrist every single day since several months after August 30th 2006. These memorial bracelets are worn in loving memory for two of our fallen brethren in Iraq. August 30th was the day the first of these gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Josh Hanson was a friend and brother. Some knew him better than others. I knew him as a quiet, but humorous fellow that I shared sweat and drinks with during training; he loved a good time; he loved his friends and family. I knew him best as the card player who always seemed to kick my butt. He was also one of the occasional reliefs from guard duty. He was one of the guys in every sense of the word. My heart goes out to his family and close friends on this day above all others.

I know many understand this, but I wish more Americans who “support our troops but not the war” understood that freedom isn’t free; it always comes at a price. That isn’t just true in America.

I’m sure I’ll see some of the guys out tonight at one of the pubs having our own memorial. Thanks Josh, for everything.

Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:3

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It may be possible to stop the Event Center...

What if we could do something about the 30 year sales tax that just got extended by the city council without our approval? This is something that will effect our grandchildren. One old guy I talked to said, "well...we're only stalling the inevitable." I figure he's right, I mean, the soldiers at Thermopylae were only delaying the inevitable. The soldiers at Valley Forge were doing the same, not to mention the Alamo. This may not be a "battle" as most are fought, but it is a battle worth fighting. Even if it does only delay the inevitable. At the very least it will be a couple years I don't have to use my precious gas money for this cities every whim and desire. With the economy the way it is right now, the last thing we need are more taxes.

So, much has happened, and much can be said. One of the main and most important things is that the city council went ahead and voted 4-3 in favor of a 30 year 1/2% city sales tax extension. One of the council suggested it be put on a ballot this November for the people to vote on; since the construction of this event center now hinges on this OUTRAGEOUS 30 year tax extension, that council member was shot down. The vote was had and passed by a margin of one.

Since I and my fellow soldiers never got a chance to originally vote on this thing one way or another (and it passed by 40 something votes) it grieves me that the council would do this. However, there is hope. At the lake front on the 22nd of August from 12 noon to 9pm and the 23rd from 10am-2pm there will be a petition signing. If this petition gets a couple hundred names on it, we can see a ballot in the local November elections for the cancellation of the 30 year sales tax.

It wasn't so long ago and not too far away that some Americans actually did something about a bunch of tea in a harbor with a 1/2% sales tax on it. We may not be dumping anything in the lake this weekend, but we at least have a chance to DO something about this unwarranted theft of our moneys. Hope to see people that live in B-town doing some signing!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Political Twist

A picture is still worth a thousand words right?

Many will agree the most important weapon is the human mind. When that mind is running for president, watch out. Any nay-sayers out there that still think Barack Hussein Obama isn't tied in with any Islamic/terrorist organizations? Here's a news clip for you. Something about...oh yes, recieving illegal funds from a terrorist organization and trying to disguise it as an in country contribution.

""They're not going to be worried about the details and they won't mind if they break the law to get to the final result that they want," adds Schlussel. She believes it is a "major news story when a presidential candidate receives money from 'a bastion of Islamic terrorism.' And Schlussel argues that the media is "bending over backwards to help Barack Obama and cover up any negative news about him.""

Now wait a minute! I thought the media was fair and balanced...? They wouldn't slant the news would they? (Laughs).

You can read the full article here.
While I'm on the political swing I might as well throw this site up as well; it's a listing of 50 plus verifiable lies Barack Hussein Obama has been caught in. So far the only "lie" Bush has been blamed for is not finding WMD's, and we already covered that now didn't we?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

WMD's in Iraq

"Bush is a horrible president, he lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we're only there for the oil..." These are popular statements from the far left that I have heard everywhere. Statements such as these have arisen in many conversations I've had. Whether Bush is a "Horrible" president can be left to opinion, however the other two statements are born out of ignorance and I hope to educate.

If we really are/were there for the oil (and it's safe to say no one wants another oil embargo) then where are the fruits of those labors? Last time I filled up my tank I didn't see any sweet $1 per gallon oil.

Then, and more importantly please do some research on what a weapon of mass destruction is. 3 things can be a weapon of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons. Well guess what, we found chemical and biological and the naysayers stated that those were old and didn't count. Well now it has come to the media's attention that "yellow cake" was found in Iraq and has been transported to Canada. Only 550 metric TONS. Found outside Baghdad, no big deal. Yellow cake by the way is Uranium, and no, it wasn't going to be used for electric power. Bush could have used this information to tell all the slanderers out there to take their wine and shove it, but he didn't, and I think that says a lot.

Well anyhow, I don't have much more to write on this issue, WMD's are bad news, they kept this country from learning Japanese and don't belong in outspoken terrorist nation's hands. Glad am I that we are cleaning that country up. Now, if we could just drop The bomb on Iran...