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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

If there was a pill that fixed stupid...well, you know...

In regards to the first picture, reference the second picture. I've put the first pic up before, I know. What am I saying? "I'm not sayin'..., I'm just sayin'."

Primaries are today, GET OUT THERE AND VOTE! Specifically, against the Events Center (for Nancy Erickson because everyone else is for the Events Center) against the 501 Levy (renewing MORE money for students for extra activities-we have enough taxes and enough activities), and that's all I have to say today, VOTE!


Chet said...

Nice to see Lehmann pull down less than 40% of the vote in the primary. If you figure that means over 60% want to see someone else become mayor--and kill the events center--I'd say things are looking up for Nancy Erickson.

maddog said...

Okay, maybe we all agreed on this event center prematurely and without a final estimate of the cost or a proper exit strategy, however, what we have to realize is that we’re here now. Dollars have already been spent, good is being done and we have to stay the course if we want to achieve victory. Pulling out early would be anything but. The city of Bemidji is trying to make this honorable endeavor a success, despite all of you anti-center forces. Aiding the city are some truly good people. Those who aren’t afraid to sacrifice four years of their lives away from home. Those who are learning the skills that will set them up for success in their life afterwards. Those who will not be able to reap the benefits of a successful mission, but who are still willing to hope alongside a committed Bemidji for victory. The BSU students.

Chet said...

What "good is being done" by bankrupting the city? OK, dollars have been spent. In economic terms, that's called a sunk cost. It's like saying "The engine and tranny went out on my old clunker. I'd junk it but, gosh, I just replaced the starter." Throwing good money after bad isn't heroic, it's stupid. The city would be better off cutting their losses. It's not like 140 acres of lakeshore would be worthless without an overgrown hockey rink. If anything, it's retarded to build a tax-exempt facility on such valuable property. The new Menard's is projected to generate more jobs--with comparable pay and benefits--than the events center, without requiring a $100 million upfront taxpayer commitment, much less a half million dollar operating subsidy a year, every year, forever. As an accountant who has worked with large construction projects (including a hotel/events center) in the past, and who laughs his head off every time I read the ever-changing financial projections, let me put it in small words: The events center is pure bullshit. It's easy for BSU students to advocate for this rink, knowing they'll graduate before the sales tax kicks in and NEVER have to pay property taxes to keep the doors open and the lights on. But for the rest of us, especially those who comprehend basic math, it's a train wreck. Furthermore, if BSU can't fulfill its educational mission without a $100 million hockey rink, then they ought to just close the damned school. But I think if they really, REALLY try, they can probably muddle through like the thousands of other colleges in this country that don't have $100 million hockey rinks. Oh, and the simple act of going to college is hardly a heroic act that requires a $100 million hockey rink. I carried a 4.0 all the way through BSU while watching games in the lowly Glas. And oddly enough, every job interview I've gone to since I graduated has asked me about my grades, my degree and my CPA certificate, but not one employer has based their hiring decision on how many hockey games I watched in school, much less how fancy the rink was.

maddog said...

Sorry Chet, I was trying to piss the Zeke off. I was using an Iraq based analogy with the students as the troops, City of Bemidji as the US, Anti-center forces as ant-coalition, and so on. I do not believe anything I posted. No real truth was being argued, just a joke that I thought would get a laugh or two out of him. I thought it was kind of obvious, but if you don’t know me I could see how one could be confused.

Zeke said...

Maddog, I caught it right away, but I'm glad Chet responded the way he did anyway, with or without your comment, because he has a knack for cutting to the chase, and unfortunately many of the citizens of B-town are under the impression that "oh well, we've already spent money, might as well not fight it." Etc. So now the Chet has some info up for future reference.
Now, were you really trying to piss the Zeke off or just get some controversy going? Good show all.

Anonymous said...

So that picture you keep posting on your blog of Obama isn't a disrespectful picture of him. During that picture, the National Anthem was being played.

During the national Anthem, the correct posture is to take your hat off and fold your hands in front of your waist, standing straight up with your jaw closed.

During the pledge of allegiance, the correct posture is to place your right hand over your heart, stand up straight, and say the pledge with the speaker.

Obama is not at fault here. He's the only one with the correct posture.

Zeke said...

Um...ya, that's it, he wanted to project the image of having the correct posture. I'm sure that's it; helps out when you're a citizen of the world too.

While you're right, you don't "need" to put your hand over your heart it's probably a good idea to go ahead and do so.