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Monday, September 19, 2011

Morality- not a form of mushroom


As requested I am making a post on morality. What is it?

Taken from Websters Dictionary, “Morality; concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong; right or good conduct or motivation based on ideas of right and wrong”

So, based on this definition I will simplify all of this with a mish-mash of Q & A summary conversation I have had over the years.

Q-who decides what, is right and what is wrong?

A- The individual decides what is right and wrong, for themselves.

Q- Oh! So if I shoot you in the face right now is that right or wrong?

A- That’s wrong!

Q- But you just said that individuals decide what is right and wrong and if I decide that is right, than it is.

A- Well that’s not quite what I meant; I meant that individuals as a whole, in a collective group decide what is right and wrong

Q- Oh, so, what if a group of adult males decide to gang rape a 10 year old boy against his will is that right or wrong?

A- Well, that’s wrong, what I guess I meant was more along the lines of right and wrong through courts and legal proceedings and such.

Q- Well, never mind that the gang rape in some courts in the world is acceptable, and move right on to another question. If your sister takes a walk down the street by herself and she is arrested by the police, taken to court and sentenced to death with the execution carried out on the spot with no hearing or any other preventative action is that right or wrong?

A- That’s wrong! Insane even…

Q- By whose standards? This is not wrong according to Sharia law, carried out in court, in fact, it’s mandated.

This story and or argument can actually go on and on never-ending depending on whom you are talking to and which way each question is answered….the point is, mankind is uniquely incapable of deciding a standard for right and wrong, and even when they/we do, it changes. There are far too many variables. The only way to have right and wrong is a standard, and human standards are debased, crooked and intolerable at best. The only true standard of right and wrong is the highest power known. The divine, God. What has God said is right and wrong? You could start with the 10 commandments, and what a great start that is (google it); you could read the ENTIRE bible and learn its literal meanings. This does mean, as it implies, reading the WHOLE thing instead of picking out certain verses to support your argument or theory without true context. You might actually need to then do a little research with a Greek/Hebrew lexicon, as well as Latin root words. The problem is, that in this society with google and the American dream of “I want it and I want it now”…that there are too few people who would actually take the time to read the book.

This could spawn an entire new argument. Suffice to say I am speaking of God in His absolute form, one which we can barely comprehend, and NOT what mankind has made Him into for their own uses.

Thus immorality. Not that you have to read a book to get a grasp on morals. There are other ways of learning them, but the concept is the same. There is a standard for morality, but with that standard comes free will and free choice. However, free will does have it’s consequences it’s, reactions. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Does this make sense? This is my concept of morality. Thankfully, after finding the standard of morality and realizing there is no way to follow it exactly all the time, one finds within that tome of knowledge the concept of grace…and that is something to be thankful for.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


It seems I can barely keep to my promise of one post per month during summer! Looks like I missed all of August.

Debate for the day: One of the standard arguements I hear from the Atheist and Agnostic is, "If God truely exists and He is a good loving God who is all-powerfull, then how come this good, loving, all-powerfull God stand by and let evil exist.

This is a good question, so I give you the following arguement (though certainly not by any means an original one).

Does cold exist? Does it? No, it does not. Cold is the absence of heat. When all form of heat is absolutely removed you reach -459.67 F or absolute zero. You cannot get any colder. However, heat exists as it can continuously add to it.

With that being said, Does darkness exist? Really? No, it does not. You cannot give me a jar of darkness for darkness is merely the abscence of light.

Now, does evil exist? If God is love then what is the abscence of love? I have certainly seen my share of the abscence of it in my life, yes I have. But I have also seen the evidence of it.

Segue- if there is no god and we are merely highly evolved goo and it is survival of the fittest...then there can be no such thing as love. Self sacrafice and love are not something highly evolved matter would consider crucial to survival.

While I am being random, beer is to football as evolution is to science. Each has an association, but in no way ARE part of the whole. Example= for evolution to be a science, it must first violate two important scientific facts: 1. Organic matter cannot come from inorganic matter, 2. life cannot come from non-life.

How's that for a mouthfull?