E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chains or change, is there a difference?

Thomas Jefferson said, "Delay is preferrable to error." Well folks, Uncle 'Bama just helped make one huge error.

We have just been given a giant shove on the playground of life by the biggest bully, that is the Democratic majority.

This morning I woke up to see my kids opening their stockings. Shortly after I heard this announcement, "America has made history with the biggest social step we have ever known with a government funded health care bill passing with a majority!"

You could obviously tell the excitement in the news announcer's voice as he sickeningly used his public voice to gush about the fact that we have just added another link of chain to our children's future.

It was a social step all right, in socialism. I don't think we can truly comprehend one TRILLION dollars. It is really too large a number to even realize how much was just spent. Where is this money coming from? Ah yes, more taxes. The poor don't pay taxes, the working poor don't make enough to pay taxes, the wealthy will pay their pound of flesh and it is not fair, but they can afford it...unfortunately due to capitalism being strangled in the name of "change" there are not many that fit into the rich category these days.

So the majority of the load will fall on most of us, the middle working class.

Employers will be punished if they don't take the government option
Private industry will be pushed and threatened with Chicago style bullying tactics
Say good bye to the specialized doctors we know...hope you like getting a heart surgery 1 year too late by a doctor who just managed to pull a D in his class. Since it doesn't pay any more to get a specialization in medicine and every job pays the same as dictated by the government...well, congratulations we've started the journey towards communism and spreading the wealth around. Ask Canada how much they love their government option...
Options and regulation are stripped from both doctor and patient and put into the caring hands of government; they will decide what is best for you. Oops, you're over 50, no hernia fix for you...(this happens in England).

"Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it."-- Thomas Sowell

Thanks big brother, guess you wanted to do your own thing, despite overwhelming opposition from the people you were elected to represent. Congratulations Obama for helping to erode our American values and work ethic.

"A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money."-- G. Gordon Liddy

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Book book book

I thought for sure with winter here I would be rocking and rolling on my book but it just isn't so.

I can't even make time to write my book, this update is about all I can spare for time these days. If anyone has ever tried writing, you know it is almost impossible to just take 20 minutes and suddenly write...I have to get in the right mind-set and start digging back in my memory. Almost like a term paper, but with no deadline.

With a new house purchase to close on, a rush to get all my projects here done before moving day, a new job I'm still adjusting to and Christmas upon us....etc etc etc. It is a wonder I can't find or make time to write!

It is interesting that I do not like to read about Iraq at all. I had a book given to me about Iraq and I made it 3 pages into it before losing all interest. It is so strange. I have no problem writing about it, talking about it and thinking about it...but I have no desire whatsoever to read about it.

Move will not be complete until the end of January...I am almost distressed that I won't be able to do any serious book writing until after that. But what do you do? Make excuses or write I guess, there aren't many other options.

Merry Christmas all!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Reflections

Starting with a disclaimer: I am very happy and proud to live in a free country like he United States. There has never been a country like it and probably never will again. Most likely our time is soon to end (as no "empire" in history has lasted intact for any longer than 250 years).

With that said I am saddened.
I am saddened that our court system is in ruins. I am saddened that there are harsher penalties for someone who kills a timber wolf than for someone who murders a human being.

I am downtrodden to think that a child molester can get a judgement of "not guilty," and walk free on a technicality, while someone who forges a check can sit for 15 years in federal prison with no chance of early release.

I am slightly upset that failing auto, bank and health care industries that should rightly fail and be cut out like cancer, are allowed to endure and even rewarded with bail out money from the government (tax payers). If there are billions of dollars sitting around to give to people that obviously cannot manage it, than how about a tax break for the ones supplying that money? That would make me slightly happier.

Lastly-would the governments of Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq or North Korea care if their soldiers brought in an American with a bloody lip? Would they try to slap their hands? Or would they punish them for NOT first beating them, cutting off their heads and burning their bodies?

Well, I certainly didn't want to be completely upset for this whole post, but I guess that is what the disclaimer at the top was for...sort of.

So what is the solution? American leaders are far more concerned about the feelings of criminals and terrorists than they are the self-sacrificing hard working American soldiers and citizens...if we take a simple look at history, I would say it is about to repeat itself. We are pacing the rise of the Third Reich... with obviouse differences....but it is something to think about, because we just can't seem to learn from history.

Hope and change people, HOPE and least, that is what a young charismatic leader once emphasized...Adolf Hitler that is.