E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Monday, September 22, 2008


You gotta love the media; always "neutral and unbiased" what a joke. The cocoon the media has spun around Barrack HUSSEIN Obama to lessen any harsh sentiments sickens me. Well folks, if you enjoy someone who can lie smoothly, then vote for Clinton (oops, wrong presidency race) because the stuff spewing from Obama's mouth is a joke. I can't even keep track of the inconsistencies that make up this guy. For the life of me I simply cannot figure out why a majority of people are so in love with this guy, but when the Communist News Network (CNN) fall in love with this guy, one has to wonder.
I'm just going to start a list of the things that are bugging me tonight and we'll see if it makes any sense in the morning.

  1. Can't define what "change" is.
  2. Says what he thinks each audience wants to hear, regardless if a complete contradiction is the cost
  3. Doesn't know how many states are in the United states, seriously.
  4. Can't keep straight whether he's a Muslim or not
  5. Accepted illegal funds from Gaza, but that's ok.
  6. Basic questions are "above his pay grade"
  7. He takes a neutral or middle stance on most everything.
  8. 50 lies and counting (Google it).
  9. Media gets upset when people reference the middle name "HUSSEIN..." Why?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

If there was a pill that fixed stupid...well, you know...

In regards to the first picture, reference the second picture. I've put the first pic up before, I know. What am I saying? "I'm not sayin'..., I'm just sayin'."

Primaries are today, GET OUT THERE AND VOTE! Specifically, against the Events Center (for Nancy Erickson because everyone else is for the Events Center) against the 501 Levy (renewing MORE money for students for extra activities-we have enough taxes and enough activities), and that's all I have to say today, VOTE!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


At long last baby boy number 2 entered our lives early Friday morning. Mom is tired and so is Dad, brother is excited and all are glad. I am actually too tired to think straight or write more, just thought I would make the announcement!