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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring is here

I just thought I would put up a post to let my fan base know I am still alive and well. Quite honestly going back to school was a bigger task than I had anticipated when combined with work and family. Time has become something of a rare commodity for me these days. I am frantically finishing semester projects as the deadline approaches and finals draw near.

I had plans to begin book writing this past winter, but obviously did not due to time constraints.

Of interesting note is the oxymoron’s that are abundant at school. A person was telling me how it was "inhumane" to administer the death penalty on anyone (insert worst case scenario, murderer, rapist, et al.), and then in the same breath tell me that partial birth abortion is acceptable...makes my stomach turn to think our society has completely corrupted morality.

Well, there, a little controversy and a note that I live, I'll try and update more as the semester ends. Happy spring!

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Maddog said...

How do your reversed thoughts avoid the same contradiction in logic you seem to be finding so erroneous here. Potentially innocent life is still at risk either way. I will assume your anti-death penalty person believes that any judgment of guilt has the possibility of being wrong and therefore not morally sound on the grounds of potentially killing an innocent. As for their pro-choice, they see pro-lifers as trying to take the rites of a would-be mother away. They will say that abortion laws don’t stop abortion, only safe and sanitary abortion. They assume that potential innocence of a convicted man is reason enough not to kill him and that life is more burdened without abortion (or that life has not yet begun). You assume someone must pay for crimes committed and that the life of a baby tied to a mother who would have had it aborted is better than no life at all. I’m oversimplifying things, but I’m writing only to wake up so I too can get back to studying. Gun show Saturday.