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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Book book book

I thought for sure with winter here I would be rocking and rolling on my book but it just isn't so.

I can't even make time to write my book, this update is about all I can spare for time these days. If anyone has ever tried writing, you know it is almost impossible to just take 20 minutes and suddenly write...I have to get in the right mind-set and start digging back in my memory. Almost like a term paper, but with no deadline.

With a new house purchase to close on, a rush to get all my projects here done before moving day, a new job I'm still adjusting to and Christmas upon us....etc etc etc. It is a wonder I can't find or make time to write!

It is interesting that I do not like to read about Iraq at all. I had a book given to me about Iraq and I made it 3 pages into it before losing all interest. It is so strange. I have no problem writing about it, talking about it and thinking about it...but I have no desire whatsoever to read about it.

Move will not be complete until the end of January...I am almost distressed that I won't be able to do any serious book writing until after that. But what do you do? Make excuses or write I guess, there aren't many other options.

Merry Christmas all!

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Zeke said...

Shortly after writing this, today, I took my own advice and stopped making excuses.

One more page added to aforementioned book.