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Thursday, January 28, 2010

What if...

What would happen if parents were actually parents?

I have to believe that many of the problems we see in society today is do to a severe lack of responsibility in parents.

Every day I talk to parents who blame schools, who blame law enforcement, religion, circumstance, neighbors....they will blame everyone except themselves.

Understandably some parents have no role-models in the first place and therefore have no idea how to be a parent. However, this does not negate the responsibility of a parent. Instead of watching television, is it beyond reason that one could take interest in their child's life?

Instead of playing that card game or going ice-fishing...could one not spend quality time with their child?

Instead of living the night life and trying to regain some "lost youth" at the bar, why not spend time getting to know your kid?

Sometimes I look at life as black and white and refuse to look at the gray, so forget all of the above. Random thought, how about we take off the kid gloves, get a judicial system not clogged with red tape and actually do something about the parents that think it's a good idea to beat their 10 month old with a coat hanger....? Instead of letting them off on a reduced sentence, or giving them a not-guilty based on a technical error...what if we actually did something about it?

Thank God for the good parents out there.

It's late, I'm going to bed, and at the moment, I'm just a little frustrated.

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rgrmaddog said...

This is a free country still, right? You can’t burden me with responsibility simply because I have children. Nor do my children have a right to steal from me my freedom to do whatever I want. I have the right to be what you call a bad parent. If you don’t like it, let’s get together and get a national program going for the state to raise our kids. That’s got to be a win for everyone.

That’s all I got, sorry it’s late for me too.