E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Sunday, November 01, 2009


It has been a very strange fall. Parts of the area I live in got 10 inches of snow; there are still green leaves on the trees.

A word about the picture, "Reflections."
This has always been a very deep picture for me. The other day I caught myself staring at this picture hanging on a wall in town. I have seen it before, it always stirs something deep. I started thinking about all the losses we have had in our unit, and how that picture is any one of us at any given time. It is such a fitting picture that portrays many many of my emotions without painting any words; this picture simply says it all. I am determined once again to finish what I have started by completing my book.

The feelings this picture awakens are similar to the emotions I experience when I am writing. I dig way back and start to remember things that had begun to fade. I am still on page 18 and haven't made much progress. The beginning is very important, it sets the stage for a good portion of what is to come. However, finding the time in peace and quiet are two things that rarely coincide. I think with the stability of my new job I will force life to slow down enough this winter to finish it once and for all. I hope I am able to tell the tale, or at least express in words the feelings "Reflections" brings forth.

Enjoy this fall, there will never be another like it for all time.


Anonymous said...

Zeke: This pic brought back to remembrance that I was given some hardcover books (all the same book) written by a Viet Nam Vet from Northern MN. I met his sister and she sent them to me. I have 3 left (new from the warehouse) and if any of your readers would be interested in one, i would be glad to send them one free of charge. Aunty of 3 NG

SSG said...

I would be interested in reading one.

Zeke said...

as would I...

Anonymous said...

If you will send me your names and address's to this email address, I will get your books off to you next week.

Aunty of 3 NG