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Friday, September 04, 2009

Obama, Duality and Socialism

Obama approval ratings slip lower and lower, looks like the honey moon is coming to an end, the media woke up next to him in bed and discovered he has morning breath and they didn't "get theirs."

I've always said talk is cheap and that is all this guy seems to do. Big brother Obama is now attempting to push his Social Indoctrination schemes into our schools, going so far as to hand out study packets. Since when does the office of the president go so far as to have a hand in what our children learn...? Since they've done so well with the rest of the country to date, I don't think they should be touching education.

First he says that America "is no longer a Christian Nation." Then at the Egypt speech he says, "America could be considered one of the largest Muslim countries in the world..."

In earlier speeches he mocks the bible. Yet in other speeches he makes reverent notes about "The holy Koran." In a recent speech he praised Muslims for "enriching" America.
While he mocks biblical text, selecting verses at random to strip mine it until he can call it radical, he fails to quote portions of his precious Koran that call followers to "break the cross," and "kill the infidel." Which part of those radical Koran quotes "enrich" America by the way?

I've strayed a bit, but wanted a little background on where this guys principles lie. Anyhow, socialism...we have mandated "liberal arts" in school, but no conservative arts. We have a socialized health care bill that no one wants. A government that seems intent on taking over and meddling in the private sector. An administration that wants to live on credit and print money until our dollar deflates and our national debt is no longer payable.

On top of all this it's time to dabble in education as well?

Interesting how Bush had a decent rating overall in 8 yrs , yet the media never ceased to portray him as hated, and how Obama has such a low rating after a hundred days or so and the media is still crowning him king.

If Obama was a conservative pushing this stuff it would never fly. But having a pretty face and a silver tongue gets whatever it wants I guess. I don't know if this rant makes much sense and it doesn't really matter if it does. I would like to post something positive later, because it does become a drag after a while always reporting the bad. However it certainly angers me to see this country repeating the errors of history. Indeed as we move hand in hand with a near mirror image of the rise of Nazi Germany.


Anonymous said...

In his flowery campaign speeches, Obama said: there would be openness, transparency, 5 days of public comment before signing a law., public negotiations on the bills, he would read EVERY line of bills passed by congress; I heard Obama say in a speech, he was 5 days away from fundamentally chging America. Took Obama 6 mo to raise the federal deficit by almost $1 trillion. Obama said he was going to bankrupt the coal industry (supplies ½ of USA energy) & said to look at those who surround him to know what he thinks on issues and policies.
44 CZARS=appointed by Obama = Answer to noone; no oversight of them;

Holgren = Science Czar=Believes: constitution does not give people the right to have however many children you want., in population control, babies aren’t human,
Van Jones = Green Job Czar= convicted felon; an avowed communist who belongs (or did) to a group who wants to overthrow the USA; Belongs to radical groups who believe in radical politics. In Mar 2009, said he believes in bringing the wealth down from 1 group and given to another based on race. Whites are poisoning people of color. Made many racial slams against whites; signed petition of a group that believes the USA was involved in the 911 attacks; we stole land from the American Indians; Talks about white polluters; I believe Glen Beck on Fox News helped to get Van Jones out of the office even tho he will still be working in the Obama administration.
Information czar=shoplifter
Carol Browner=Destroyed computer files & was sued.
Cass Sunstein = Regulatory Czar = believes animals should be allowed to sue humans; Need to nudge people in the direction u want them to go & make sure they are happy about it; people=secondary to the earth & animals. These are just a few of the Czars exposed not including all the one who didn't pay their taxes on time.

Appolo Alliance =backers of Acorn, SEIU and other shady groups, wrote the stimulus bills. Health care =1,000+ pgs long; takes lawyers to understand it. pesident /congress= not reading all the bills just rushing them thro.
And now Obama wants to mess with the minds of impressionable kids to boot? Aunt of 3 ANG
p.s. on a dif note, This also really burned me, General Electric (which owns one of the liberal news channels) made modules that were found in unexploded bombs in Iraq. Makes me want to boycot GE.

The Loehlein Family said...

Good ole Obama. How so like him to not acknowledge the National Day of Prayer one bit last May but recently hosted a formal dinner celebration at the White House in honor of Ramidan (sp?). I wonder how much that cost us tax payers?