E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Sunday, November 01, 2009


It has been a very strange fall. Parts of the area I live in got 10 inches of snow; there are still green leaves on the trees.

A word about the picture, "Reflections."
This has always been a very deep picture for me. The other day I caught myself staring at this picture hanging on a wall in town. I have seen it before, it always stirs something deep. I started thinking about all the losses we have had in our unit, and how that picture is any one of us at any given time. It is such a fitting picture that portrays many many of my emotions without painting any words; this picture simply says it all. I am determined once again to finish what I have started by completing my book.

The feelings this picture awakens are similar to the emotions I experience when I am writing. I dig way back and start to remember things that had begun to fade. I am still on page 18 and haven't made much progress. The beginning is very important, it sets the stage for a good portion of what is to come. However, finding the time in peace and quiet are two things that rarely coincide. I think with the stability of my new job I will force life to slow down enough this winter to finish it once and for all. I hope I am able to tell the tale, or at least express in words the feelings "Reflections" brings forth.

Enjoy this fall, there will never be another like it for all time.