E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I had a question posed to me was, "I don't know about political reasoning, what does it mean now that we are involved with Libya?"

I decided my response and thoughts were post worthy. The short answer is, nothing, besides helping, because it's the right thing to do.

Interesting to which I had no immediate answer besides, "Well, eventually someone will point out that they are the 18th largest producer of oil in the world, so I'm SURE the only reason we are helping is for the oil...." That was of course, a joke.

For once our country is not the only one willing to stand up to another dictator willing to slaughter his own people for daring to speak out against him.
The United Nations has endorsed this, which means America will do the dirty work as usual.

Surprise surprise however, France drew first blood, destroying a convoy of tanks on it's way to put down protesters. Britain our old friends are there again and have sent the SAS into country. We have fired over 100 Tomahawk missiles at Libyan military units targeting civilians.

These are all good things. Now that we have started a military operation, I hope politicians stay in their offices and let our boys on the ground do their job.

Now of course I just have to point out that if this was Bush's 2nd term, everyone would be freaking out and up in arms about how this is not our fight and we're just oppressing another nation...but since it's the favored one, Obama, it's all gonna be okay.

Sarcasm aside, so far so good. I like missiles.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"Dies the Fire"

I am currently reading a very good book in a series called, "Dies the Fire." Basically all technology, including gun-powder ceases to exist in a bright flash of light. Chaos ensues and it quickly becomes swords, bows and old world living.

Prior to the reading of this book I have been curing a set of bulls horns to use as drinking horns. It is a week process of washing, soaking, brushing etc. and that is WITH modern tools, chemicals and cleaning liquids.

This leads to the question as simple as, "What would I do if the electricity went out?"

My entire town blacked out for a couple hours this winter and it lead to some insights. For instance...all my heat is electric, and we were without heat in very cold temperatures for a scant two hours...and I did not like it. I immediately procured a wood stove.

I have always been a hobby-survivalist, but never took it too seriously. Now I plan on making it an active hobby and it may lead to a post on this site every now and again.

The basics of survival are water, fire, shelter and that order. When our power went out we were inside a modern home in northern Minnesota. I always have 10 gallons of water or so on hand, and some extra non-perishable food in the cupboards, but wondered how many people didn't...? Every heating element in our house is based off electricity...and at -40 F when the power goes is not a laughing matter...

So I guess I would ask each reader...if the electricity went out and you were stuck in your house for a minimum of 3 days, be it from natural disaster (blizzard, flood, storm etc), rioting or other reasons...could you survive comfortably? What about a month?

Do you:

1. Have drinkable water? Remember, no electricity means no ground water pump=faucets don't work.
2. Have a way to heat and cook? (Straight gas stoves should still work)
3. Have food beyond the refrigerator that will keep for a month? Canned food, dry goods?
4. Have a way to protect yourself your family and your stuff against the silly rascals that might want to take it for themselves? Remember Mississippi with the riots and looting. This can happen on all scales small and large...

Just some items to think about among many others.