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Monday, October 05, 2009

Until We Meet Again...

Jesse Davis, my friend and brother in arms, took his own life one week ago today. His passing has left a scar on all of us who knew him. Jesse was a team leader in the same squad as me, 2nd squad 1st platoon of Able Company 2/136 Infantry 34th Div. "Red Bulls."
I spent nearly every day with him over a two year period during our Iraq deployment.
Now he is gone. The last time I saw Jesse was mere weeks ago. We ate lunch together, and reminisced over a cold one. Everything seemed fine until I heard the news. It simply does not seem possible; it is still so surreal.

Jesse was bright and funny. He had an intelligence that surpassed education and book learning. He was a great soldier and a better friend. Every time you saw him, your day was that much better. It was a privilege and honor to have shared time with Jesse.

The grief that nearly overcame me when I learned of his passing was a large weight that I carried. This weight was lifted when I went to the viewing on Saturday. I saw Jesse’s body, but it was not Jesse, it was only a shell of what he was. I sincerely believe Jesse is more alive today than he ever was on this earth, and I know beyond any doubt that I will see him again one day. Though he is in a better place, I will selfishly miss him in this one.

I will never forget the joy that he brought in life, nor the sorrow brought by his death. I will carry his memories with me forever as I drink the cup of bitter-sweetness, in anticipation of our next meeting.


Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your loss of a good friend. That is always tough. If you need someone to vent to, feel free to give the Jarhead up in the Duck a call.


David M said...

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