E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Though cliche' comes to mind when I think of it, I know the term, "Freedom isn't free" can never be over-used. It can, however, be taken for granted. This phrase always comes to mind on the 4th of July, as well as the other 364 1/4 days of the year.

I went to the gas station today to pick up some ice. As I flopped the ice on the counter I looked at the guy working the till and said, "Isn't it good to be free? Happy Independence day!" He muttered something back that might have been "ya." But the look on his face was...hard to explain. In any case, I'm sure one doesn't get asked if it's good to be free every day.

We sure do have it easy in America. Even amidst the "economic downfall," and the multi-trillion dollar catastrophe that is Barrack Hussein Obama. As I took a shower, I acknowledged that I have hot water at my disposal 24/7. As I drove to the lake I noted nicely paved roads. No one is overtly trying to kill me, and I can go to Walmart anytime I want to get whatever I want. On top of all of that, if I suddenly lose everything I have, and my world goes completely crap, I can walk a matter of so many blocks (probably get a ride from a passer-bye if I so chose) to the human services department, and be on full blown welfare within a matter of days.

Yes, despite what the world thinks of us, it is good to be an American, and unlike Michelle Obama, I have always been proud to call myself one. It is good to be free.

As I glance down at my keyboard I can't help but notice one of two memorial bracelets for two of my friends that were KIA. They have never left my wrists in over two years. I weigh the terrible cost...(nods head) and know that it will never be a cliche' for me to say, "Freedom is NOT free."


Anonymous said...

Yes it is wonderful to be free. And I still appreciate the U.S. Military and every day of my life i think about them and the vets. I thanked the military & veterans on the 4th of JUly,on the site where i play cards and the administrator of the site deleted it. I was so MAD I haven't got over it yet. It was an American site & most all were celebrating our Independence and freedom. It really burns me the way alot of Americans go on with life as usual with nary a thought to our military still fighting and dieing overseas--and worried someone might be offended! The terrorists got it right, the American people forget real quick. Heck just outwait America it's the land of boredom cuz it has too much too choose from to do. A few uf us patriotic folks will remember tho and those who have been there....

Zeke said...

thanks anon, good to hear it. Incidents like that are thankfully few, but it sure hits home. We went to our local parade and there was a "peace and love" type float with "support our troops bring them home" and "no more war" crap on it. Right behind was the VFW and wounded VFW float. Bunch of vets in the crowd, so it was bitter sweet.