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Monday, March 08, 2010


Did you know that in the state of Minnesota, if you know all the ins and outs, you can make nearly $40,000 if you are on full blown welfare? (This is inclusive of housing, food allotment, cash allotment, medical etc. not to be taken as every single person gets this full amount either, just that it IS possible if you know what to do).

Did you further know that the great state of Minnesota has no residency laws? This means you can move into Minnesota from a different state without ever contributing a penny to our tax base, and the next day have full welfare money coming in.

Furthermore, there is no cap on how much welfare you can receive. You could in fact, start welfare at age 18, and continue on it until the day you die. This is (I know for a fact) some children's goal in life. When I asked a girl once what her plans were after high school she said, "Get pregnant and go on welfare like my mom." Now THAT is inspiring.

So what to do about our current budget problem? I say start by cutting welfare in half. Put up a maximum dollar amount you can draw from the system. Implement job training instead of money draining. Have a minimum residency clause of say...a year and a day, MINIMUM. And if you have never worked an actual job you cannot be on welfare.

A little callus? How about a little bit of reality? I'm tired of supporting YOU! I despise socialism and I am sick of someone else spreading my wealth around.


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Anonymous said...

Zeke, it is sickening BS that the "system" is designed so those that choose to abuse it can and DO!

JW in BD

The Cancer said...

In addition to what you purpose, how about this. Everyone that is receiving a welfare check needs to report to a specific location 5 days a week and remain there for 8 hours per day. (Just like going to work) And while there be subject to random testing for drugs, alcohol, tobacco uses. If we taxpayers have to pay for there necessities, we should not be required pay for there non essential vises. Also while receiving welfare you should not be allowed anything not needed to survive. No Cable TV, No Pets, No Alcohol, No Tobacco. And while you are at this welfare location all day you will be receiving training to help you become a employable taxpayer, instead of a tax burden. And while there you are part of a temporary work placement pool. Where anyone willing to pay you for your labor is able to come and hire laborers. If someone comes in with a job for you, you will be required to work for and be paid by them for that time. If you refuse that employment you would forfeit your welfare for that time.
Welfare is supposed to be a hand up to those who need it and not a hand out to anyone without any self respect. If the state would implement a program like this, I think we would see our welfare roles decrease by over 50% in less than 12 months. Say Hi to your brother.
Tell him I taking care of the HK.

Zeke said...

The Cancer, which brother, hi from whom, and what HK?

I like your style. Texas implemented a welfare reform in which the normal money used to pay welfare was used to implement job training. Within 3 years welfare was down (I want to say) something like 70%...??? Love it.