E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Monday, July 13, 2009


So I went ahead and hammered out the first three pages of my first book. In a nutshell it will be about our time leading up to, in, and returning from Iraq.

Over the next year or so I'll be attempting to recall memories both unpleseant and unwanted, but they are necessary for the process. This is something I feel I need to do.

Just thought I would throw that out there. I know I have had several request and questions regarding a book, or if I was even going to write one. Up until recently I would sit down to write and nothing but anger and hate would come out. I have overcome this by embracing it. I will dedicate one chapter to all the things that I hate and get it out once and for all. Then I will be able to place it appropriately within the pages of a bigger tale.

I leave you all in breathless anticipation. (Don't hold your breath, it will probably be a year or so in the making).


Anonymous said...

Good for you! Am looking forward to your book. I would like my copy autographed. Auntof3ANG PS I have mentioned at various times that whatever is brought to the light loses it's power to torment--most times anyway. Also, then situations can then be seen from a dif light. Hopefully you will put some pictures in there too?

The Loehlein Family said...

Please hurry cuz I'm holdin' my breath even though you said not to. By the way, I would like an autographed copy too! Good luck writing, especially through the tough stuff.

Zeke said...

I'm 10 pages into it. It has been interesting pulling up the beginnings of a book. It was a hard 10 pages, as I was pulling on memories from 9 years ago for the start of it gets slightly more confusing if I try to tell much more, so I guess my two avid fans will have to wait until I knock out that first draft.

A few more pages of setting the intro stage and a lot of pages should fly off the keyboard after that. (That is the hope anyway)

Anonymous said...

Zeke I would be interested in you and your viewers view of the Health Care proposal Obama says he is going to pass.
Aunt of 3 ANG