E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Writing Style

As I previously noted, this winter should see an increase in not only book writing, but blog writing as well. Like mathematics, lack of practice results in apathy and loss of critical thinking process.

If I could give one piece of advice to would-be writers (and if anyone actually wanted my advice) it would be to write what you know. What one person feels is a mundane life experience, others may find interesting and intriguing, and YOU are the ultimate source and expert on yourself; thus, a wellspring of resources to draw from. Write what you like, else a pleasent pass-time will quickley turn into a laborous job.

For example, if someone were to write about one of their favorite pass-times (say hiking) and the things they experienced, it might make a great self-help book for would-be semi-serious beginning hikers. So the author might have lots of pictures along with tid-bits on boot types, survival kits, exercise routines, proper diet and or travel food etc. It would not behoove that writer to attempt writing about something they are in no way familiar with (assuming said writer does not wish to do extensive research).

That being said, I cannot believe the figurative wall I have run into with my book. It is not that there is a lack of information, the exact opposite is true. I have so much information and so many stories, that trying to make sense of it and have it flow smoothly is turning into somewhat of a headache.

And so, I have determined (and may have previously mentioned) that my book shall be segmented into a dozen or so key events that took place on my tour in Iraq. I'll run with that until the book is finished or a new idea presents itself. That is all for now, I may post a sample from chapter one to get some critique and see how it reads...

Monday, November 01, 2010

Just Because

Funny story, I don't have any idea as to what to write about the end.

However, that is in fact, one of the writing tips and/or tools I have learned to use. Speaking of writing, my book is coming along extremely slooooowly. Yet, I simply chalk it up to being busy with life and write a page here and there.

It hardly seems possible that 3 years have passed already since we returned from the sand box. I have not kept in touch with most of the guys as we all promised we would. A tragic death brought us all back together briefly and then we all wandered back into the mist that seems to hide one from another.

This mist seems to have many names. One is life, another is career, some of those in the mist have no excuse and some have many, but none are needed.

Life is simple for me right now; I have a life, a family and a job...why make it more complex? It does not need to be. A friend of mine coined a phrase that pretty much sums it all up. "Sky is blue, water is wet, people are crazy, and the water is going to flow where it wants to..." Which pretty much says some things are beyond our control, so why try to control it?

I am getting my writer's nook all set up in one of our spare rooms, so hopefully this winter will see many chapters in my book unfold. Until then, I will at least try to update this site slightly more often than 3 months at a stretch.