E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lost my what!?

I sit here thinking about my knowledge of the world…and wish I could slip into ignorance.

Often times you will hear me talk or write about sheep, and “sheeple”; those that I deem ignorant of life, and of the world. This from my perspective that the world is not sunshine and roses, that it is a horrible, cruel place at moments. Sometimes I utter the term “sheep” with a hint of disdain. Recently though, it is with a sense of longing.

This started after watching the 1st season of “The Colony.” It had an amazing impact on me. Something so simple as a social argument of entitlement to welfare and “free” was brought into stark contrast, as two people decided they shouldn’t have to work, but were entitled to the fruits of the labor of the other members. This is welfare at its base form. Experiment or no, the members of the Colony were willing to fight, and maybe more, to protect what was theirs. Yet I would be willing to bet that a few short weeks earlier, many of them would have been proponents of “government support” and “entitlement.” It’s a whole new world out there when philosophy slaps you in the face with a handful of mud.

Why would I long for ignorance? Because I started to ask questions, as usual: What must it be like to actually be able to go through life with the utmost confidence that the world is a wonderful place? Are people are basically good? Do all parents love and protect their children? Do all husbands love and treasure their wives, never to raise a finger to harm the one they swore to love and protect? Are those in need only in their destitute position through no fault of their own, but through the circumstances that life has thrown their way…? Unfortunately my answers are an emphatic “NO NO NOOO!!!” Not from some philosophical and idealistic view point as some will argue, but from personal observations. Yet, I find myself thinking, what an ignorant and blissful life!

To make another movie analogy…it would in a small sense be like Neo in “Matrix.” After taking the pill, there is no going back…but knowing is so much more important than the fabricated reality.

I would love to think that events the likes of the “Great World Wars” could never happen again, but I know in my heart of hearts those events are already stirring below the surface of murky waters of our modern time, that will soon be the histories of the next generation. I know that the warnings of our forefathers to “never forget” have gone unheeded by too many. I personally know people with masters degrees who have, in all seriousness, no idea whatsoever who Adolph Hitler was, or what the word “Holocaust” even means. That is the problem with wanting to slip into ignorance. I know that if I do, the things that “go bump in the night” will raise their ugly heads once more, and I will be caught unawares. Why? Because people do unspeakable things to other human beings. They will do it because, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.” –Edmund Burke-

Some will then argue that there is no such thing as evil or evil people, or absolute truth, or morality. That is a philosophical fantasy that I cannot and will not afford. I have seen evil walk the earth on two legs, and it is revolting.

I know how the fragile is the veneer of that which we call “civilization” in which we cloth ourselves, how precariously we are perched on the edge of a cliff, the system of “safety” we have created.

I know that one man can make a difference. I also know that in the great scheme of things, there is sometimes very little I can do. But what I can do is this; I will not lie back and say, “Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.” I will always look to the future with hope. I will also hope that the world my children grow up in will be a better one, and that they will not have to experience for themselves the things their father did in order to appreciate it. I hope they never have to lose what I did. We all lose it at some point, some of us to a lesser or greater extent.

What did I lose? I lost my innocense.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The following is a partial excerpt from a MN newspaper:

Lidel pleaded guilty Jan. 23 to
fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle and possessing an assault weapon
while having a previous felony conviction.
According to an earlier news
release...[issued by the Sheriff's Office]
An assault victim suffered a
broken nose in a violent encounter with Lidel, who threatened to stab the
person with a knife at the victim’s home.

People think that when the police show up and haul off the bad guy that he must go away forever. But so sadly this is not the case. Notice that this known criminal with a criminal record, a convicted felon, by LAW cannot possess a firearm. BUT, this criminal did not obey the law, he did not listen to the rules. Yet when someone gets hurt or killed with a firearm, instead of enforcing those laws and rules to the fullest extent, they knee-jerk and create more gun laws, harming the citizen, not the criminal. The outlaw will always do what he wants, because he does not abide by any law.

This criminal, was asked a question on camera as he was arrested about how he felt. His response? "It was fun."

THESE are the type of people we have to suffer in America. No remorse, not sense of right and wrong, no sitting down and talking about your feelings and making the world a better place. The idea that a wolf and a sheep can come to a "good" decision about what to have for dinner is laughable.

The end result after the conviction of being a douche' bag and putting many peoples life in danger? serve 109 days in
jail, stayed for two years, with 73 days credited for time served.

What that means people, is that he was arrested for felony assault, terroristic threats, felony fleeing in a motor vehicle, felon in possession of a firearm, among several other felony charges, was convicted on most of them, (conviction of a felony is "supposed" to be a mandatory sentence of at LEAST one year and one day in prison) and he was RELEASED after being held 73 days. A judge "could" sentence him for 10-20 YEARS in prison...and this is mostly the judges discretion, with some of the discretion coming from MN Sentencing guidelines...

But this is our form of justice, give the criminal chance after chance after chance, and risk the innocent bystanders life over and over and over.

It's a grim world, and I see more of it than most. I just hope and pray that we can turn our justice system around, but as long as we insist on political correctness and continue to be concerned with people's "feelings," we will continue to slide down this slippery slope. Pray you are never a victim of a violent crime, because if you are unwilling to take precautions in advance to defend yourself, and you happen to live through a violent encounter, the justice system will disappoint you in the end. THAT is an understatement.