E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Taxes and an Economic Solution

I have decided a quick fix for the economy as it pertains to taxes and the Fed spending it.

1. Stop "taxing the rich" and therebye outsourcing American jobs to other countries (i.e. big business gets nailed with HUGE taxes and they move busines outside the United States= major loss of U.S. jobs) Loss of revenue for programs you say? I have that figured out as well...


2. Stop outsourcing MY tax money, taxed for MY benefit, to other countries. No more money to Mexico for abortions, no more money to Africa for food (that goes straight to their military and corrupt leaders anyway).

3. Make a MASSIVE cut to the welfare system. Texas has a GREAT model.

4. Make a MASSIVE cut to our local criminals, i.e. no more expensive meals, expensive housing, expensive play time. Time to put them to work and earn their keep. No more $40,000 per year per inmate at maximum security. The deep South and GREAT work programs (especially that Sheriff in Arizona...guess that is SW)

5. Cut education. THAT'S right! Especially in Minnesota. No child left behind is not working, scrap that program. Florida has an outstanding program they are going to try, Capatalism in school. Very similar to a health savings account they will have education savings account. Anyone (Grandpa, parents, friends, YOU) can put pre-tax dollars into education savings for little Jonny, and the state has to divvy up and pro-rate a certain dollar amount for each student to add to that account as well. You can THEN choose where that money goes for little Jonny's education; private, public, home etc. This will create competition among schools for those students and dollars. Competition will include providing the best education, best teachers, etc. No government program can ever compete with the free market.

6. Term limits in government. No more career politicians for 35 years. They forgot where they came from and how to earn an actual living. Too many drug deals in government after you've been in for over 6 years and too much focus on getting re-elected. Oh yes, no more sweet pension after only 2 years. Military doesn't get it, civilians don't get it, neither should senitors. Oh and wait, you have to be on public health plans like us, and all laws you pass apply to YOU as well.

7. ILLEGAL immigrants do not have rights in this country. Come back the right way, quit bringing drugs and crime to add to this country, quit using our hospitals and sticking the tax-payer with your bill. No more social security and welfare you never contributed to. You want to be here and work that is fine, there are programs available like, JOIN THE MILITARY AND GET A GREENCARD!!!

That should do it for now...though this will probably not happen until society is willing to change (revolution, civil war, coordinated country-wide protests), or I am crowned King or Supreme Ruler of the Free World.