E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Book in the making...forever

Recent posts have been born of frustration and stress. It is sad to see myself only posting the negative all the time. It gives the impression that I'm some bitter conspiracy theorist in the hills, preparing for government take over and plotting the best course of action to make sure my children remain in a free country. Well I have news for you...I'm not bitter!

Actually I wanted to give an update on my book. I've been back on what, for the time being, is still free American soil, for almost 3 years already! Woo hoo! I must also mention that I am officially out of the military after 9 years of service! For that I am very excited.

Okay, the book. 3 years and I have 18 pages to show. I have been BUSY. Job job job, work work work, family family family, moving, new job, new house, settling in, job job job, work work work. Get the picture? Whew, I sure do.

So, I put my Iraq adventure on hold, started a piece of fiction, and have been going back and forth between the two. I found it difficult to try and piece together a play by play of the events that led up to Iraq and a time-line while we were there. So instead, I will have my 18 page introduction dedicated to the events leading up to Iraq. I am then going to take 10-20 stories in some sort of order, mine and my friends, and turn each story into a big chapter. Hopefully this new line up will assist me into an easier format so I can finish this book once and for all.

I had hoped to make more progress over this past winter, but remodel projects all fall and a move in January didn't help things any.

There you have it for those dedicated fans still out there!