E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Friday, December 16, 2011

MRE Mail

The war in Iraq is officially over and the last of the troops are getting on planes and coming home. Congratulations on a job well done.

LOTS of people are REALLY good at arm-chair quarter backing our time spent there. Blessed with 20/20 hindsight every single one of us knows how we could have done it better, cheaper and quicker. I am that way myself. I think we could have done it faster, cheaper and been out a whole lot sooner. However, one of those plans involved pushing a big red button. You do NOT want thezeke as commander in chief.

I sincerely believe that in some odd years...pick 50 years (if our country is still here), the history books that are unswayed by current politics and brown nosing, will show President G.W. Bush as one of the greatest presidents in history. Why? Because he was a leader. He had his own agenda to be sure, as every president does, and I am not so naive to NOT think that every politician is always going to do two things: Lie and take my money.

However, he was not trying to ruin our country. He did a tough job when a job needed doing. He did not sit on a fence and stay neutral and politically correct. We quickly forget we were attacked and more civilians died than in Pearl Harbor. We quickly forget that for the first time in recent history the house and senate were unified and it was with 90% approval from all sides that we went to war. We quickly forget that we DID find weapons of mass destruction (though it was VERY minimized by the media).

Brief rabbit trail. I LOVE it when, after making the statement about WMD's people will look at me and say, "No we didn't....?" To which I respond, "Really? Were you there? What are your information sources? Oooooh CNN, THERE'S a SOURCE for you! So if you didn't see it on T.V. it didn't happen? What unit were YOU with? Ooooh you never served your country. But you KNOW we didn't find anything? Go slap yourself."

Back on topic. Obama will go down in history as this quote in history books, "WTF were you THINKING America!!!?? I once asked my Grandpa, a WWII vet, what would happen if, right after Pearl Harbor, we had elected a Japanese president? I'm sure you can imagine the response and I do not need to elaborate.

Of course it would require an entire new post to bring basic proof that Obama is not who he says he is, NOR has he released a VALID long form birth certificate. Lots of people do not like this subject or just respond, "That's a dead issue, why bring it up again?" Well, I don't know, if a Dr. is practicing as an M.D. you want to know he's licensed. If a lawyer is practicing law, he better have passed the bar. If a president is RUINing our country, you kinda want to know he meets the basic qualification of being BORN here and would like to think he did not spend his most impressionable years being trained by the enemies of the free world. I'll leave this rabbit trail now, but will make a new post on the basics. BAD PRESIDENT, NO BANANA!

Well, this post is not nearly as organized or flowing as I typically try to make it. Quite frankly, I am fine with that. I have a steaming cup of coffee in hand and am getting ready for work. What actually started and initiated my ranting had nothing to do with what I wrote about today. It was simply this:

As I went to address and envelope this morning, I started to write "free" in the top right corner. I've been back for FOUR years and some habits are just hard to shake. For those of you that don't know, when you are sending letters from a combat zone/or APO address, no postage is necessary. You just write "free" in the corner. If you really want to, you can rip the cardboard off an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat), jot your letter like a post card, write free and send it home....I did this several times while out on mission with little else to work with. The End.

Friday, December 02, 2011

On Zombies

Zombie-Wiki: "A term used to denote an animated corps brought back to life..."

Zombie-TheZeke: "The term given to epitomize the unspoken and subconscious word for fear of the unknown."

Upon return from Iraq, through a series of events I began to use the euphemism, "Zombie," as the explanation for certain actions upon my part.

Example #1. True story. An Assagai hunting spear arrived at my house by FedEx. I'm talking about a real battle-ready-sharp, broad-head spear. I DID NOT order this spear, but I loved it immediately. Sadly, I returned said spear to Cold Steel. I was very tempted to keep it, though I had no "practical" purpose for it. When asked why I would even want to keep the spear, the only realistic retort was, "For the zombies..."

Example #2. I woke up in the middle of the night in a state of know the type, "Did I hear something? Was that a noise? Is something in the house?" I turned to logic- and , later in the morning, explained my logic to my wife: If someone or something was in the house, like a zombie, our dogs would have been barking...unless of course............ our dogs were turned into zombies!!!

Example #3. Getting ready for each winter season I lay in a supply of food, bottled water etc. I never let the vehicle gas tank get bellow half empty. In addition, I have a basic winter survival kit in my vehicle with MRE, blankets, flashlight, candles, tow strap, jumper cables, snowmobile suit, gloves, boots, snow salt, shovel etc. These are basic winter necessities that I find mandatory. Other people have their own means of being prepared, and I find them, wearing shorts in -20F and possibly flip flops while stumbling down the road towards a distant gas station. I have given rides to several of these types over the years. Most are college students getting an "education." Obviously, they are going to be the first to fall victim to the zombie hoard.

Ultimately, I have found the word "Zombie" to be a great substitution for preparedness in any given situation. Each generation has it's zombies in many forms. The Cold War, natural disaster, in-laws, recession, job loss, riots, fear of invasion, long winters, domestic terror....the list goes on and on. But I have found it fun and somewhat of a hobby, to turn the fear of anything into an all inclusive word, "Zombie."

I have since found that the zombie Apocalypse is an actual cult following. In some areas it is bordering on religion. Some people are fanatically devoted to the idea that there will be a zombie inducing virus. Some just have fun and use zombie's as something for parties, Halloween etc. I am none of the above.

I enjoy a good laugh, and I enjoy being prepared to live life to it's fullest. What better way than to combine the two? Let the raging zombie hoard come and the resistance begin! Mwa ha ha!!!