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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yellow Rain

"I refuse to explain myself to someone who rises and sleeps beneath the blanket of freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it." -Unknown author-

I am so tired of politicians that sit safe and sound behind their desks, vote on our country going to war, then spend the rest of their time in an office criticizing the reasons we went and the manner in which we conducted ourselves while there.
While I'm thinking of that....why is it that we the soldier can spend 20 years in service to this country and receive 50% of our pay, while any sitting congressman can do ONE term and get full benefits and pay FOR LIFE!?

Back on topic.
War is called war for a reason. That is why it is not called "play nice time."

I am so sick of the news media lately chastising 4 marines for allegedly urinating on some dead terrorists. Why do we not see this same media attention when terrorists gut a civilian or American, hang them from a bridge and set them on fire? Where is the outrage and media publicity for that? Where is the condemnation of the acts of extreme Muslim terrorists?

War is not only brutal and physical it is psychological. Why else do terrorists film the beheading of our soldiers with dull butter knives and then post it on the Internet?

If urinating on some dead terrorists helps them feel better after watching fellow Americans be butchered then I am all for it. If this is demoralizing to Muslims or any would-be enemies of America, then bring it on. Why aren't we dunking our bullets in pigs blood or burying dead terrorists in a vat of pig guts? Because we are "better than that?" Give me a break. Why do we care what the world at large thinks? No one likes us as is, and we feed the world!.

When going to war you try to retain your humanity, but you fight to all costs.

We are often told war or violence solves nothing. I disagree. I think Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended a war and saves lives. Then again, I have become slightly cynical over the years.

The ironic part is that on average I am a very happy, content and upbeat person. You all reading this just get to hear from me on my angry days!

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