E Plurubus Unum, Rex Montis

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today is Father's day. I love being a father.

I had once heard that there are 5 milestones a man reaches that change him irrevocably on his journey through life. Not in any order they are:

1. The first time you stand up to or confront your father
2. The day you get married
3. The day you have your first child and become a father yourself
4. The day you acknowledge a savior and enter into a relationship with God the Father
5. The day your father dies

There are many more milestones in one's life, but I thought these were interesting. I am truly thankful that I have a good father. I know many are not so fortunate.

So, with a father being such a critical part of your emotional well-being, who you are and what you are...what are the things we should pass on to our children? Off-hand, the ones that impacted me the most are:

1. A spiritual belief lived instead of preached
2. You spend less than you make and save save save.
3. Don't expect anyone to give you anything you haven't worked for
4. Find the women you want to spend the rest of your wife with, and do just that
5. Freedom is not free

If I can impart at least those 5 principles to my children, I will have succeeded as a father.