E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Real Killer

I think we can all agree that premature death is deplorable. Yet, it is a fact of the world we live in that death, like taxes is, something that will catch up with all of us in the end. But, if we truly want to do something about human life being taken early, a seemingly simple, yet, ultimately confusing question needs to be asked.

If there are two inanimate objects, and one "causes" death at a rate of 28 per 300,000,000 per year, and the other inanimate object "causes" death at a rate of 30+ per 300,000,000 per year, which one should we be putting our efforts towards in an effort to restrict it's accessibility? One would think the one that causes more death right? Wrong. But I'll let you decide.

Oh yes, food for thought for the end of this post. Another inanimate object (A) kills 20,000 Americans out of every 300,000,000 per year. An animate "thing" (B) kills 1.3 MILLION Americans per year....yet we seem to be FAR MORE concerned about the simple 28 deaths than ANY of the others. Okay, I digress. Enough with all this intrigue and mystery.

The inspiration for this post comes from the recent Norway shooting/massacre. At the time of this writing 80 murders have been confirmed.

Some of he immediate responses to these deaths are:
1."Norway needs even stricter gun laws"
2."Reducing the magazine (ammunition) capacity could have prevented this
3."More re-load time would have given opportunity for people to tackle the shooter
4. "The shooter would not have been able to pull this off if semi-auto rifles we more regulated/restricted. (registered, regulated, controlled)

My response to these responses are simple, you are sheep being lead to the slaughter. As sheep you have no concept of the capacity for evil in human beings.

Based on this faulty logic I could conclude that no mass murders or psychopaths existed prior to the creation of firearms. Hog-wash. Also, when is a sheep ever going to "tackle" a wolf in it's midst? Sheepdogs maybe, but were there any of these on this island with the wolf? I think not. (Highly recommend reading the book "On Combat" by Lt. Col David Grossman)

Quote taken from that book "If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen: a sheep. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, then you have defined an aggressive sociopath--a wolf. But what if you have a capacity for violence, and a deep love for your fellow citizens? Then you are a sheepdog, a warrior, someone who is walking the hero’s path. Someone who can walk into the heart of darkness, into the universal human phobia, and walk out unscathed."

(See also my older posts titled, " "Why?" You ask? Good Question." "and "Wo To the Ignorant" both from 2010) Ah heck, if you haven't the whole blog!

I will use items 1-4 and the logic therein. Before doing so, it should be noted that Norway has one of the most extreme anti-gun and/or gun control policies in the world. One has to have a government permit in order to carry pepper spray for personal protection. Also it should be noted that bombs are completely illegal, yet "somehow" those laws did not stop the shooter from using one on the capital. So how are more laws and regulations going to help reduce gun violence? They aren't. Now, onward to my logical comparison.

Do a little research and you will find that there is another killer of children out there, another inanimate object that kills MORE children EVERY year than all the guns in America! Yes, you guessed it, 5 gallon plastic buckets.
While loaded guns are responsible for 28 deaths every year, plastic 5-gallon buckets full of water kill 30 children every year. Should it not then stand to reason that we should be imposing more restrictive bucket laws? Based on the numbers it would. However, we are doing NOTHING.

Why do I not hear an outcry for "Stricter bucket-laws?" and "Bucket registration." I mean COME ON PEOPLE!!! Effective immediately we need to store water separately from buckets; they should also be under lock and key.

No more of this 5-gallon bucket capacity nonsense. From now on we should pass laws that restrict how much a bucket can hold. No more than 1 quart capacity should be sufficient.

Furthermore the bucket refill speed MUST be reduced. I think we should pass laws that puts a slow flow nozzle on the cover of the bucket to ensure proper use and slower re-load or re-fill time. You should not be allowed to fill a bucket quickly with a detachable hose, so we'll get rid of those too. Out-law imported hoses. We'll call it the "Bradley Bill."

We can culminate all these new laws by beginning law suits against the manufacturer of these buckets.

Would you believe that bucket-control laws are not even beginning to break even with current gun-control laws? NONE of these types of laws have even been proposed on buckets when statistics SHOW that buckets kill more than guns!!!

We need to think of the children, and end bucket-violence NOW!

Does this give any food for thought? When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have, buckets. There is way too much to cover on this subject in this small sarcastic (hopefully thought-provoking) post. But I'm sure you get the idea.

Ah yes, items A and B from the top. Item A is drunk drivers, (sorry, we tried restricting alcohol once and got organized crime). Item B is abortion, and may God have mercy on us for continuing to allow this paganistic sacrifice of human life (call it "choice" if it makes you feel better)...our own willful genocide. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Hussein have NOTHING on America

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Old Glory is Still Flying

Ask a variety of people what the 4th of July is all about and you will get shocking variety of answers. Try it and you will see. I am personally shocked and amazed that some do not even know what it represents. Here we are, living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The country known as the leader of the free world, and shockingly, many do not even realize it's origins.

On a radio program the other day it took 7 people before someone could find the first line of the Declaration of Independence. Of course I had parents who made me memorize it by the age of 12, but that is beside the point.

One response I heard some time ago was that the Declaration of Independence was when some old, fat, rich white guys did something.

They did do something, but none of them got to get to an age considered "old," very few ever had riches. Their signatures, for many, meant a death sentence, and they knew what it could mean when they signed. Granted, life and liberty are wonderful things. So wonderful that there are always those who know that freedom is worth dying for. Indeed, Nathan Hale, during the revolutionary war, shortly before his execution said words that would ring down through history, "I regret that I have only one life to give for my country." How many of us love freedom this much?

This Independence Day, amidst the beer, the fireworks and the fun, remember the price that has been paid. Remember that "The tree of liberty must be renewed from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Start a tradition of teaching a little of our countries history to your children. It shouldn't be hard amidst the world of the Internet, and they certainly aren't getting or absorbing much of it in schools these days, and it will mean a lot more coming from YOU.

I'm going to have a talk with my boy about this, and later I'll watch "The Patriot" as I do every year. Then I'll walk to the grave site of a dear friend I fought beside in the war of my own generation. I'll drink a beer and pray, thanking God every day for running water, food in my belly and the knowledge that NOTHING is free.